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  This' HIV AIDS Positive Lives' site is here to represent your feelings, ideas, stories & of course response to the site itself!
You may also wish to respond to what someone else has written. Your e-mail address will not be added to the site, you may also choose not to include your name on the site.
My response (if needed),will be listed at the end.
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- Carolena Helderman
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Sat, Apr 24, 1999

Empowerment among women is very important, since there is not much research done enough on females. I've been positive for two years and each day I realize that it is not how the virus treats you is how your attitude can help control the virus. Life is too precious to be ignored for a battle that appears in our body, for as women we are compassionate and even more we have strength within ourselves.
Thanks for your website I truly enjoyed it, keep me posted.

Tue May 18, 1999

Hi, I'm the Family Support Worker at Straight Arrows. I've just had a bit of a pokey around your sight and it looks pretty good so far. I'll get on to a few of the men around here to see if they will submit a story or two. Keep up the good work

Thursday, May 20, 1999

hi! I work for KADA(Korean Alliance to Defeat AIDS) in South Korea. It's first time I visit your site. I think the positive women's stories are very interesting and I'm moved. But you're site is too wide sideways. It's inconvenient to read the text. I'm not sure it's your problem or my computer's. I use explorer 4.0. Anyway your site is real! I'm sorry I can't use English well. So I can't express my opinion. I wish your good luck.

I'm sorry that the Positive Women site is too long, l have seen this happen once before, I'll try and find out why and fix it as soon as l can. I hope that you'll keep visiting the site!
All the best, Carolena Helderman
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories website designer
~this problem was fixed over time!

Saturday, May 22, 1999

comments: I am a 31yo white, hetero man. I contracted the virus via unprotected sex.
I learned of my status in the worst possible way: my 3month old son was rushed to the ER and diagnosed as having PCP. Subsequent testing of myself and my bride of less than 1 year returned positive.
I have since lost my marriage, meagre visitation rights to my son(4hrs/week), and I am drowning in guilt. My beautiful son has yet to eat solid food(he's fed through a G/I tube)at the present age of 20 months. Latest development is that he will be tested for peripheral neuropathy, as he has pain in his lower extremities.
The only woman I have ever loved despises me, and won't allow me to comfort either her or our son. Please pray for my son, that his body will be as perfect as his soul, and for Christina, that her heart will be purged of the anger and hatred she has towards me, and lastly, for me, that God will strengthen my ability to cope with this relentless guilt and pain borne out of my sins.
A 'men

Sun, May 23, 1999

I am studying HIV/AIDS for the has on people at school I found your site extremely helpful as it showed the 'other side' most of the information around is impersonal yours was not. I wanted to congratulate you all on this and to wish you all the best.
Love Louise oxoxo

Tuesday, June 1, 1999

name: sohn, mi-sun
hi! it's first time that I visit you site. I work for KADA(Korean Alliance to Defeat AIDS), an NGO of South Korea. Your site is very exciting, but a little bit scarring. There are only black and white colours. It's fashionable but... we have our own site, too we just start it, so it don't give mush information now. If you have some interests, visit our homepage. The address is www.AIDS.or.kr I can't use English well, so it's the end of my mail. good luck! bye

Thanks for visiting the site.....make a visit again next week as l will be adding several new stories! I see your point about the colours....this dark colour issue crossed my mind when l first designed the page. I tried to have balance by having the content on white/brighter pages-l put it out there willing to make design changes if people found the black to gloomy. Your the first! But if l do get more response about this...l will certainly consider changing the colours.
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories website designer
as reference to this e-mail, pictured left is the original site design and colours.

Wednesday, June 2, 1999

How can I know if I have affected by AIDS?

Thank you for visiting my site, unfortunately l cannot answer your question but l will give you some web site details where you will be able to ask experts this question.
Please look at:
http://www.HIVpositive.com http://hopkins-AIDS.edu (this has a good question answer section.)
http://www.thebody.com (one of the sites l have visited the most)
I hope this is of help.
All the best,
Carolena Helderman
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories/Positive Women website designer

Wednesday, June 2, 1999


Unfortunately l can't point you to a spot on my site which will give you this information, I've decided it's better to leave it to the experts!
In the next couple of days l will post up a links page which can direct you to some websites which will have the information you are after. But for now, I'll list these web site links which I'm sure will answer your questions
http://www.HIVpositive.com http://hopkins-AIDS.edu (this has a good question answer section.)
http://www.thebody.com (one of the sites l have visited the most)
http://www.peg.apc.org/~whs/AIDS.htm (information for women with HIV/AIDS) http://www.positivewomen.org.au/text/us.html
I hope this is of help.
All the best,
Carolena Helderman
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories website designer

Thursday, June 3, 1999

We would be grateful if you could help us with these questions ,and send them to my e-mail address what is the difference between HIV and AIDS? how common it is for HIV to develop into AIDS? how HIV/ AIDS can be transmitted ? measures that can be taken to control its spread? Thank you.

see answer above.

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