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A message form the co-ordinator of this website
I've put together a selection of quotes from the feedback sections from over the years and most of this relates specifically to the website, sometimes the feedback pushes me along to work on the site and to continue it.

I think that the comments below reflect 'thanks' to the people who have written and shared their personal stories on this web site.

I hope that those of you who have written something on this site (or those who are thinking about it), read these quotes and see responses which reflect what the readers have felt from visiting this web site.

I'm happy that it reflects that this web site is unique and gives a real and personal reflection of HIV and/or AIDS- this was the very essence of the idea of this site and l hope that it will continue to teach, support people who come and read these stories.

Thank-you to those of you who share your stories with the thousands of people who come to this site every week.

Carolena Helderman
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories co-ordinator/designer

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I would like to say that these stories are very impressive and I would like to commend all of the people who have lived through these stories.
-Theressa Jan '99


I have been to many sites on the Internet and really enjoyed reading the personal stories. I would like to say what you are doing is fabulous. It's important to see the personal sides of AIDS, not just the written facts! -Josie Jan '99

I am writing a book on a female HIV AIDS victim and I find your site extremely real unlike anything else I have ever read. I don't have it but believe that all the fiction that I've read simplifies it and makes it glamorous. I was crying.
-Kathrine Feb '99


I love your site, and think that it is one of the best Australian sites on HIV/AIDS.
- Jo June '99


I have been living with HIV since late in 1983 and received a diagnosis of AIDS in 1990. I've surfed many websites concerning this awful disease and this is certainly one of the very best I have come across. It's obvious that a lot of love has gone into this project. Thank You!
- Bob June '99


we were just looking up different sites on HIV/AIDS on the net and came across your page, it was great the information and links were outstanding, and they helped us with our YR 12 studies! thankyou keep up the great site!
-Tina and Katerina! July '99


I would like to say that this is a wonderful site. You see I am a married man living with HIV for the past 3 years,and for my it has been very difficult,so this site may be a way for her to see that we are not the only couple dealing with this. So keep up the great work and god bless you all. - Lee Aug. '99 I like that we are able to write our fallings about this illness
-Felix DEC '99


.I just wanna say these are stories ..that make me wanna be careful and also not to be afraid of AIDS.
-Margaret Feb 2000


I am doing research for a speech on AIDS in my junior speech class I think you have a great site and that your doing a great thing
- Erin Feb '00


To say the least, these heart warming stories(especially Alive and well) have stirred me up and changed something in me forever.
-Abishek mar '00


Isn't this amazing? As the site grows it offers a rare insight into the real issues that affect people. My daughter-in-law, my son, my first boyfriend... HIV & AIDS have been with us a long time. This site and others like it will not only keep a record of where we are at, it will lead to the development of a greater attitude of understanding and 'listening' to real people and real needs. Peace be with you and I live in hope that things will develop for the better. A beautiful, rich in emotion and honesty, site worth! h visiting again and again.
- David Jobling April '00


As a positive person living in Rural NSW I was very pleased to see such a web site that you can access information without leaving home.
- Bernie April '00


I think this was a very interesting stuff. My fear is going to get tested. I'm afraid that I might be positive. And I have a wife and three girls. Please tell me what to do. I'm scared!!
- Jeffrey April '00


I am extremely impressed with your site !! Being a new computer user and a 25 y/o hetero man diagnosed with HIV (6 months ago) I found it answered a heap of questions that I wouldn't have known where to begin to look for.
- Krisso Jun '00


I have just been looking on this site for work to find out more information about the HIV virus and AIDS. I found this sight extremely informative as it provided me with an insight into the lives of people living with HIV or AIDS. Unfortunately I have been influenced considerably by myths and I thank you for showing me the other side
. - Priscilla July '00


I wanted to thank you for making it easy for people with AIDS to feel better about themselves and it is good with what you have done I do not have AIDS but for all those people who do one day there will be a cure
love and light
- tessa Oct. '00


Hello, My name is Hilary, I'm a 16 year highschool student in a small town here in the US. We were assigned to write what is known as an I-search paper, which documents a personal journey we take as we research a project. The focus of my report is HIV/AIDS and women's health around the world. I think your site has been truly the most informative, welcoming and well rounded of those I have visited. I liked it so much I have it bookmarked and would love to come back and learn more as I continue through my research, this is exactly the personal touch I need to stress my papers point. xoxo
~Hilary, Feb '01


