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Fri Jan 4, 2002
location: Australia

Has anybody else experienced the almost complete loss of smell sensation? Aged 35, HIV positive 7 years, still on first regimen (Combivir + nevirapine) after 4 years, CD4 initially less than 200, now 500+. Virus undetectable 4 years, well, working, fit. Non-smoker, no head injuries, no headache, sight normal, usual minor colds (during one of which 6 months ago smell sense was lost and has not returned). Neurological exam normal (but no head imaging yet). Is this HIV or treatment or something else or does it just happen to people? JP

Sat Jan 5, 2002
location: London

textfield: Hi,
I met that person with whom i fell in love and we were about to be engaged..he bought the ring and we love each other immensely. When he found out about the test he decided not to go on with the marriage and decided to leave me to let me live a happier life without him. He told me he was doing it for the sake of me and my daughter. But i love him so much and want to help him and want to be with him.. I want to know are there any chances for us to be together. Please Help me as we can't live without each other.

I understand your concern and over the time of running this website there have been many stories like yours, l suggest that you browse thru some and see if you find any support in knowing that you are not the only one...unfortunately.
I can only suggest that you both need to find out more about HIV and determine your chances of becoming HIV + and the psychological support you will need to get thru this and hold onto your relationship.
Perhaps this information will persuade your fiance that he does not have to sacrifice a good relationship.
Below are the contact details of 2 organisations in London where you can get information and l strongly advise you to give them a call.
I'm based in Australia so l do not know of them but l'm sure that they will be of great help.
All the best,
Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

0207 738 5274 Staffed Monday to Friday, 10.00-6.00
The helpline exists primarily to give information to anyone affected or infected by AIDS or HIV. Calls are welcomed from sufferers, their relatives or friends, and concerned Health Professionals.

Health Initiatives for Youth
0208 830 4547 Staffed Monday to Friday, 10.00-5.00
Aimed at HIV/Positive people under 27, this helpline offers support and general information. Your call will be answered by a young, trained, HIV positive person.

Sun Jan 13, 2002
location: Australia

The other week I meet a man out and I kissed him. I stated to him that I would not be having sexual intercourse with him. He told me at that point that he was HIV positive.
I did not feel uncomfortable at all in the situation and he said to me that I was not going to catch the virus from kissing him. As he had a partner for 5 years who was negative.
I also felt i knew enought about the disease to no that there was not a high risk at all. I never at any time gave him oral sex or anal sex. He he did masturbate and ejactluate but I never got any of the semen on my body.
I spoke to a doctor today and he advsie that unless there was anal penatration I really should not bother being tested. I was just wanting to hear your advsie on the situtation. I have friends that one partner is positive and the other negative and they do have a health sex life. What advsie could you give me regarding this situation
Thank you

Mon Jan 14, 2002
location: nyc

are there any groups in nyc area that can talk about how we feel?

Thu Jan 17, 2002
location: Texas

Hello, my name is Torie and after reading some of the stories at this web site I've realized that AIDS is an unbelievably dangerous disease. There are people all over this world who are infected now, have been infected and will be infected. You don't need to be a nasty or disgusting person to become infected. All you have to be is at the wrong place at the wrong time. No one person is labled wrong or disgusting for being infected. I would love to be given the opportunity to get to know someone who is infected. It would be memorable. Well, I just thought that i would speak my mind about this disease and give support to those who are now suffering. Good luck now, tomorrow, and in the far future.

Thu Jan 17, 2002
location: New York

HI my name is Natalie I am 30yrs old. I am HIV psoitive. continue

Jan 26, 2002
location: Philippines

Hi guys,
I'm a 17 yr. old guy from the Philippines and I really got so much stressed and pressured about the possbility that I do hav HIV/AIDS. continue

Jan, 2002
location: Brazil

I think you really have an interesting website.
I work as a volunteer, translating texts from English into Portuguese in a group that is better know as "Pela Vidda".
It's a group destinated to people who live with Aids.
We have a magazine, actually we have just started to work on it. And I found this Idea of talking about good experiences, not only seeing the dark side of Aids or HIV problems very good, The idea of telling others that you can live with this chronic disease is a helpful way to change people's mind.
What I would like to ask you, if we can use some of your stories here to put it translated in our magazine, at least, until people here get more confident to tell others that they are alive and doing well, despite of all.
I look forward to your early reply.

Sat Feb 2, 2002
location: Massachusetts, USA

I'm wondering if people are interested in joining an ongoing on-line creative writing workshop. I am a writer and teacher, and for the past 5 years I've led a writing workshop for people who are positive. Our group just ended, because a member died, and others moved away. Now I'd like to see if there is interest in an on-line writing workshop. That way we could gather writers from all over the world. Plus, people wouldn't have to leave home to participate. My idea is that I'd create a chat room and we would actually set a weekly time (or every other week) to all log on together. I'd offer writing exercises and writing starters, people could read and respond to each others' writing,e tc. The writing could be HIV focused, but wouldn't have to be. Once we had a starting group of people we could define the specific more.
Please email me if you are interested or have suggestions for other websites where I could put the idea out to people.
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