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Wed Jun 11 2003

Well Hi my name is Tiara. I fell sorry for all of you people who have been living with the virus.I can't say that I know how it feels because I my self is not in the situation that most of you are in. When I was younger i use to say having HIV/AIDS or any STD was nasty.But I grew up and learned that peple did just go out in the world and ask for those dieases.I guess living with this dieases is hard and sometimes embarreseing because you may get different treatment than other people with dieases that are not STD.I just want to say I pray for all of you that has to live with this and may god bless you.

Wed Jun 11 2003
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Greetings to all of the visitors to this website and we applaud its managers who have made it such a helpful resource.

Wed Jun 11 2003
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Greetings to all of the visitors to this website and we applaud its managers for providing such a helpful and supportive site.
Our organisation is involved in AIDS AWARENESS PROGRAMS;innovative educational projects; international advocacy and practical care projects both within Australia and overseas.
You may have heard of us through our SCHOOLS AIDS DAY (mid July)
Our HOPE Rose...the world's first such "cause" fundraiser rose for the world's positive family
Our CAMP SEASIDE respite camps in Victoria......
Our involvement in PNG's first HIV/AIDS hospice....
And our concern especially for women and children's programs.
Then there's the ongoing and exciting story abut the LEMONS AND AIDS project...which could prove to be a crucial development in the battle against HIV infection.
For an update on al of these things, we invite you to visit our website at www.aids.net.au
With regards to you all,
Brian Haill,
The Australian AIDS Fund Inc (a non profit registered charity)
PO Box 1347, Franston,Victoria,3199, Australia,
Email: bhaill@bigpond.net.au
Website: www.aids.net.au

Mon Jun 23 2003
location: London


Mon Jul 7 2003
location: the south

Hello I'm a single mother of three and I'm having sort of a problem I have a friend and I consider myself well educated on AIDS,well anyway I'm from a fairly small town and my friend carry most of the symptoms she gets sick alot the fever, diareah it seems like every time she eats she has to go to the restroom we have been friends for along time and it's hard because just seeing a nice person waste away.She also has a boyfriend and I look at him sometimes and just wonder she was suppose to take a AIDS test soon I'm thinking her doctor advised her to take one.I think if she does have it I know who gave it to her and it scares me because you can't look at people and tell they have AIDS.I don't currently have a boyfriend but I'm looking and I'm scared I want the intamacy and love but I also don't want to regret something for the rest of my life .

Sat Jul 12 2003
location: Houston, Texas

I am a black female, age 38. Dec 13,1999 I lost my best friend to aids and since then was very scared to be tested. She told me back in 1991, the day before I was to go into the clinic for my results. God was with me, my test came back negative. I swore never to have unsafe sex, well of course I lied to myself. I did, thinking oh this person is okay, for whatever reason. Here we go again! I knew that my chances were greater now since I was able to witness a best friend dying in 1999. From 1999 to May of 2003, I was scared to death to take another test. I cried and worried, cried and worried. Finally I experienced female problems and my doctor had to do surgery in May of this year. As I was talking to his assistant, she was telling me all that I had to do before the surgery. One of those things were to do the complete blood work. At this time, I knew that it was no turning back, running away, I had to have the surgery. She scheduled me for my blood work Tuesday, I couldn't wait until the Tuesday prior to my surgery. I had to know, I went on that Monday. I instructed her to only call me with bad news. After not hearing from her by that Thurday, I figured everything was fine. The day of my surgery, that Friday. She came in and went over all my blood work. When she got to the HIV, she said neg. I am writing all to tell tou especially those that have tested positive, I love you and God be with you. TO those of you that are afraid. Go and get tested, have that faith. Do not worry yourself sick like I almost did. I still feel that I will have to be tested a few more times before I will be convinced that I am good to go. I wasn't just out there with everbody that wanted me, I took a couple of chances and it hit very very close to home. She was my best freind for 17years. We shared a lot of secrets and when this one was told to me, we became even closer. Take care!

Sat Aug 2 2003

I AM SCARED! I had unprotected sex with someone I met and got to trust and recently found out that he has been lieing to me all along. I plan to have an HIV test in June (six months after). I do not know how i will deal with a positive results. I konw if i am negative i want to have a meaning ful relationship with someone i trust and love...a friean to know that persons status and REALLY know te person's history. The tthimg is that i want a family..i want children.
I reel so depresed! how could i have been so stupid? i know about AIDS and HIV! OH GOD i just need to keep it together and work through this. PRAY for me!!!

Tue Sep 2, 2003

Hey Everyone,
I'd just like to say hi to all those positive people out there. You are very strong for trying to get on with your lives. I'm sure it is a very tough disease to cope with mentally and physically. I had an experience with HIV/AIDS myself and fortunately I was extremely lucky and my results came back negative, but the experience has turned my life around. I have dedicated the rest of my life to finding a cure for diseases like HIV/AIDS. I have also put up a website explaining my story and HIV/AIDS info. Please have a look, I think that it would be very informative for positive and negative people out there. Stay well and god bless.

Wed Sep 17, 2003

I am doing a paper on teens dealing with HIV and AIDS. I happend to come across this web site and I was reading some of your rplies to this sittuation. I was very embarrassed to see what people from Texas were saying on here. Like "I am sorry for you all that have HIV but its your fault you have it". Who are you to judge? Thats what we have a GOD for. When we all die and we meet our maker thats when the judging will start but until then if you dont have encouraging words to say to people then dont say anything at all. I got that from my parents. I am 22 single mom HIV negative and I feel for the people with HIV and AIDS. I don't care how they got the virus, all I care about is helping them through it.
Concerned Texan

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