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Mon Feb 12, 2001
location: GEORGIA


- read rest of story here

Thu Feb 15, 2001
location: Quebec

I'm just going to give you feed back as I myself have never been infected with the AIDS virus. I'm doing a thesis paper about this virus and just reading your stories have almost made me cry. I long to have anyone who would like to write to me about anything more I should know about the virus(it would me much appreciated)! I have learned a lot just by reading your stories and have noticed that none of the stories involve guys or men. Is that purposely or is it just a mistake. Anyone who would like to write back to me, I would be very grateful for a reply. Thanks -

Hi ,
I'm very happy that you got so much and learnt so much from peoples stories on the website. I just wanted to reply to your question regarding the stories not involving men. I'm wondering if you are reading the stories from the 'Positive Women' section of the site as these will all be women's stories. If you go to http://www.HIVAIDS.webcentral.com.au/text/stories.html the you will be at the stories directory and it is pretty evenly distributed between men, women, homosexual and heterosexual.
Also the 'Talkabout' section has many stories, probably more from a gay male perspective.
Hope this helps you out.
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories site

Fri Feb 16, 2001

Hi, I love the site and I believe it is a wonderful idea that will touch many people's lives. I am currently during research, writing my senior thesis on HIV/AIDS in the African American community. I would greatly appreciate it, if anyone would like to share their story with me for my research, or provide any information. My research will be kept confident, but it will help others learn and prevent the spread of this deadly disease.
Thanks in advance!
~email to contact removed Feb 2002

I just saw this site which had lot's of African American AIDS related site links. Hope it's of help and I'll put your e-mail on the site.

Wednesday, February 28, 2001
Subject: Positive Women is a fantasic organisation!!

This site is mind blowing!! It is set out so well and provides accurate, interesting, real and caring information, support and services. I'm currently studying a Diploma in Community Service and and Bachelor of Social Science and one of my assignments is to find an area we are interested in, source organisations that offer a "service" and critique their website/ pamphlet. I'm am very interested in issues in the community that affect women and found your website was awesome.
Keep it up!!!
We as a general community need as much information as possible for a variety of reasons.

Thu Mar 1, 2001
location: Tennessee, USA

The following is a quote from a story on this website by Gerry:
I went through an amazing sequence of event sin the next few years, but the best thing that happened for my.... Notice, it says 'an amazing sequence of "event sin".... That's interesting....event sin.... I've long felt that homosexuality was a sin and I believe that deep down most everyone, whatever their sexual "orientation", knows that homosexuality is a sin, whether he/she wants to admit it or not.

I am really sorry, as a married straight male, for all of the people who have HIV/AIDS. I can only pray that God will put it on each person's heart that homosexuality is a sin and will convict that person to turn from his/her life to a life trusting in Him and asking for forgiveness of their sins.
God bless each of you and I pray that you will see the sin in the lifestyles that you have accepted....it isn't genetic. God can help you change - if you want to change. But you have to ask Him, sincerely, to help you. He will hear you and answer. I pray that you will take this to heart before it's too late. Your decision will have eternal consequences for you and eternity is not very far away. It's up to you. God bless.

Thank-you for picking up the typo and it shall be fixed so that it is no longer misinterpreted.

This site represents a wide range of people reflecting different ages, religions, races, sexes and of course different choices people make sexually. Unlike people, HIV does not discriminate and l think this is a lesson for you.

HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Sat Mar 3, 2001
location: Queensland Australia

Hello, My son had just told us he is HIV positive! I have six sons and he is one of identical twins - one homosexual and one heterosexual with three children
. I am still as the stage of shock but need to know more than I do on HIV these days. I have had lectures in the past due to the work I was involved in with un employed kids in the 80's but realise that a lot of things have changed and believe that the actions of carers and family can be varied especially if they are naive.

I wanted to cry then and there when he told me but I sort of prepared myself for it years ago in some physical way. I love my son and our family is one that respects him admires him and does not put him down because of his sexuality. My husband and family have always welcomed him and his friends with hugs and all.

After all he is and they are human beings who love and care and had he been born with six fingers I would not have loved him any less. In fact I love my son probably too much. We are very close almost to the point of not having to talk at times. He has travelled and is now 31 and we have kept constant touch. I have seen places through his eyes as I know I may never travel as he has in the past. I do however need more information on the virus as at today's date that is why I am writing this letter/e-mail.

I'm the co-ordinator of the HIV/AIDS web site and I'd like to thank you for sharing your story, even though it's not great news to hear. I'd like to say that your son is very lucky to have you for a mother, there is nothing more important and special to have love an understanding as I'm sure that your son has also been scared and telling the family must have been hard.
When one of by good friends told me he was HIV+ l cried a lot and felt as though l went through a time of grieving. This in reflection seems a little dramatic, but six years ago it was more about death and today it is more about living. The good news to keep in mind is that my friend is still well and probably fits more into his life than l do!