This is an excellent site, with personal as well as informative information. It is a good source of referrals to agencies for positive people as well as for other agencies.
The great aspect of the site is that it acts as an educational tool for people who are familiar with HIV/ AIDS and for those that have little knowledge about the epidemic. CONGRATULATIONS
~July '01


I just wanted to compliment you on the excellent work you have done. With all the apathy in the world in re: HIV we need to keep the information flowing. Take care and stay well...
~Feb '02


thought I should drop you a line and tell you I have been receiving e-mail's from all over the world because of your site. I'm thrilled to be connected and be of some help to others. Just yesterday I received a letter from Bosnia, and New Jersey. I can't even count how many letter's I received.
I want to tthnk you for puttting my letter up on the site. I also noticed that in the feedback section, you printed some of our correspondence and created a link from one of my letters to you, to connect with the article I wrote. Thank YOU!
I would love to work on another article and submit it if you are still wanting material.
Looks to me there are lots of people out there looking for answers.
Anyways, I really wanted to touch base and say thank YOU and let you know your site is making a diference!!

~May' 02


Greetings to all of the visitors to this website and we applaud its managers who have made it such a helpful resource.
~June '03


I am doing a paper on teens dealing with HIV and AIDS. I happend to come across this web site and I was reading some of your rplies to this sittuation. I was very embarrassed to see what people from Texas were saying on here. Like "I am sorry for you all that have HIV but its your fault you have it". Who are you to judge? Thats what we have a GOD for. When we all die and we meet our maker thats when the judging will start but until then if you dont have encouraging words to say to people then dont say anything at all. I got that from my parents. I am 22 single mom HIV negative and I feel for the people with HIV and AIDS. I don't care how they got the virus, all I care about is helping them through it.
Concerned Texan
~September '03


THANKS GUYS for your very inspiring stories.
~December '03


Well first of i would like to thank you for providing such precious information, and for your deeds against the deadly aids. motivated from the facts i too wanna do somethiing for the victims of these deadly disease and wanna join the army which is fighting for such nobel cause.
~December '03


What a wonderful site. What beautiful, touching stories.
Thank you,
- Patrick August '04


I have learnt from reading from the positive stories website that suferers of HIV/AIDS should not be allowed to go to the grave with their stories untold, They should be given a chance, like they have been given on this website to tell their stories and have them assist in the fight against this venomous disease.
~January '04


I wish to thank everyone here on the site for their courage and strength to be able to share all of your amazing life stories with other people. Continue to believe in the Power of Prayer and I know for sure that God is hearing you right now.
~March '04


I work with HIV positive people everyday. It amazes me that so many people write to this site and have little or no knowledge of transmission, treatment or prevention. I am a counselor. Please feel free to contact me with questions.
~May '04


Hi everyone. I have been reading everyone's stories and feel a little better knowing that I am not the only one going through the waiting period of hell.
~June '04


Hi everybody, l am really shocked about the unfolding stories and l couldn´t imagine how great the extend has been. Last week l visited AIDS related sites and the question l asked myself is who are then those people carrying the virus. By such estimaton from the various sites then l think the world is at war with AIDS.Even l am not sure of my fate now. We are all at risk!!!!!!!!!!!!
~June '04


This site is great because i know someone with hiv. She got it hazardly through her job which is working with hiv positive people, she is strong and very optimistic but i know this site would help her so i passed it on to her.
~August '04


It's rubbish, HIV, AIDS, and worst of all the lame so-called connection between the two. Here's the worst one, at MOST you have a 1/1000 chance of catching it of a known HIV positive individual. More likely it's closer to 1/2000 (what's epidemic about that?).
~February '05


I've just being reading other peoples stories and its really helped me to realise that people do have HIV/AIDS but you don't have to suffer alone because if your HIV positive you can still be happy and be loved, just like a HIV negative.
~March '05


Reader, I don't have HIV!!!! I'm just so interested in this website because you guys really opened my eyes and alot of others.
~April ' 05


I just wanted to say that these stories that I have read have touched my heart and made me think twice about any risky behavior. For those of you that are HIV+, My heart goes out to you and I have hope that one day we will have a cure!!! Stay healthy and keep your families close!
~June' 05


I find your website to be quite interesting. It is educative, informative and a repository of the precautions that individuals have to take about the deadly disease HIV/AIDS. The stories and the testimonies are clear manifestaions of the realities of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.My message to the youth is that sex is not the only activity that makes people excited.There is more sleep after death.If you want to enjoy sex to the fullest, it is a matter of patience otherwise you may one day regret for not having exercised utmost patience.there is no need for us to rush otherwise we will bypass what is due us
.~December '05


Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful site it is! Very well done.
Regarding the Quiz, I think question #3 should have one more option:
"Tell someone you absolutely trust." No one should live for one second with this terrible truth and not be able to share it with anyone. It is a great burden! This is particularly true, since your site seems to target young people.
Thanks for this excellent resource!
.~February '06


I would like to thank you for the web page.
It is an excellent notion. I beleive it intially to be an excellent tool for building empathy.

