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Tue Jan 13, 2004
location : Washington D.C, USA

I went through a lot of the same things I'm reading. 13 months ago my boyfriend of three years got a positive HIV test. I immediately was tested and have kept being tested and by the grace of GOD it has been negative. We did have safe sex after his diagnosis, but it is very scary even with a condom. I love this man and he(we) kow exactly where he contracted it from, his ex-wife. I could never be one to turn my back or treat anyone different because they have HIV. So I just wanna say to all those "positive" people, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP"

Wed Jan 14, 2004
location : England

I moved to norfolk from reading 7 years ago, the same year i moved here my mother left us for a another man, i havent seen or spoken to her from her choice since she left, i lost somebody i loved then, last year my grandad i was very close to became serverly ill and died of lung cancer, and he never smoked once in his life...i lost another person i loved.
i am only 15 and i have been in love with a girl for about 3 years now, not yet have i been in a relationship with her, we have been best friends since i met her she is 14 and is the most caring beautifull person i have ever met, recently she has told me she has been ill and has spent alot of time in hospital and a week ago she told me she had blood test.
last night over the internet she told me she has got HIV, i was shocked and didnt know what to say about that so the subject changed shortly, all i could do was cry, and cry even more.
i am not sure if she was told that she had hiv from the blood test results or if she knew she had hiv a while ago...all i am worried about is loseing another person i love...
and hiv to a innocent young 14 year old girl well that is just evil hiv is evil.

Wed Jan 21, 2004

I just got tested for HIV/AIDS last week and I am really nervous. So many things are going through my mind. I will not get the results for 6 more days. And each day I am already preparing for ways to tell my family.
I am so nervous, I am just writing this because I feel so alone. I wanted to get tested becase two years ago I was raped. I was raped by a man who was known to sleep with MANY women. What makes things worse is that the day after they tested my blood for HIV/ AIDs I went on a date and and this quy forced himself on me without protection. I managed to push him off before he fully ejaculated but I am still very much at risk, right?
Anyway I have to go through the fear of next weeks results and testing again for that incident.Forgive me, I now that so many of you have serious stories.

Wed Jan 21, 2004
location : Tanzania

I have learnt from reading from the positive stories website that suferers of HIV/AIDS should not be allowed to go to the grave with their stories untold, They should be given a chance, like they have been given on this website to tell their stories and have them assist in the fight against this venomous disease.
I would like to publish " half a decade diary of a suferer from HIV/AIDS." Can you put me in contact with possible publishers who will be interested in publishing it? The suferer would like to use the money earned from sales to support his children who will be orphaned after his imminent death. You know it is next to impossible to publish a book in English in this part of Africa and most publishers are very dishonest.

Wed Jan 28, 2004
location : San Diego, USA

My husband got in trouble for getting steroids for his clients that have hiv and aids(beleive me he has learned his lesson no to do this again!) now we need to find research to explain why hiv/aid patients buy steroids from the border and present this to the d.a.'s office. Can anyone help me or refer me to books, websites, personal stories, etc..?
Worried Wife

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