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Fri Oct 17, 2003
location: Ft Campbell, USA

i read your email and it was very touching. i had an uncle who died of aids too. i was very sad and hurt, he was one of my favorite uncle and would never thought he would die of AIDS. GOD that word is just terrifying. But anyways i do have respect for those who have hiv/aids but the only thing i can suggest them and advice them to all do is look for GOD hes the one and only persond that can help you. Ok yes you may have friends here on earth that can help you or maybe not help you at all and leave you all alone. They can even judge you too. The only friend you MUST have is GOD he heres you, he understands your feelings and must of all he LOVES you more than anyone in this earth. He would not leave you no matter what you have and how you feel, even what you are. Y may think your are ther lowest thing on earht or lets say the scum of the earth, but who are you to judge yourself. In the bible says that GOD took only one day to make eache and everyone of us and he made us the way he wanted us to look. well i just hope each end everyone of you looks for GOD because hes the only answer and the only friend you could have.
believe me i tell you for my own experience.

Wed Oct 22, 2003

Well Hi my name is Tiara. I fell sorry for all of you people who have been living with the virus.I can't say that I know how it feels because I my self is not in the situation that most of you are in. When I was younger i use to say having HIV/AIDS or any STD was nasty.But I grew up and learned that peple did just go out in the world and ask for those dieases.I guess living with this dieases is hard and sometimes embarreseing because you may get different treatment than other people with dieases that are not STD.I just want to say I pray for all of you that has to live with this and may god bless you.

Sun Nov 9, 2003
location: Canada

Hi I just recently was diagnosed as HIV+. It came as a shock. My boyfriend of the last year had been lying to me the whole time we were together. We had used protection, but sometimes not until the actual act of intercourse. I was negative at the beginning of the relationship, so I am pretty confident it was him as I was married before that and hadn't been with anyone else unprotected. I found out that he was cheating on me and that he actually had a wife in a different town that I was unaware of. She and I have had a few conversations now and she is going to go get tested as well. I have nothing but anger in me right now and am having a hard time dealing. I have told my family and they are supportive, but it is still hard to deal with. I work in the health field and am scared at how this might affect my career. I have so many feeling going through me right now and am so afraid of the future. I have a 4 year old from my prevoius marraige and it makes me sad to think about what this is going to do to her. I really thought that I knew this guy and I think that is why I let the precaution slip a little. So, a word to the wise, always be safe no matter what because the consequences are to big to pay.
I know that things will get better and that I can live a long life possibly and that there are always advances that come, but for now I am a little angry.
Thanks for listening and God bless everyone so that they stay healthy and safe.

Nov 21, 2003

We are conducting a district seminar on AIDS on december 21st at Hyderabad.We are expecting volunteers from various parts of Andhra Pradesh.
The seminar will be addresssed by M/S Damayanthi, project Coordinator AP AIDS and Dr.I.S.Guilda among others.
As a part of the seminar we would like to have alecture from an AIDS affected person on her experiences and on how an aids affected person should approach with the environment.
Please suggest a suitable speaker
Rotary Club Of Hyderabad Central
80,3rd Main Road
West Marredpally

Sun Nov 30, 2003
location: Canada

I dont know what to say...you are victims of life. As we all know life is not fair.
Many are victims of their own mistakes. Some are not.
My advise to you is: be happy and enjoy your life until you hit the bump(s). When you get to that point, there is not point in living. Hurting you and the ones who love you is not the way you want to live.
I would rather die with diginity.
I used to be a big clubber. I had sex with a lot of girls. Oral sex was always unprotected. I was lucky though.
I feel for you people.

Dec 2, 2003
location: Philippines

THANKS GUYS for your very inspiring stories. Im 20 yrs old male having a signs of HIV yeast infection on my mouth, swollen lymph nodes on my jaw, flu-like, loose appetite, night sweat but i dont go for check up because im confuse i dont know what to do, i think of my family, friends, my studies that i want to give up because of this.. Guys, please help me.. by just email me at pls_helpme2003@yahoo.com THANKS GUYS..

Dec 9, 2003
location: California, USA

I met a man that was HIV+ and did not tell me. I was lucky because I have tested negative. I was really mad at first, but I now consider this to be a wake up call for me. HIV/AIDs was not real to me. I honestly believed that if a man said he was negative, that it was true. I have since learned that I will not put myself in this situation again. I believe there are probably alot of people in this world who don't believe it to be real. I think there should be more education, the public should see more faces and here stories from people who are living with this virus, and it might wake everyone up.

Dec 9, 2003
location: Minnesota, USA

I messed up bad. I cheated on my girlfriend. It was the most stupid thing i could have ever done. I realized after this scare how much i truly do love her but No matter how much I want to take back this terriable thing I can't. I will get tested in a few weeks. I have had flu like syptoms that is why I am so scared. Why is people always do stupid things when they neglect to see what a special thing they have right in their face, but they just let it go anyway. I pray for myself and my girlfriend and for anything going through what i am going through at this time. Wish me luck.