In a quick response I could say that the stories I have read are quite moving, most powerfully so through the subtle unfolding of each word. As I start to realise that I am reading human, experiential words, there is no bucket asking for coins, no question of what the actors are `really like' and no fear tactics.

I do not feel dragegd through a swamp of expert fears, morals, conjecture and `high ground'.

In many a sense I see these stories to be quite an intimate gift.
A sense of humanity and a sense of community as we meet real people.
regards to all.
.~February '06


I see many people posting this sob stories about the disease and its associated anxiety. We all know that absistence is the best and effective way of avoiding the disease.
.~March '06


This disease is within my country. Its taking almost everybody old, rich, poor, youth and children. But if we pray with all our hearts the ALMIGHTY will heal our land.
.~April '06


Just wanted to thank you Carolena for your efforts and time with this site. So many lives have been altered just by reading stories from people who are in a similar situation. I know because I am one of these people. I probably would have taken my HIV negative results and continued on with my life as usual but reading these stories had encouraged me to look deeper into this desease. I didn't realise the response I would get after I shared my story. This goes to show you that your efforts in keeping this site up and running has not gone unnoticed by many who need this kind of support. I just want to say that you are doing a great job and God Bless You.
~April '06


I want to say WOW what a amazing website you have. I was looking at your quiz section. I spent about a hour in your site this afternoon. I liked the concept with your kids section that i have taken the oportunity to include that in our home page of www.edmlivingpositive.ca
~April '06


Hi my name is Emily and I would like to say to all those affected with this virus to have faith and never give up. I am very touch by the stories that I have read, and I will say a prayer for everyone affected. Even though I am not infected one of my very close friend die of complications caused by this disease. This had a great impact on my life as I was witness to all the suffering and pain he went through. This has lead me to become very cautious with myself and those around me. I think this site and the stories posted are very inspiring and helpful to the reader infected or not. I will continue to visit this site and pass on information about it to my friends and colleagues. Have faith and be strong. God Blessings. Emily.
~July '06

Thank you so much for this informative and educative site. I am adding my voice to the millions out there who believe success. In my Community we have been teaching about VCT and behavor chabge among our people.
~September '06


I really wish that people wouldn't use this site to tell us about religion. Most religious people say AIDS is Gawds way of killing the gay people, and we really do not want to hear all this stuff. Save your religion for your church. It is not your gawds plague. We are not evil bad people.
~October '06


Before coming to this site l would say nothing would have prepared me to share my story with the world.
~November '06


Thanks for the opportunity to share this. I hope it will encourage many
people to make the right decisions in life. This site has given me a new perspective on life and I appreciate this project.
.~February '07


Dear Carolena,
 It's people like you in the world that make a difference!
 Thank you for your cooperation and support.
.~February '07


I thank you for making this page available for everybody who is interested in learning more about HIV/AIDS. My interest is to get enough information so that I can assist others to protect themselves from the disease.
.~March '07


i was so happy to read some story from this website because they building me for some times . special this story from canada
thank you so much and God blesing you aslo me i'm born again
thank you again
.~June '07


I feel very sad reading all of your stories... although I can't help but admire the strength that you all show in sharing your stories. There may be a young person who accidently stumbles accross this website who thinks twice about having unprotected sex. As a mother I would like to thank you for that.
.~June '07


Thank you for posting my story, if it even reaches out to one person to go get tested then I would be ecstatic.  Please feel free to add my email address, would be more than happy to pass courage on to anyone who needs it.  
~November '07


It doesn't matter if u add my email.I want to break the silence and chat with many people arround the world that are facing the same problems.
Alsoas am still young i would like to get married to one of them!
By the way I have appreciated your website action.
Keep it up!
.~December '07


Hey there,
I've been reading these stories and I must say that everyone here is incredible. You've shown the emotional side of this disease, both the negative and some positive. With your stories you all have opened up a new way of viewing HIV, not just about the disease itself, but about the people who live with it in their daily lives.
.~March '08

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