I encourage you to learn more about HIV and get support if you need it. Your on the right path Lal, just keep up the love and support. This week l have added a page to the site which answers some of the frequent questions sent in, it also gives links to sites which have extensive information. http://HIVAIDS.webcentral.com.au/text/faq.html
You are in Queensland, so if you go to the Directory section, http://www.HIVAIDS.webcentral.com.au/text/dir.html there is a Qld section with ph. numbers etc. Give them a call and I'm sure they will send you out some information.
I'm due to make a trip to the Victorian AIDS Council to drop off some web cards, so l will look at what is there and send it to you. Last but not least....there is a weBboard on my site and there are several postings from family members....it's a place where you can read messages and send yours
. Well l hope this is of help to you. I will try and find some print material to send you.
Carolena Helderman

Thu Mar 8, 2001
location: London

im 17 years old. Well guess my story is abit different you see im still waiting for my results and trust me i don't know what to think anymore. i feel lost and at the same time feel like im getting to understand life.

i believe every one would have to die same day and AIDS is another way of passing by to the other world(heaven). i have faith and believe i will be all right. Miracle is my answer and even if i find out its negative i know god had a reason to put me in this situation to help me find my purpose of life.
My purpose is to help people who are going through this situation. Trust me I understand now what people go through. This incidence changed my life mentally to the best. I IM more sensitise towards things in life and understand and appreciate what I have.
My mum is my inspiration after my dad died she had worked hard to give me a good life and I know I would have to return this same favour. This keeps me strong . mum wants to see me married and have children and I IM going to fulfil her dreams. With god anything is possible
I have to go now I have got five more minutes to find out the results. IM going to pray to my heavenly father and I believe I would be held

Fri Mar 9, 2001

Actually, I don't have any personal story of my own because I'm not infected with AIDS.
Not trying to be mean or anything but I was wondering maybe you can send somebody to come and talk to us about AIDS. Us? My classmates. See, we are doing these projects and my topic is AIDS, obviously, so I thought, maybe if there wasn't anybody ashamed or if it was okay, they can come and talk to us about AIDS. Someone whose willing to share their personal life story.
I live in Alpharetta Georgia.

Well , I'm based in Melbourne, Australia, so l can't really suggest anyone. Here in Australia, organisations have a 'Speakers Bureau' which goes out to schools. I think it's a great idea and l know it does happen in America also.

Try a local AIDS organisation and I'm sure that they'll be able to help.
Of course if anyone reads this and can make suggestions, I'll pass on the information to you.

HIV/AIDS Positive Stories Website

Tue Mar 27, 2001

I thought I was safe. I opened the gates. I SIT AT HOME TOTALLY ALONE.....

Tue Apr 3, 2001

My name is Edidson. I am a student at TVI. I am recently doing a research report.I don't have this virus or know anyone who does. I decided to do my report on this topic because I think that this is a topic that everyone should think about.I would like to know if you have any information on how the virus destroys a person from the inside.
It would be very helpful to me if you can provide me with this information.
Thank You, Edidson Lima

If you go to the FAQ page on the website, it has some useful links which will take you to sites which will tell you more about the specifics of the HIV virus. http://www.HIVAIDS.webcentral.com.au/text/faq.html I hope that this will help you with your research and you're right in saying that it is a topic that everyone should think about.
Carolena Helderman
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Tue Apr 3, 2001
location: Nigeria

I got to know about my condition last year it came from my ex-friend, he never told me that he was positive until he was at the point of death, he said he have been trying to tell me but did not how to . My world now is scatted and I am in love with someone but I can't tell him that I have it so I allowed him make love to me without protecting himself ever since I have not been a happy woman and we have been together for a year now but my greatest problem is that I have aborted a baby before and I am pregnant again I don't want to abort it iwant to see my baby before I die and my doctor said that this is the way I can let him know. Please I love this guy and I want to marry him and keep my marriage . I need your help in any way in cash by ways ican handle it

Wed Apr 4, 2001
location: canada

I don't know if I should write here or not but I am so worried and I need some help ... a week ago I got a rash on my skin - on my chest, arms and legs ... I am really worried ... I have been only with one guy and only one time it all happened it was less than a year ago ... I don't think I have other symptoms however ... I don't know why I got the rash , my skin is sensitive but I really am worried , I cant have a test done until after 3 months ... please help me ! I need some opinions if whether I have it or not , what the chance is ... I know it sounds stupid but I really am worried out of my mind ... thank you

Don't feel stupid, if you are so worried you should do something and find out more information.
Unfortunately, l do not have the knowledge to share and l would urge you to visit your Dr and get a professional opinion.
I can of course suggest a website which has more extensive HIV information and Dr's online who I'm sure will give their opinions.
The site in an American one www.thebody.com read through their extensive arcHIVes and you may find people who have expressed similar concerns. I hope that it all works out for the best but most of all ease your worries and find out more about HIV.
Carolena Helderman
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Sun Apr 15, 2001

what does a rash have anything to do with AIDS?

Relevant point, I'm not sure if a rash would be anything to worry about but as l often mention, l am not an HIV expert and l certainly have no medical qualifications. But if l get mail from someone who is that worried, perhaps they do need to find out more about HIV even if just helps not to get worried again in the future.

Carolena Helderman
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Thu Apr 5, 2001
location: niagara falls

I have been HIV+ FOR 8 YEARS I OFTEN WONDER HOW I CONTRACTED IT BUT WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TAKING CARE OF MYSELF I was a drug user for over 25 years and have been clean for 6 years I think that I would be dead by now if I would not have stop using. I have gotten years added on to my life... and it's good to be alive!!!!

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