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Mon Jan 27, 2003
location: West Palm Beach, FL

Hi, my name is Em and i've been looking up web sites now for a week, absorbing as much information about HIV and Aids as i've been able to absorb. I met a man a year ago when i was admitted into the hospital for suicide. He was a therapist there and from ever before till now, he has been the only one who could get through to me. I didn't see him for almost a year, then i was admitted a few months ago again. Since then i've been going to an out-patient program that happens to have him as a lecturer. I've gotten so much information from him about my mental health and my chemical dependancy. But last week we started talking on a more personal level. I'm very attracted to him and want more than anything to get to know him better, but he just told me that he is HIV positive and has been since 1988. I'm confused and scared about how i feel. i'm only 24 years old and i'm a single mother of 2 children. I'm just now getting my act together and i don't want to make any more bad decisions. Please give me some feedback. I'm not disgusted nor turned off by him having HIV. I'm just not educated enough to make a correct decision about this. Every web page says something different. Thanks for your time.

Tue Feb 4, 2003
location: BC

Well, I posted a story in November as I was impatiently waiting the results of my HIV test. I am happy to say that the results came back negative. I've never felt so much relief in my life. There is still that nagging doubt in the back of my mind that maybe the test was wrong or a false negative...but highly highly unlikely. To all of you on this site that are dealing with the effects that HIV or an HIV scare has taken on your life, my heart is with you 100%. I wish all the best to you

Thu Feb, 2003
location: Browning, Montana

Keep your head up and live your life day by day. And if you ever need to write to someone i'll be your friend .

Thu Feb 6, 2003
location: Brisbane, Australia

Thank you for a wonderful web site
I have a real concern for the HIV/Aids pandemic, especially in Africa. This is an International issue and needs to be taken up by ALL developed countries around the world. My artwork addresses this issue in a provocative way by suggesting that it is of Export Quality and needs to be exported around the world. I have used the metaphor of the exotic bottled food found in a deli. Have a look at my art web site. It you want to use any of the pics please do so.

Tue Feb 11, 2003
location: India

i really dont belive that there are places in which women marry and even work as prostitute with infected aids. can anything be done to stop aid victims working as prositues ? can the bombay munciple administration made some way like licence compulsary for prostitutes and check them medically as it is done in Greece & Italy ? this will help innocent youth at prey.

Fri Mar 14, 2003
location: Oakland

Friday the 13th showed up in my life a day early. Today, as I visited the local STD clinic, where I volunteer, I was invited to an examination room by one of the clinicians. I wondered what was up. The effort to keep his voice from cracking allowed me to know that whatever he had to say would change the course of my life. Before he said the words, I heard them in my head, your results came back positive. "Your results came back positive," I he said. I was in a sudden shock. I had my last test done in Decemeber 10, with negative result disclosed on December 18. I had not engage in unprotected sex before nor after. I only took the HIV exam because I was doing my usual 3 month full-battery of std tests and the clinician included it all over again. Needless to say that I am still somewhat in shock.
I now find myself exploring my options and wondering if I should take the medications or not. That is my concern, should I or should I not take the medications.

Sun Mar 2, 2003
location: California

I never thought it could happen to me!!
hello, everyone i am a 18 year old female who grew up in a very nice neighborhood, and always had the best of everything. While all my friends were having sex, i was waiting. i was waiting for the "perfect" guy. i was waiting for a guy who was fine, smart, and sweet..and this is exactly what i found in matt..he was "everything" i could ever want and more...he was gorgeous, soo sweet, had a brand new mustand, and wanted to be with me!! why? why would a guy as perfect as him want to be with a 16 year old girl, why would he want to take my virginity and for me to have his child...because he had aids...thats why! i know i'm positive..i have every sign..and when i say "every" i mean ..all the symptoms...swollen glands for 1 year, night sweats, joint pain, soar throat, ex....but still i cannot get the courage to go to the hospital..i just can't!! i rather die......it hurts soo bad because he knew what he was doing..he was ruining my life..i can barely sleep ..always questioning if i am going to wake up the next day..please someone help me, i am begging you.!!!
sincerely, a stupid, gullable young girl.

Mon Mar 3, 2003
location: Clintonville, Wisconsin

hi i am 23 and living with hiv and i meet this great guy who is hiv nagative and heis really nice to me he understands my story well i got pragnet and now we have a son together and he is also hiv nagative well i just want to tell you all that it will not go away i thought that it would but it dont if you take care of your self then it will be alright and take your meds like you have to then you will be very happy thanks for taking your time to read my story
thanks alot.

Wed Mar, 2003

I was called by CDC on 28 Feburary 2003. The nurse told me that I was a contact of someone who was tested positive for HIV. In just a brief moment, I felt like my life had just ended. I felled on my knees in prayer and wnet to the Lord in prayer. I went in the same day and took the hiv test. On the 11 of March I called in for my results and got on my knees to pray once again. The nurse ask me for my name and social as I gave it to hear she said you are ....NEGATIVE..................God is good. I will never practice unsafe sex again. I just want to say to all of the people out there who think just because you have HIV, no man can determine if this dreaded disease is uncureable....God is possible in everything...so please dont loose hope cause the Lord delivered Daniel and raised the dead what do you think he can do for HIV and AIDS? Cure you...have faith, dont give up. You are all in my prayers!!! God Bless you all.

