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Links for kids

Brainpop - Explaining HIV/AIDS. BrainPOP is the leading producer of educational animated movies for K-12.

Youth Online - Kids Issues, AIDS.


Links for teens and youth

A boy a girl a virus - "What Would You Do If You Fell In Love With Someone Who Is HIV Positive?"

Advocates for Youth - for youth, parents, and education, health, and other professionals who work with youth.


AIDS Alliance for children, youth and famalies - Empowering women, youth, and families living with HIV/AIDS is the focus of our AIDS Alliance Consumer Education Center.


Adolescent AIDS Program - Based in the Bronx, New York, the Adolescent AIDS Program at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center is a leader in the field of HIV/AIDS among adolescents.

AVERT - Young People and HIV/AIDS.


Bay Positives - The mission of Bay Area Young Positives (BAY Positives) is to help young people (26 and under) living with HIV/AIDS live longer, happier, healthier, more productive, and quality-filled lives.


HIV & Me - A graphic rendering (OK, OK, it's a comic-strip)


Know HIV AIDS - Viacom, one of the largest media companies in the world, and the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, a leader in health information and research, have created an unprecedented media campaign to eradicate ignorance about HIV/AIDS.


Metro Teen AIDS - DC's only organization focused exclusively on HIV/AIDS and youth.


My sistahs - a site by and for young women of colour.


REACH LA - provides training in health education, media arts and technology to educate, motivate, and mobilize youth to maintain healthy lifestyles, to improve themselves and their communities and to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS.


Staying Alive - Staying Alive began in 1998 as an Emmy award-winning documentary profiling the lives of six young people from around the world infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.


TeenAIDS - message is simple: HIV/AIDS is now infecting youth here in America and worldwide. The TeenAIDS website (the oldest site dedicated entirely to teens and AIDS prevention information since 1994).


Teens Health - Answers and Advice. How do people get AIDS?


The AIDS handbook - written by middle school students at Eastchester Middle School.

Positive Hope - For young adults living with HIV/AIDS.
A organization that provides resources, referalls, education, advocacy, community, conferences, support, love, and hope to young adults living with HIV/AIDS. Positive Hope considers young adults to be between the ages of 18 to 29.

Voices of Youth - Information about HIV and AIDS for young people.
To offer all children and adolescents, including the hard-to-reach, a safe and supportive global cyberspace within which they can explore, discuss and partner on issues related to human rights and social change, as well as develop their awareness, leadership, community building, and critical thinking skills through active and substantive participation with their peers and with decision makers globally.

Women, Children and HIV - The goal of this site is to contribute to an improvement in the scale and quality of international HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment programs for women and children by increasing access to authoritative HIV/AIDS information.

Youth AIDS - YouthAIDS is a growing global initiative that generates funding and awareness to help fight the spread of the disease among the world’s youth.


Youth Net - YouthNet is a global program to improve reproductive health and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among people 10 to 24 years old.

Links for parents

Kids - Parenting Resources: Talking with kids about HIV/AIDS.

The Body - Talking with kids about HIV and AIDS.


Links to US camps

Camp Kindle - Our mission is to enhance the overall well being of young people infected with or directly affected by HIV and AIDS.


Camp Sunburst - At Camp Sunburst, our acclaimed national model residential summer camp, HIV/AIDS children and their families enjoy the companionship of others without the social stigma and isolation associated with the AIDS epidemic.


Links to funds for children

Keep a child alive - Keep A Child Alive is dedicated to providing life-saving medicine to children and families with HIV/AIDS.

Kids Positive - The Kidzpositive Family Fund is dedicated to improving the health of HIV-positive children in Southern Africa.




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