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Sun Aug 11, 2002
location: San Diego

Hi my name is Craig and I acquired this disease when I was in an extramarital affair, soon after leaving my wife and children. I regret what I did, but at the same time it is a wake up call. I thought that driving a fast car and being the center of attention was the way I needed to live my life. I found out the hard way that having an affair and gaining HIV is no nice trip to take. I would like to take a moment to tell everyone to please be careful and to abstain from sex if you are like me, a person who cheats on their partners. Since leaving my wife and gaining this disease I have gotten two other women infected without their knowledge. I have only told one women and she was not positive and I do not know about the other women. Right now I am on my therapy at the hospital and hope I live long enough to see my kids grow up. Until then I just try to stay as positive as I can and live.

Sat Sep 14, 2002
location: Texas

l believe that the HIV and Aids experience 'can' be viewed as negative. However, if you don't but the 'up side' down, you can see that having HIV and Aids, can be view as something that's literally 'positive'.
Think about it for a minute. Let's look at some of the things that U must or that happens in your life, if U are to beat this disease:
- U loose connection with people in your life that are not good for U
- U come closer to those who truly love U
- U begin to eat healthier, get proper rest, and exercise.
- U step out of the fast lane and drugs, sex, and alcohol are no longer running your life
- U come closer to God, and U
- U begin to think more positively
- U reach for your dreams, goals and ambition
- U are at peace
That's all positive! ....dahhhhhhh!

Fri Sep 20, 2002

This is the first time I will talk about my status openly. Sometimes I feel as if I no longer believe in GOD, but I always will. I am just extremely hurt by my destiny. I am 22 years old. I was prom queen, a straight A student in high school, volunteered, and am a honors college student. I was going to be a doctor. Now I dont know where I will be in a couple of years. I had the perfect boyfriend, friends, and family. Sounds wonderful, right? Well, I was married at 20 years old to my boyfriend of three years. I was a virgin and so was he. I waited like I was suppose too. I got real sick in in 2001 and was diagnosed with HIV. How did this happen? My future husband, the man who was suppose to be loyal to me, slept with a stripper at his Bachelor's party the night before our wedding. I am so hurt because I never put my life in jeporady. I did was I was suppose to do. I waited until the night of my wedding. I have injected needles. I have since divorced him and am slowly but surely starting my life over. This disease has no labels on who it is going to eventually kill. Enjoy life everyday as smoothly as possible because you really never know when you are going to hit a bump or many.

Wed Sep 25, 2002
location: Liverpool, UK

Im 21 and ive just found out im HIV+. I am gay and friends and family know that i am but im worried about letting them know I have HIV. Im worried ill loose friends because im thinking that they wont be able to see past the 'dirty' immage assocaiated with HIV. Ive been told by my Doctor that any true friends wont leave me at this time and anyone who does wasnt really my friend anyway i just hope that there is truth in that.
On a slightly different note they all know somthing has changed me because ive never done drugs before but since i found out ive been doing soft drugs regularly and smoking more (i used to just smoke socialy) and not going out places to 'pull' you know find men etc. They are going to start asking questions soon But for now i suppose i can just put it down to the flu (quite convienent really (im sorry i use hummor to help me get over things)) The thing is who do I need to tell? My mum has had a double vasectomy and now has cancer of the colon she is really ill at the moment and ive never met my dad i think this could kill her....literally. So that leaves my Brother who is 10 and relies on me for everything espically while mum is ill... im worried how he will react having the two major parental infulences ill. My best friend is very supportive but I never know how she will react to situations.
The question is does anyone really need to know? if i choose to be less flirtatous and never go back to guys places anymore....it could be my choice...i could be sick of the way i used to be??? I just dont know what to do....one thing i do know is id have such a weight on my mind if i had to carry this secret around with me for the rest of my...the rest of whatever time i have left.