Sat Mar 15, 2003
location: British Columbia, Canada

To whom it may concern;
Hello my name is Mino Pavlic and have been HIV positive since 1991.I am a first time author and have from everyone‚s opinion that‚s read it, written an incredible non-fiction autobiography called No Obstacle Too Great.[http://www.geocities.com/noobstacletoogreat
This is my web page which outlines this inspirational true story. Regardless of the fact that I am heterosexual and not withstanding anyone‚s sexual preference. I consider everyone who shares this devastating illness as brothers and sisters united together in an effort to combat this illness with any means we can. My story in itself is remarkable as I have overcome a great many insurmountable obstacles throughout my life‚s journey. Against all odds I have put my life together and presently live a relatively healthy and stable life, quite the achievement considering what I‚ve been through. I believe that anyone not only those dealing with HIV/AIDS can certainly benefit and gain inspiration from my story. Although my dilemma is that I have approached a number of traditional publishing house, with basically the same reply. They find my work to be very poignant, which would certainly interest a great many reader‚s, however it does not meet their publishing needs. As a result of the nature of my work I am now looking in a different direction in hopes of find the proper publishing house. If you should take more than a passing interest in my story I would upon reguest forward my manuscript as an e-mail attachment for any possible further consideration you may have in this regard. Also any assistance, guidance or direction you could possibly offer would be greatly appreciated.
p.s.If possible I would like my web page posted to your site as I reply to any and all feedback.

Tue Mar 18, 2003
location: I'm an international woman

I just wanted to know if you would be interested in putting my humor and HIV link on your web page:
And let me know what you think!

Tue Mar 18, 2003
location: Canada

Thanks for your story. I'm living in Japan and I went to get a blood test last week and the day after tomorrow, I'll find out...
I'm so scared! I don't really care about myself, but I'm in a new relationship and it's the best one I've ever had. I wished I had met her sooner.
But about three or four months ago, I was unfaithful to my former partner. I don't think they were high-risk partners, but I had unprotected sex with them.
I love my girlfriend so much and I'm so scared for her. Two or three weeks ago I recovered from influenza, finally, after about a month of sickness. I couldn't even imagine then that it might have been from HIV. Even when I first met the love of my life, it didn't even cross my mind.
But a couple of weeks ago, I was looking on the internet for information regarding pneumonia, bronchitis and tuberculosis and the word 'HIV' came up. Then it hit me. I started to panic.
I don't feel any sympathy if I die from HIV, but if I infected my loved one, I don't think I could deal with the pain and guilt.
I'm so scared of getting a positive result. There are so many arrows that point to a positive result. I wish the doctor could phone me.
Whatever the result, I've learned a lesson that I'll never forget. I wished I had learned it before I was unfaithful and before I had unprotected sex. I wish I had met my current partner much earlier. I would have never have cheated on her. I don't know what to say or write anymore. Well. Take care.

Tue Mar 25, 2003
location: Texas

We are so sorry that you are infected with this stuff bot its your fault you didnt take care of yourselves. sorrry.

Fri Apr 4, 2003

I am so scared this is all I can tell. All I do is reading and searching about HIV. I met a boy who I fal in law with. I even gave him my virginity and thought that he loved me. It all turned to be different. He was a drug deeler and he was 30 years old, while I tought that he was 23. Well, very dumb from me but some prople are just so god in lying. Most importantly I want him dead because I know he planed all this ever since he met me. The thought of whishing him dead scaries me, but I just have so much anger towards him. I went and had an OraSure oral HIV test 6 weacks after exposure. It came negative, but that does not help. Only prayers will help me.

Fri Apr 4, 2003
location: T-Dot

How ya doin everybody? I am HIV negative but know lots of people whom are HIV positive. I'm currently 21 years old.
One day I was bouncin' in a club and hittin' the beat when I see this gorgeous girl from across the room looking at me. I walk over to her and we start dancin' n everything. One thing led to another and you probably know what happens from there. We had protected sex.
Two months went by and we went in for a HIV test and mine came out negative and hers positive. She started to cry right then and there. I let her know these words... and I've told these words to anyone I know, HIV+ or healthy. Here they are:
Ya gotta live everyday like you're gonna live forever, and die tomorrow. If ya keep worryin' about when you're going to leave this world, your mind is on the wrong side of your thoughts. Keep your thoughts positive and you'll be alright. Ya can't let the little things upset you because it'll bring you down. Remember that loved ones will stick by you and comfort you for the rest of your lives. The love in your hearts is great enough to keep you alive. Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Was it worth it? To worry all that time that could be put towards someone you care for, a sport, a conversation, or even just a simple smile that someone could be falling in love with. Remember this one statement. Live your life to the fuckin' fullest.
Much love to mah niggaz E, Tray, Jamesey, Jamal, Q, and Big Boy. And also to that one special girl that I saw across the room that night.

Mon Apr 7, 2003
location: NY

Well, I am a 31 year old mother of one. I have a friend who is HIV positive and desparately wants to have a baby. She has been HIV positive since 1995 and up to now she is still healthy and living well. She has never been on any medication or hospitalization and has not had any illness symptoms. Is it possible for her to have a baby or will it worsen her health?
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