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Thursday, June 24, 1999

I love your site, and think that it is one of the best Australian sites on HIV/AIDS. I would really like to get in touch with straight arrows - if possible could you either pass my e-mail on to them, or post me theirs?
I am in a serodiscordant relationship, and have previously worked as a client services and support officer for the Quac. As you can imagine, their are not many resources up this way for straight +ve men or women, so any help you can give us would be much appreciated.
Thanks again

Thank you for you comments!
You can e-mail Straight Arrows at straightarrows@bigpond.com
Carolena - HIV/AIDS website designer

Saturday, June 26, 1999

The organization sounds good (Positive Women), but the site's visual presentation, with the large amount of horizontal and vertical scrolling required just to finish reading sentences, was most irritating.

I don't know why some section of the Positive Women site is doing this....as it is not consistent on all machines. I will find out soon!
Carolena - HIV/AIDS Positive Stories/Positive Women website designer
~this problem has since been fixed

Monday, June 28, 1999

I have been living with HIV since late in 1983 and received a diagnosis of AIDS in 1990. I've surfed many websites concerning this awful disease and this is certainly one of the very best I have come across. It's obvious that a lot of love has gone into this project.
Thank You!

Tuesday, July 6, 1999

I would like to see a place for women who have HIV & AIDS to have there own chat room so gays & lesbian & bi women can chat with each other online like me I'm HIV pos and I would like to talk to other gays & lesbian & bi women thank you for letting me write this.

Thanks Christina for your suggestion. It is possible that this will happen this year but l was a little hesitant to how many people would want a chat room......but it may happen! Until then, please feel free to submit a story...a paragraph, anything to the site.
All the best.
Carolena - HIV/AIDS Positive Stories website designer

Tuesday, July 6, 1999

I am a nurse working on an HIV/AIDS unit in Sydney. Our client base is mainly men, but I am putting a resource file together for staff and anyone else who should need info. and or advise regarding women living with HIV/AIDS. This web-site has been extremely useful to me!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 1999

HI, we were just looking up different sites on HIV/AIDS on the net and came across your page, it was great the information and links were outstanding, and they helped us with our YR 12 studies! thankyou keep up the great site!

Wednesday, August 4, 1999

Unusual and interesting site. I will be reviewing it for Talkabout Magazine. Keep an eye out, it will be favourable. I would like to submit a story for the site.

Tim has sent in his story, it can be seen in the Stories section of this site.
Carolena - HIV/AIDS Positive Stories website designer

Saturday, August 14, 1999

I would like to say that this is a wonderful site. You see I am a married man living with HIV for the past 3 years,and for my wife it has been very difficult, so this site may be a way for her to see that we are not the only couple dealing with this.
So keep up the great work and god bless you all.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Hi, the reason I'm writing to u is because I would like to know if I can talk to anybody about HIV, I went to go see my ob/gyn because I was going to have surgery, but to my surprise my doctor came to my room and told me that he I could not go through with the surgery because he found out that my test came out positive, he told me that he barely caught it in time but I don't seem to have any symptoms, I just wanted to know if there's any place I can call or go to help me with the medication, because they are so expensive for me, but I wanna get better I don't know if medicade will help me or not so please if u can just let me know where I can get help I would like to know can u please write me back a.s.a.p.
Thanks Rachel

Hi Rachel, From your letter l am presuming that you are living in America, this makes it hard for me to forward you to the right place as l am based in Australia. But all is not lost because l can give you three website addresses which l believe will be able to answer your questions and l hope that it is able to give you some good information and comfort. Try these websites: http://hopkins-AIDS.edu/ http://www.HIVpositive.com/
All these sites have good treatment sections and all have question/answer sections where you can speak to Dr's in the field and l am pretty sure that they are all based in America. I hope that this is of help to you.
All the best, Carolena Helderman
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories/Positive Women website designer

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

This is a really good site but I just wanted to know if you can send me some booklets about AIDS because I'm in desperate need of help. I have an assignment due in a week and I need some information. The only problem is that I have to include the sources and the sources can't be off the internet.
Thanks Lewis

Hi Lewis, Sorry that l didn't get back to you sooner, I've just got back from holidays so this info. May be a little late for your assignment......hope not! I don't have any information to send you but I'll give you some people to contact. The Access Information Centre at the Alfred has heaps of information and could send it on to you. Contact Suzanne on (03) 9276 6993 or look up the Victorian AIDS Council in the phone book and perhaps they will mail you something. Hope it's not too late and thanks for visiting the site, hope you pass the assignment.
Thanks, Carolena Helderman
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories website designer

Dear Carolena, Thanks heaps for the help. I really needed it and I've still 4 days to finish the assignment.
I'll try the number and see what I can get. Thanks again Lewis

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Would it be possible to see or obtain information on how to care for children with HIV - toddlers in nappies and school age?

Sorry that it has taken me sooo very long to reply to your question.....didn't know where to point you as l have not looked into the area of children.
I have noted down two websites which may lead you to people who have more experience with the care of children. Also if you are living in Australia, or just need better leads than l can give, then l would contact Suzanne who works at the Access Information Centre at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. She is a great resource of information! Her e-mail is access@alfred.org.au
Here are the sites which l looked at but l found when doing a search that there is a lot out there on information for children. http://www.HIVinsite.ucsf.edu/topics/children/2098.351d.html
I wish that l could be of more help....but l hope that you have found what you need or this information will help you get it. Thanks for visiting my website www.HIVAIDS.webcentral.com.au I update the site weekly, so keep visiting to read new stories and peoples experiences. If you have the time in the future it would be fantastic if you could write something of your experiences with caring HIV+ children and their needs and experiences....
as l mentioned, there is nothing on the site regarding children and it would be much appreciated.
Good luck with your information search!
All the best,
Carolena Helderman
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories website designer

Dear Carolena
Thank you for your persistence on this topic, you have been a great help. I will follow up your websites this week.
I did find some very good information recently but can't tell you the site as I lent it to a foster care organisation. Will let you know the site when it is returned.
I will also keep in mind the idea of writing about my experience of caring for a HIV child.
Bye for now

Friday, August 27, 1999

Executive Director, AMANI Health and Wellness Center
My name is Debra Parmer, I am Executive Director of the AMANI Health and Wellness Center in Akron, Ohio. I am very interested in learning of your experience with support groups for women who are HIV positive. There are currently no such groups in the Akron area. In our community, AIDS is still a secret. We are experiencing a major shift in infection rates in the African American community. Married heterosexual African American women. You see the problem is that the husbands of these newly infected women have sex with men who are infected. These husbands are returning home to their unsuspecting wives and infecting them. I would appreciate it if you could share information concerning your experience in the area of support.
Thank you and I look forward to your response.

Thanks for visiting the site Debra. I have passed your e-mail onto 'Positive Women Victoria' who may be able to give you some feedback.
Carolena Helderman
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories website designer

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