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Sun Apr 8, 2001
location: LongIsland,N.Y

I just wanted to let some one know that I understand what your going through . I am a 31 yr. old female who on March21-01 received a call @ 8:00p.m. letting me know that my test came back positive. I was very calm actually. You see I am a Christian and believe in the LORD Jesus CHRIST as SAVIOR. The only thing I really remember is that I had to pray for my life.
I have 3 beautiful children . Who through the grace of GOD I will never again say I wish I could be alone...... Well I began to intercess for myself, search the LORD for answer and his will in this. Well he let me know that he wanted to do a miracle. I believed him. ON APRIL 6-01 , I received a call @ 3:00p.m.. letting me know that the 99.9% accuracy test called the western-block test showed that I was negative. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at what the LORD has done for Magic Johnson. They can no longer detect this disease in his blood. Not because of the medicine but because of the LORD. I can completely empathise and feel with all those who are diagnosed and living with this horrible disease.. I can even cry. But I would rather rejoice with you,, because of answered prayer. Not that you believe me , but believe GOD. ... If you can believe GOD right now just as I did please e-mail me with your request for prayer and I will pray for you ..... I can send a copy of the papers that were signed sealed and delivered , and the ones that were a GOD- GIVEN miracle. I believe in my heart that if you step out in faith that GOD will bless you....with his peace and his love that will abide in you. Let me seek the LORD for your miracle. I know he can do it ... I am living proof....

Sun Apr 8, 2001

I am doing an assignment on HIV/AIDS and I Was wondering if you could pls inform me as to I foyu can contract HIV/AIDS but kissing aka: through saliva. This assignment is due tomorrow so if I could pls have the info asap. a simple yes or no is preferred. thankyou
regards Lauren

Have a look at this page FAQ

Thank-you very much for this info its greatly apprecitated I feel an A+++++ coming on:)

Tue Apr 10, 2001
location: Boston, MA

I am a Senior at Pine Manor College. I am working towards a degree in Social and Political Systems with a concentration in Community Health. My Senior Project is based on stigmatised illnesses such as HIV/AIDS. My hypothesis is that those who are affected by the stigmatised condition or illness (in this case HIV/AIDS)become active in society because of their personal attachment to the particular condition or illness. I plan on interviewing five people and making a documentary to back up my research. I am interested in seeing your documentary. Please e-mail if it is possible for me to acquire it.
Thank you in advance,

Hello Laura,
We've got our wires crossed slightly here. You see the HIV/AIDS Positive Stories is actually the web site, the stories and images of personalised experiences. What you see is what you get, there is no actual video material.
More and more often the lines have been blurred of what a documentary is, as far as format goes.
But l wish you all the best with your Senior year.
Check out the site further and perhaps you could talk to people on the WebBoard.
Carolena Helderman
project manager HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Wed Apr 18, 2001

I don't have a poem that is as yet completed.
My personal experience has been that I have lost a lost friends since the inception of HIV AIDS in the early AIDS epidemic when in the days it was referred to as a "GRID: Gay related immune deficiency.
I wish to contribute at a personal and academic level. I have lost a lot of friends and am concerned about friends in Sydney for those who don't practice safe sex, I am also concerned about young homeless youth whom I have worked with that no longer consider HIV AIDS as being a problematic health issues.
No doubt there are enormous issues that requiring dealing with. I am primarily concerned about my own community given that I am a dyke. Nevertheless I am also concerned about those practising unsafe sex. There are a number O issues which I have difficulty dealing with and now is obviously not the correct time to be attempting to address these.

I want to be involved in saving 'my family'. Bottom line.
Hope to hear from you soon
I would appreciate some information and contact.

Fri Apr 27, 2001

What are the treatments today for the cure on HIV\AIDS? We're working on a project in school and were trying to find information on AIDS and HIV. Like the treatment that is given to those that are infected. What are the symptoms that people get when they're infected with the disease HIV and AIDS.
joanna and claythe

Here is a site address which may help you with your assignment
Carolena Helderman
project manager

