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Tuesday, March 21, 2000

My heart goes out to all who have AIDS. I know it sounds cheesy but I have heard and read about what AIDS does and it is very hard for anyone to have to go through that.
I was just reading someone's comments about that their boyfriend cheated on her and is HIV Positive and she's negative but she is still with him because she loves him. He is upset with her because she tested negative, people like this do not deserve your love he is very unappreciative of your love and effort anyone who is so selfish does not deserve your love and attention.
Forget him.

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

This is a good site

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

This is not a story but a warning that people coming to this site should hear. About nine months ago I meet a great guy who ended up being my first boyfriend. Before we had any unsafe sex I asked him if he was HIV+, he said he was not. Last week I found out that I was HIV+, as it turns out my boyfriend had been for over 4 years. Because of my trust in him I may one day die. I thought I was being careful, I never had unsafe sex before he came along.
If I could do it all again I would have had us both tested and received the results together. Then waited 3 months and do it again, and then again. Then I would have known. It is not long to wait to be sure. It's to late for me.

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

Hi! I shall stay nameless for the simple fact my own sister is infected with the HIV virus.
When she told the family that she was HIV positive I myself seen the cold shoulder that she was giving. This particular young lady decided that if her own family couldn't understand that there was no reason to continue having respect for anyone else's life.

She set out to destroy as many lives as she could by, having sexual intercourse with individuals without warning them that she was HIV positive. I myself tried to talk with her and show her that I cared as a sister, but it seemed as though she was looking mostly for her mother if not anyone else's understanding.
With that in mind, I say to you THANKS for having this site set-up for individuals and their Families who are infected with the HIV/AIDS virus

Thursday, April 6, 2000

I recently had my mother die from AIDS. My mother contracted the virus when I was 10 years old. I never really knew her because myself and my siblings were in foster care our whole lives but nonetheless, when she passed away it still hurt. It hurts to think of what some of our family members have done to themselves. Sometimes I think that if somehow I would've been able to talk to her years ago that this could've been prevented. I'm not blaming myself, but I feel that if she would've had someone to talk to about many of the things that she was doing--then maybe all of this could've been prevented.
Many do not know what actually happens at the last phase--let me give you a recap. She went into the hospital last month with heartaches and difficulty breathing. When we had a chance to talk to the doctors we were told that our mother had tuberculosis,ARDS,pneumonia all combined with AIDS. She wouldn't have much time to live and if she miraculously came out of the hospital she would inevitably die. Everyday me and my sisters would go to the hospital to see her and we'd have to wear gowns, gloves, and face masks. Imagine not being able to touch your own mother skin to skin. Or being able to play with her hair or even have her talk to you.
I'm going to sign off and leave you all thinking....Sometimes I miss her so much that I talk to her, even though she isn't there.

Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Isn't this amazing? As the site grows it offers a rare insight into the real issues that affect people. My daughter-in-law, my son, my first boyfriend... HIV & AIDS have been with us a long time.
As a PLWHA the strongest message I would offer other PLWHA is this: Live as healthy and clean as you can, get all the information you can about a balanced approach to survival with HIV.
To the families of those who have HIV or AIDS - Support is the word dejour. People need food, shelter, warmth and love.
To the services that provide for PLWHA I say visit this site and others on the WWW to gleen from them the real fears and concerns of fellow human beings.

This site and others like it will not only keep a record of where we are at, it will lead to the development of a greater attitude of understanding and 'listening' to real people and real needs. Peace be with you and I live in hope that things will develop for the better.

A beautiful, rich in emotion and honesty, a site worth visiting again and again.

The sun hangs high up in the sky
It's gonna hang around all day.
I wonder why
It hangs so high Up in the sky that way?

Friday, April 7, 2000

I have only today found out about the web site. As I have only had the computer for one week I have been looking at different sites. Someone gave me a card at work " The Access Information Centre Card" I was unaware that there was such a site.
As a positive person I will regularly visit this site to access information.
As a positive person living in Rural NSW I was very pleased to see such a web site that you can access information without leaving home. I was diagnosed as HIV positive in March , 1986. At that time there was no support systems set up that I could have used. It has not been easy going over the past 14 years but but I am still here and that is very important to me.
I work in an industry which I come into contact with other positive people. I find that really helps being able to talk to other positive people in the area as I live so far away from Sydney. There are many people living in Rural Areas who don't have access to this type of information and being able to express how they feel / and or coping. It is very satisfying to be able to talk about the issues that affect you.
Thank you for having this web site.
Best wishes to all positive people.

Thanks for your comments and l'm glad that you find the web site interesting and a way to share your experiences and information. Keep coming back as the site keeps growing and growing and l'm sure that they'll be lots to read. If you feel like writing anything (apart from which you have just sent, and l will put it on the site in the coming days), all stories are most welcomed.
Thanks again,
web site co-ordinator

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