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Tue Oct 23, 2001
location: Parramatta, NSW, Australia

To whom it may concern,
i have been busy latley adding pages to my website about my self and living with H.I.V and i would like to share my story with the public, as people in chat rooms that look at my website site have been telling me it is inspirational and tears of joy at the same time. Ive been quite amazed with the response i am getting about my website and that alot of people are noticing my hard work. I would like you to give you the oppurtunity to have a look and comment yourself just go to http://greg.hoffman.tripod.com just click on the Greggles link and it will take you directly to my piece.
Thanking you
Greg Hoffman

Wed Oct 24, 2001
location: U.S

Folks, I have some advice on the issue of HIV/AIDS.
Those who are living in the world of HIV/AIDS, please don't ever think that HIV/AIDS in not something that doesn't have a real solution and a cause. The current science neither couldn't give any explanation nor solution to the probem. I understand the HIV/AIDS science is simply a junk of exercises in futility.
I was dignosed with HIV a year ago and I feel that I may have acquired the virus some seven or eight years ago or before that. Nevertheless, I am currently living very healthy and hope my health staus is above average. The real medicine I came up in an attmpt to search for the problem is GOD's holly sprit and my intimate relationship with GOD. I've tested this medicine and found effective without shortcomings of any kind.
Folks, I strongly and confidently advise you to keep away everything you are pursueing as a solution to your problem and take GOD into your life. Because HIV/AIDS is the result of our sins, all our sins can get cured through GOD's holly sprit. This is the reality. No other solution. Get it tested, evaluate the outcome, and let other people around you know this fact so that they can be allivated of the problem, too.
I once again advise you the fact that GOD is the only and only solution to the HIV/AIDS problem of our world.
GOD Bless you.

Wed Oct 24, 2001
location: Bournemouth in the UK

Hie. I am very worried about my health, because I beleave there is a great posibility tha I could be HIV positive and the doctors do not want to tell me. The main reason why Iam very much convinced that I could be HIV positive is becouse my ex-boyfriend contacted me to tell me that he had found out he has got AIDS, that his ex-girlfiend and his child had died fom the same disease. I haven't been very well my self for about a year or so and everywhere I go they say I am not ill at all but ihave looked at my symptoms and compared the with what I reseached on the net. I have experianced almost the early stages aperson who is HIV positive goes through. All iwant is for somebody to tell me if there is something wrong with me so that atleast iI can help myself on how to move on with my life and stop the pain that l`m going through at the moment.Iwant to be able to look forward to what is hapening to me because l know l am positive and there is nothing l can change and also to avoid puting other people into danger because my present boyfriend really wants to start a family so bad. Where is it that l can go and get tested again so that i know the truth about myself. I have never slept with my recent boyfriend though now from the stories that l keep saying to him he must be wondering what is wrong with me becouse he went for his HIV test with and he came out negative.

Fri Oct 26, 2001
location: Canada

Hello there, my name is Dave.
I contracted H.I.V. (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) from a blood transfusion during open heart surgery in Canada when I was 18 years old, just a kids. I have been POZ since 1989. Doctors say that there is a period when one is infected and undetectable, the persons who blood was used for my operation must have fit in this category. I know it was not from sexual encounters as I had always practiced safe sex before my operation and after I was operated on, I was pretty much unable to perform intercourse due to my heart being made worse by the doctors. My cd4 counts stay fairly normal, except mental stress can really affect them. Now that I am on disability (no worry of job), my heart seems to be better, but then again, I really did clean up my diet once I knew I was POZ. I also take many vitamins and I practise clean eating habbits (washing food, doing dishes, sterilizing eating areas and utenzils with a little bleach in water) and I use antibacterial soaps for showers and washin!
g my hands about 30 times a day. These are same procedures I see used for infants with undeveloped immune systems (baby food is sterilized at plant, bottles are boiled, etc).
I have found great therapy in making HIV/AIDS web pages, my Home Page www.hivaidssearch.com

Sat Oct 27, 2001
location: Canada

Hello All,
I've been experiencing Hiv symptoms for 3 years now.....I was diagnosed with bacterial overgrowth a few months ago.....I have malabsorption of lactose and sorbitol....have a rash on the back of my hands and on my foreskin. My Hiv test keeps coming up negative.
The point here is that noone knows what will happen to you....You got to keep fighting...don't give up......I've noticed a big difference in my health once i started to have a positive attitute.......the diarhea became less severe and i slowly started putting on weight again. Good luck to all of you......Nick

Thu Dec 6 2001
location=: Philadelphia

Iam in the sixth grade I go to Girard College this stories that you have are very serious to me. You know kids my age are not in to that kind of stuff but I am . I like to learn about stuff.I may not have good grades but that is a differnt story . I now somebody who has AIDS who is very close to me . Thank you for putting those letters on the internet.

Thank You a lot , AMANDA

Fri Dec 7, 2001
location: Orlando

My name is Steve and I am a mental health counselor for children that have been taken by the state. Anyway, there is a video a friend of mine was telling me about that follows the life of a man that has contracted AIDS and it documents his rapid decline and eventual death. He lives his last days by the beach. Anyway, I would like to show this video to some of my older kids. If you know the title of the video I would greatly appreciate it! Great site.

Hi ,
sorry for a very late reply and l'm sorry but l have not heard of this video...so l'm not much help.
But l can suggest that you put a message on the discussion board of the site and see if you get a response from anyone.
Thanks for visiting the site.
Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Thu Dec 13, 2001
location: Adelaide, Australia<

hallo I am hiv positive and would like to make connections over the net with others, would like to also meet singles. There is some good singles sites but for America and Canada what about us Aussies. I am female 49yrs.

Thu Dec 27, 2001
location: Sweden

Hi! I hope for a drug who can beat HIV/AIDS!!!!

Sat Dec 29, 2001
location: Pennsyvana

i need to know alot of things about this i think i have it but im scared

many people who have visited the web site are wanting to know more information as they are scared that they are hiv positive.
I can only suggest that you learn about hiv and this may reassure you.
There is a frequently asked page on the web site
I'll also give you some contact numbers for your area and l'm sure that they will have a service where you can discuss things with someone who can give you advice, support and guidance.
Pennsylvania AIDS Hotline
In Pennsylvania: (800) 662-6080
Critical Path Project Hotline: (215) 545-2212
(215) 463- 7160 (publications orders)
I hope that this will help you in some way.
Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Sun Dec 30, 2001
location: Whyalla, South Australia

Hi there,
Just wanted to let you know that the QSTAGE site has moved to:
URL: http://members.ozemail.com.au/~qstage
so if it is possible to link it via HIV/AIDS Central that would be great.
Thanks, and keep up the great work:-)
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