Fri Apr 27, 2001
location: ny

Hi my name is Cornelia. Im sorry for the misfortune of those with the HIV virus.
Im doing a school paper on why I believe that students entering college should have the right to keep this very confidential information to themselves with out other students knowing about it unless the individual themselves decides to disclose the info to others.
I would really appreciate it if someone could possibly describe to me how you would feel if the college distributed your medical conditions to people around the campus. I would be able to have a personal perspective on this issue. I would be forever grateful just for a couple of words.
I was so touched by the letters. If you believe ,we all come together one day in another world a great paradise where everyone has AIDS so no one will stereotype or have prejudice for anyone else.
Thanks for reading Enjoy it while it lasts AND SMILE.
cornnelia-----------MY E-MAIL IS E4ELIA@AOL.COM

Sat May 5, 2001
location: hunter valley

just wondering about the risk factors surrounding oral sex

This question is looked at on the FAQ page as it's a common question about HIV. http://www.HIVAIDS.webcentral.com.au/text/faq.html
Carolena Helderman
project manager HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

May 7, 2001
location: AFRICA
I have been a lot of story about HIV, but not until it comes to my door I realised that it is paying a heavy price for a simple mistake' I have planned to live with my childhood lover ever since we know each other, she live in Africa and I live in England.
When we think the time is right for us to live together and I decide to brought her here and when she had a HIV test she found out she is positive. I don't know what to do.I wish if I still can live with her but I am scared.
Am I selfish bastard? or I do the right thing to tell her sorry it is over?

Hello Tommy,
Thank you for sharing a part of your life which is a very personal thing which you are experiencing. I can share my opinion with you but of course it is only my opinion and l would strongly suggest that perhaps you could speak to someone who often speaks to people who are in your situation. You're not alone l'm sure, in your situation and you have to come to terms with it and make a decision which you are happy and content to live with.
Be aware that your girlfriend is probably also going through a time of dealing with being HIV positive and this can be a hard transition in dealing with this life change. But Tommy, it is just that, a change in how you may live your lives together. HIV is not the end to life, if you live in a Country such as England then there are HIV treatments and services which make HIV a disease which can be maintained and certainly not the end of life or a successful relationship. You are perhaps scared because you do not have enough information about HIV and are scared of what will happen to yourself and your girlfriend. That is reasonable to have fear but there is also no need to fear, go to a library, look on the Internet, ring a HIV/AIDS service in your local area and find out more and I'm positive this will put an end to your fears.

But don't give yourself a hard time about how you are feeling now, you just need to find out more. If you don't know of a HIV/AIDS organisation in your area then please contact me and l will do some research for you and pass on the details. But don't give up until you know what is possible.
Let me know more if you need it,
Carolena Helderman
project manager HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Thu May, 2001
location: Sydney, NSW

I'm a registered nurse and was wanting to get a little more information on camp goodtime. Is there a way I can contact them to maybe volunteer?
Also, I'd just like to congratulate you on your web site it is very informative and I believe it would be helpful to positive people, families and friends for a bit of support. Thankyou

I don't have the contact information but I've emailed a few people to try and get it.....so l'll let you know.
Thanks for the encouragement and l hope that the site will keep helping people and giving them support.
All the best,
Carolena Helderman
project manager

Hello ,
As promised here is the contact number for Camp Goodtime. Contact details for Camp Goodtime are KwAIDS (kids with AIDS) 02 9382 1851. That number is for the Paediatric HIV social worker at the Sydney Children's Hospital.

Now that l've got the number, l may contact them myself and try and get some more stories about kids, so please mention my web site to them and l hope that you get a lot out of volunteering to the group.
All the best,

Fri May 11, 2001
location: Indonesia

My sister recently is diagnosed HIV positive. I am worried for her health. Can you tell me of any medications to fight this disease ( without any side effects)?

I am trying to get some information for you regarding which services and treatments are available to your sister in Indonesia. I will contact you again when l find further information.
All the best,
Carolena Helderman
project manager

I've tried to find you some information about being HIV positive in Indonesia. I will suggest this web site as it may lead you to groups or information which will answer your questions.

In Jakarta, the Spiritia Foundation is the only PLWHA group:
Jalan Radio IV No.10, Jakarta 12130, Indonesia
Tel/Fax 62-21-727 97007
All the best,
project manager HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Thank you so much for your help, carolena. I hope to hear more information from you.

No worries, hope it works out and l'd be happy to try and help in any way. Carolena

Mon May 14, 2001
location: Michigan

Hi, I am a 23 year old female from Michigan. My story is probably one of the most incredible of all.
- continue story

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