Thu Dec 11, 2003
location: Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Hi everyone I am from Birmingham Alabama, I am HIV positive since Jan. 2003. When I Found out I was devastated the doctors office just called me on my cell phone and told me the results. I was told when I took the test, they would call me to come back in for the results. I know now since I was positive they just did not want to risk having me near them. They refered me to UAB. But I had real sorry health insurance not really worth what I Was paying , now what? Thank God for our local health dept. and our county hospital,and our local aids org,. I was real sick I had alot of infections,nausea,diarrhea,thurush,rashs,night sweats, fever,fatigue, and depression. I really felt like I was going to die soon I am fourty three yrs. old. I was just in the middle of my life. I had been in restaurant management for 10 years I was planning on opening my own restaurant my dreams were finally going to come true but not now. Because when my blood work came back I had a viral load of 750,000, and I only had 54 t cd4 cells left,and I Also had liver disease. NOW WHAT DO I DO ? I quit my job, I applied for social sercuity, after all I had worked all my life since I was 16. Well I am still waiting on social security,since Feb 2003, I was turned down, so now I have a lawyer. Its not like I am going to be around till I am 65, God willing I just live one day at a time and I think God for each day I am here alive. HAART AND GOD have taken me along way since then.My viral load is 74 and my cd4 cells are now 364.Now I face discrimanation from all areas of my life, my step dauaghter has told everyone I am hiv positive,people are afraid to get around me.You can't get this hiv from casual contact. If you are at risk get tested knowlege is power with this disease. The longer you wait the less likely haart can help you. And please don't share needles or have un protected sex cause if this can happen to me it can also happen to you. God bless everyone !! If you know someone who is hiv positive, please give them a hug cause you want get it from casual contact. Maybe one day we will have a cure for this terriable disease.

Dec 15, 2003
location: India

I am from india.I am proud of my culture.One man to One woman is always the best.
I am not criticising American culture or whatever. When one want to have sex, think about it first...minutes of pleasure or eternal hell..
When I was in my university I had 2 occasions where I was seduced by women.But by the grace of my Lord Jesus,I escaped.
No one thinks about the aftermath of sleeping with a stranger. Why not keep your virginity as a gift till your marriage and gift it to the your life partner.?
Why at your young age focus on your education and growth instead of thinking of sex?
Wait till your marriage,Be religious,have good thinkings,good habits...
I am regular to the church but i dont see the young people there..
If you are on a date do it ..nothing wrong Dont have sex..Instead understand each other.IF youu like the person then get maried then have sex...Some of my thoughts may be fine..But this is how you can avoid theses dangers..

Dec 18, 2003
location: Arkansas, USA

Hi, I am not hiv positive but i wanted to share my words, i have a beautiful daughter who is four months when i got pregnant my biggest fear was going and getting tested for hiv, but i knew i had to do it, the test was nothing but the wait was unbarable, my daughters father cheated on me the whole time we were together and i knew it, yet we always had unprotected sex, when i ended un getting pregnant i stopped seeing him and when i went to the doctor i prepared myself for the worse, see i knew my boyfriend had herpes so i knew i would have some kind of bad news from the doctor, after i went to the doctor i got a call about five days later saying i had chlamydia, but i was happy because it was curable and it wasn't hiv or herpes, I feel God gave me chance because of my daughter, after that i haven't dated anyone or slept with anyone but i know that when i do the first we do is go and get tested, i'm still scared to get tested, i don't know why. Sex is not worth the dangers it can bring or the stress of thinking you can get aids, please be careful and never think it cannot happen to you.

Tue Dec 23, 2003
location: Singapore

I am a hetrosexual male too. A few weeks ago, due to some frustration at work, i went to a massage parlour with a friend and the message centre offers special service. I did wear a condom during the sexual intercourse, but not sure whether it breaks or not. However, if it breaks, the pro will surely know because she is experienced. After this encounter, I regreted for my action terribly. I had a HIV scare before because of unprotected sex. But everything came out alright for me at that time. Now, I actually commit the same type of mistake again! I feel so guilty and shameful of myself... and that i have let my parents down. I searched for consolation and love in the wrong way, and now i just feel that i might have contracted which i hope not, the deadly virus. I look for help everywhere, on the internet which is full of different opinions, through my friends which i can find none, and finally i realise that it is only time that can tell me the answer. A few minutes of sexual enjoyment in exchange with many months of worrying and regretfulness, and worse still a whole life of shame, guilt, illness that can accompany me. Worth it? I would say no. I don't know why, symptons such as muscle aches, joint pains, growths, swollen lymphs. they are so irritating. I wonder who is the idiot who brought the virus to the human race... but i guess i am just looking for someone to blame now. I should blame only myself.

Tue Dec 30, 2003
location: Miami

Dear Strong Survivors:
My name is A. Nash and I am an Account Coordinator for Media Relations for Sonshine Communications. On February 7, 2004 we, along with the Center for Disease Control and Concerned Black Men of Philadelphia, will be hosting National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. This year, the event's theme is "Tell the Story."
We are looking for people to tell their story and experience about HIV/AIDS in order to help other African-Americans get educated, get tested, and get involved with HIV/AIDS.
Please respond as soon as you can to the following email or call. Thank you and with your help we can begin conquering this disease.
A. Nash
Account Coordinator for Media Relations
T: 305-948-8063

Wed Dec 31, 2003

Hi everybody
My name is Nick. I am HIV+. I am heterosexual. I am looking for Australia sites for HIV positive people, where I can contact other people and email them. I have adresses of 2 sites for dating: pozmatch.com , positivesingles.com but they both are american, I found friends there but i need Australian. Someone adviced me to try www.positivewomen.au but I could not find anything there.
Please maybe you will help me and write me the adress of such Australian site.
Please if you can, help me.
Thank you very much.


Wed Dec 31, 2003
locatio: India

Well first of i would like to thank you for providing such precious information, and for your deeds against the deadly aids. motivated from the facts i too wanna do somethiing for the victims of these deadly disease and wanna join the army which is fighting for such nobel cause. So please do me a favour so that i can meet the victims of hiv and try to share their pains, i'll be really greatfull to you for the favour
yours truly
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