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Wednesday, August 23, 2000

I am a bisexual male who became very gay about a two years ago. Last November, I had a flu shot and within 3 days was very ill. The symptoms at the onset were a very stiff neck, sore joints and muscles, followed by a fever which lasted for weeks. Initially I thought is was a severe strep or sinus infection which I had frequently during the last 18 months. I was tested for everything, all forms of hepatitis, mono etc. In the end, I had an HIV test which was positive.........................read rest of story

Great changes since I last was here! I'm glad to see that you keep up with the site, Carolena.
It makes me want to come back!

Sunday, September 3, 2000

I think Alive and Well site is excellent -- the only alternative source I have found on the subject of HIV and its relation to AIDS.
It seems to be an institutionalised self perpetuating bureaucracy that depends on defining and treating HIV/AIDS based on standards and statistics not individual symptoms and scenarios. Formulas I did leave a long message in August which was not posted dealing with Viral Load Testing, CD4 Counts and my particular experience.
It is nearly a year later and I am not on meds -- based on my MD's recommendation. My viral load is less than 100,000. My CD 4 count is 1300. I don't think I have HIV or AIDS. I think I initially got positive results because of a flu shot, and exposure to some one with CMV Mono and/or Viral Meningitis. I may have antibodies because of intimate exposure with multiple partners -- but no transference of sexual fluids or blood took place either from anal receptivity or oral consumption. I am still in a quandary about whether I am "infectious or not." I really don't know who or what to really believe. My body is in great shape. I eat well (fruits, vegetables, lean meats, wheat and pastas, exercise but not a jock, have lowered some stress levels (was outsourced) but have other stresses in having little of no work and marginal income, practice safe sex -- no blood or sexual fluid transmissions, no smoking, no drugs. Try to sleep well and have a balanced live style.
So -- I am curious to see what happens with continued testing. As long as my CD4 count continues to rise, I won't be on meds. I know if the CD4 count falls, and viral load rises, that I will be advised to go on meds.
Your input on this would be greatly appreciated and comments from those with a similar history would be miraculous.

Hi Bruce,
All that l can really comment on is that after getting a copy of the Alive and Well Book, l got about half the way through and had to stop as it was really doing my head in - but l will finish it sometime!
What l found hard is that l could not totally believe Christine's theories until l knew a lot more but it did make me question my pre conceived ideas of HIV and AIDS and l guess that is the best thing about it.
I cant really give you any personal input to your situation other than to just keep going the way you are, maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep getting tested...but you already know that ! I hope that some people out there will add their input to this discussion!
website co ordinator

Hey! I stumbled upon this site whilst trying to figure out whether an American site was accurate about HIV/AIDS stats. I started reading stories, and was very inspired. It's amazing what these people have been through, all very empowering- they have such great spirits. I'm sure people in the same boat and others alike will and do get a lot out of this site.
Hope this site stays alive.... Regards, Mel

Thu Oct 12, 2000

we all have this trouble diseases, and I want to live as long as I can. I god have in my life, and I pray for all of you every night.
I found out that I was HIV positive in 1997, and after take medication for six months, I'm undetectable... I go to a support group that I attend that meet every Tuesday 6pm to 8pm at E.O.C., in Hempstead, NY Recently I have been having problems dealing with agency's that suppose to help people like me, and these only think about $$$$$, instead of being concern with helping me with the services that I need, Housing , Transportation,etc. I'm a peer Educator for LIAAC.
God bless you all....

Mon Oct 16, 2000

To whom it may concern,
I am a fourth year student currently studying to become a primary school teacher. Recently whilst out on prac, I have experienced having a child with AIDS within the school. I was surprised at how little the staff actually knew about the disease and that there didn't seem to be a familiar policy in place to cater for the child. All of the information that was available simply catered for the physical effects upon the child rather than the social and emotional.
I have now decided to complete a case study on this topic, and try to design a school policy that would cater more effectively for children suffering from HIV/AIDS.
I would be grateful for any information, websites or addresses in relation to this topic if you have the time.
Thankyou very much.

At the moment l can't give you any advice but I'll ask around and I'll send you anything that l find.
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

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