Wed Oct 2, 2002
location: Philippines

To the 22 yr old former promo queen who had wanted to be a doctor (20 sept 02 posting) and Dean who is hated by the single woman he has ever loved (22 May 99 posting), I have this to say: I am a 54 yr old man. I cried when I ready your stories. Whoever and whatever you are, and wherever you are located, you are now my friends and I will be praying and thinking of you often, and hope that God lead you to new sources of joy despite what had happened and maybe do a miracle or two for you and those you love.

Wed Oct 23, 2002
location: us

I got tested last week and I am waiting on the results, I have a boyfriend and this is the first time I realize what being in love really means. I feel very anxious to get my results back and pray to God that I am not positive, although something inside me says that I am not, however that scares me the most. I would not care if I die but I just hope I am not because I would hate myself if I transmitted this disease to my boyfriend. I will be praying for us to find the strength to cope with this.

Tue Oct 29, 2002

I tested positive for tuberculosis which is not active but now the doctor recommends that I get tested for HIV. I have done so and still have a week and a half to wait for the results. I can't seem to think about anything else! I'm going crazy! My question is that I have a four year old daughter who was born after my last unprotected sex....would she be showing symptoms by now? I'm very low risk but still I feel absolutely sick...mostly over concern about my daughter...What if?? Is it unlikely that she would have HIV and still be showing no signs at the age of 4? I need to rest and can't seem to. These damn tests should come with psychological counseling sessions...

Sometimes l feel a little useless in trying to sprout out some advice but you are right in saying that the tests should come with psychological counseling sessions. I get feedback to this site over and over again, expressing the same emotions when they are waiting for test results and it's a long wait. I think that it depends on which country you are from and who your Doctor is, perhaps their is more sensitivity given and support but perhaps those giving the tests are underestimating the impact the wait has on people.
I do suggest that you read further on some of the HIV/AIDS sites which has indepth information on the symptoms of HIV: some of these can be found in the links section of this site. There is also a Directory service listed on this site and perhaps your area will have a support telephone service and this may help to get some answers about your daughter.
I hope that the results are negative and that you find support.
Site Manager

Sun Sep 29, 2002
location: Brisbane

Hello Carolena
I read about your web site in the latest Desktop Magazine. I am a visual arts teacher and over the last few years I have become insterested in the plight of the victims of HIV/AIDS in developing countries. I have a real concern for this pandemic, especially in Africa. Did you know that 6,000 people die every day of Aids; there are 15,000 new infections ever day and by the end of the decade, if not earlier, there will be 40 Million orphans as a result of Aids. If every child going to school in the USA lost their parents there would be 40Million orphans!! The USA, through its support for the pharmaceutical companies, have been terrorising developing countries by stopping the availability of life saving drugs.
HIV/Aids is an International issue and needs to be taken up by ALL developed countries around the world. My artwork addresses this issue in a provocative way by suggesting that it is of Export Quality and needs to be exported around the world. I have used the metaphor of the exotic bottled food found in a deli. Have a look at my art web site.
You have developed a great web site. My wife and children have been reading the stories. Keep up the good work.

Thank-you Peter for your kind comments. I will have a look at your site and created a link here to allow visitors to this site to take a look also.

Mon Oct 14, 2002
location: Michigan

Hello All who reads this:
I am really proud of those who are brave enough to admit to this demon(AIDS). I can say that I am terrified right now. It is always in the back of my mind and I am afraid to be tested. I plan to be tested this week and I am horrified. I know that over the past two years that I have been sexually active with people, and most of the time it was unprotected sex. I am really afraid. I have two beautiful children from a previous marriage that went sour. I would not know how to explain to my family, if I were to be tested positive. I have been saved for 5 years and backsliding. My son already has a terminal illness that right now is in remission. I want to be here for my children but I admit I am scared. As a Christian woman, I know better, but as a human being I am weak and have my faults. I don't know if I would have the strenghth to go on. I am so scared. Anyone who reads this, that can help me through this, please do. God Bless You...

Sorry to anyone who would like to respond to this posting but a email address was not included
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