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Sun Feb 3, 2002

Hi there, it was two weeks ago my brother found out he was HIV positive, I thought no big deal and knowing that there is alot of medication out there thatwould make him feel well again and also that he would be around for a long time because we have all these medications that are making a difference. Unfortunately 3 daysafter him being diagnosed he ends up in the hospital and many complications come about. Now we find out its full blown AIDS and I am so scared of loosing the most incredible brother and friend anyone could ever imagine having.
My question to you is I know that life can go on for a long time with HIV, but realistically what are the chances once you are full blown? My brother has liver disfunctions, fluid in his stomach, chronic hepatitis B, PCP, TB in the blood stream and major breathing difficulties. I just spent two incredible weeks with him and he is still in the hospital. My brother is ready to fight and I will fight with him, but please tell me and I won't share it with him but how long once its gone this far..........I don't need exacts but I want to prepare myselfand I know I will never be ready. This is the first time I let it out and realizeI should probable go talk to a counselor and I am sorry for going on and on.
Thank you and God Bless you.....

thanks for visiting the site although l really wish it was under different circumstances. I'll tell you first up that l'm not the one to ask the question to, l'd love to be able to give an answer but l don't have the expertise. I can tell you a few things which may help though.
Firstly, there is a website that can tell you. It has councillors and dr's online and you can ask on the internet. The address is http://www.thebody.com
Having run this website for over three years, reading the stories, meeting HIV+ people l can say that it seems that full blown AIDS can vary. There are stories from men that l have heard where their prognosis is not looking good but they pull thru and the treatments get them going again. But it all depends on the acquired diseases and your brothers strength.
I can also say that your support,love and being there is something very special.
I'm sorry that l can be of not much more help but do visit the other site and ask your questions.
I can only send you support and strength and hope that your brother pulls thru this.
Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Thank you for your response and unfortunately I know the answer of how long it takes. My brother last 2 weeks and past away on February 5th. I want to thank you for your website and I will continue to be involved with it and help others when possible.
Thank you

Mon Feb 4, 2002
location: Australia

im a 27 year old female i have just contraked HIV. i have three lovly girls hey r 10/9/7.im not that conseard about having hiv i have got if for a reason.my partner is also hiv posative and we both surport each other he is more worry about it then what i am.as long as we r there for each other then every thing will be find im just hoping that they can find a vacine for it. im just living my life the best way i can for my chidlren.there r the reason im not to worryed about it and my partner as long as we have a grate life together from now well thats all that matters to me. thank you for reading my story.

6 February, 2002
location: India

I had been tested positive (HIV+) two years ago-(2000) but living with good physical and mental conditionwithout any infection. My parents are forcing me for my marriage ,but i dont want to spoile any good girlslife.
Iam in a critical condition with urgency .
Me belonging to KONGUVELLAGOUNDER caste , HINDU religion , ( Me belonging to uppermiddleclass family)- seeking my life_partner with open-heart (she may be tested Hiv+ or some other illness ,but she must with good physical and mental condition now).You may come across with some girls fitted with above catagery ,
you can help me to find them or tell me how to search & find them through net or in the real world.
Trusting you. Waiting for your reply.

Thank-you for visiting the web site and telling your story.
I don't have a lot of experience with places which you can find information from in India but l do have one contact email and it may be a start in finding out more.
Positive Women Network of South India - is a self help group of women living with HIV. We operate from our headquarters at Chennai, Tamilnaau India.
~ Counselling, monthly support group meetings for women living with HIV
23 Brindavan Street,
West Mambalam, Chennai - 600 033
Tel: 044 - 371 1176
Email: poswonet@hotmail.com
Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Wed Feb 6, 2002
location: Massachussetts, USA


A ridiculous amount of time has passed before answering your email, l apologise for this.
I think that you may know more about this than anyone, you know what it is like to have gone through this and l'm sure you will be of strong support to your step brother.
There are some stories from children who have lost their parents, so reading these may give you an idea of how others have coped with losing their parent. You can find them on the stories index page: http://www.hivaids.webcentral.com.au/text/stories.html
I have found a page on another website and this specifically discusses what you are talking about.
I don't know what the health status of your step- mother is and whether she is on treatments but perhaps the outlook is more positive today than seven years ago when your mother had HIV.
If you feel like you need someone to talk to, there is a very good web site which gives expert advice regarding HIV/AIDS and there are councillors to answer emails. Perhaps you could discuss your own concerns.
I'm not sure what you mean by "DOES A CARRIER HAVE A LONGER LIFE THAN A REGULAR PERSON THAT HAS HIV?", so l canno't answer this question.
Sorry again for leaving it so long, l lost your email in the system.
Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Wed Feb 6, 2002
location: San Francisco, USA

I just wanted to express my account about HIV/AIDS. I am 32 and a single mother of a 4 year old toddler. continue story

Thu Feb 7, 2002
location: Adelaide, Australia

Im a hiv positive 27 year old male and was in the process of searching the web for some sort of information on taking recreational drugs whilst on combination therapy and was unable to find all that much information on the subject. I know recreational drugs arent a safe bet at the best of times, i have previously tried a small amount of speed and ecstsy while on treatment. could you possbly point me in the right direction for some info on this subject if possible.

Hi ,
I don't know what is on the Internet but in my travels, l found a brochure yesterday called 'Looking After Yourself' Recreational drugs with HIV treatments.
If you send me your address l'll put it in the mail but l'll list the links on the back of it......l haven't looked at these sites.
Hope this helps, if you want, l'm happy to send the info. to you.
Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Thu Feb 7, 2002
location: Massachusetts, USA

Hello, my story is about myself and my faince. i am negative to hiv and my fiance is positive, we met in an hiv/aids chat room, learning about each other. we became very fond of each other. and plan to get married this july 4, 2002. I never thought i would fall in love with a man that is terminially ill. But now i understand its not even about the sickness, its about helping him live a long life.. i want everyone to know out there, that i think its great for thouse who really go with their heart no matter what can get in the way, God bless. and please keep your head up....
hiv doesn't win, its the positive minds that do :)

Sat Feb 16, 2002
location: Dallas/Sydney

I just wanted to compliment you on the excellent work you have done. With all the apathy in the world in re: HIV we need to keep the information flowing. Take care and stay well...

Thanks for visiting the site and for your compliments, hope you continue to visit.
Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Sun Feb 17, 2002
location: New Jersey, USA

i have a question about HIV? my hubby has a rash on his neck and dr told him it was a fungal disease but im afraid its aids since he did sleep with someone very unclean. he used protection but not sure if it broke or not!! pleez if you can tell me the symptoms od hiv and if a rash around his neck is one! i beleive it happened about 5 mths ago.

Thank you for visiting the site, l'm not a medical professional and cannot answer your question. Check this page http://www.hivaids.webcentral.com.au/text/faq.html on the site and look at these sections
  How can someone be infected with HIV?  
  What is HIV?
If you need more information, there are further links from that page.
Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

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