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Fri Feb 6, 2004
location : Texas

Well i am sitting here on a thursday night scared to death. About a week ago i had unprotected sex with a guy i had met only twice. I told him no since we didnt have a condom and i was scared of HIV but he kept pressuring me, finally i gave up b/c no wasnt working. I was scared in my mind b/c after my last HIV test i promised God i wouldnt have sex unprotected anymore. Well it seems like i messed up agian. I havent been able to sleep b/c i am so worried. I know that the window period id 3 months long, i dont know how i can wait that long. I should be a happy go lucky college student but instead i cant concentrate on anything but if i am infected with HIV. My advice to any body out there is please practice safe sex, and never let anyone pressure you to do anything you dont want to. I dont know how i am going to make it through these next 12 weeks, i feel as though i might go insane. I just keep praying to God that it will be negative. I dont know how i would tell my parents who think i am there little angel daughter who does no wrong, i would never want to dissapoint. So now I am living in my own lonely prison for the next 3 months due to the fact that i was stupid.
I never want anyone to have to go through what i am going through right now.

Sun Feb 8, 2004
location : Sydney, Australia

I am just trying to track down any members of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) or the Global Treatment Action Campaign (GTAC) or any other African AIDS-based group in Australia, preferrably in Sydney. I have just returned from Africa and am keen to establish communication with them. If anbody knows of anyone, their contact details would be most appreciated - you can email them to me

Wed Feb 18, 2004
location : Nevada, USA

Hi everyone,
I am not sure if I AIDS but I have been very ill lately. A mouth ago my ex wanted to have sex with me. I was trying to get info about her but she told me she has only have had sex with 2 people. I had trusted her so I went and had sex with her and when I was having sex with her the condom broke and I did not know about it. So a week ago my ex cheated on me with my best friend and after we broke up she told me that she has had sex with over 10 guys and that she had AIDS. Now I am worried that I might have AIDS and I want to go get tested but I don‚t want my mom to come and if I do have aids she would be stressing all the time. If I want to go to the doctors I have to have some one 18 or older and I don‚t know what to do and I am afraid that I might have aids and I don't know what to do well I have to go late.

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Thu Feb 19 2004
location : Australia

I am a 22 year old gay male who engaged in unprotected sex with 2 guys about 2 months ago and i have been living a daily living hell ever since.Having this constant worry and anxiety about possibly being infected with HIV is almost unbearable.The situation invovled drugs and straight away afterwards i starting slipping into depression and being anxiety ridden.
I have become quite paranoid about symptoms and so forth that im checking myself constantly for the slightlest thing that seems abnormal or a HIV symptom.
I found a gland sticking out in the back of my neck and immediatley panicked and went to the doctor straight away.The doctor said the gland was normal and for me not worry about it.I have since found another gland sticking out in my groin and this starting the panick again.I went straight back to the doctor and he checked telling me not to worry and that the gland is totally normal.Im still extremely concerned with these glands though.
Im still in the 13 week window period and it has been the worst 2.5 months of my life.A living nightmare and having no one to talk to about it makes it so much worse.
Having read others experiences as well gives me a little bit of a relief that im not the only one going through this nightmare.
Having found this site has been a blessing that i can read others experiences and know that there are others in the world who are in the same situation as myself.
Thank you to everyone for sharing there experiences it had a very positive effect on my current state of mind.
God bless you all!

Sun Feb 22, 2004
location : Florida, USA

Hi, I'm a 14 year old female and turning 15 on July 18th 2004. I 'm scared, real scared because I had unprotected sex with my partner, that isn't the worst part because he doesn't have HIV or AIDS and neither do I, but I had my period when we had unprotected sex and he ejaculated insideof me.That's my concern I'm so worried..........I can't get tested because my mother doesn't let me go out with friends or anything and I can't tell her to go with me because then she'll find out that I'm not a virgin anymore, the only way to get tested is by skipping school but I don't want to do something stupid like that so if anyone can help me, I'm begging for someone to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you can get HIV or create HIV by doing what me & my partner did, please!!!!HELP ME!!! Or let me kno what I can do. Oh my god please...I didn't think about it when he told me if he could ejaculate inside me..............PLEASE

Tue Feb 24, 2004
location : South Africa

I am an HIV+ women, I was tested positive 4 years ago and I'm living a very normal life and I'm very happily married to a HIV- man. we've been married for two years and life has never been so exciting. The problem is I wanna have a baby and I just need some advice on how to go about, being positive and my husband negetive. we are having safe intercourse, and I was wondering about artificial insemination, and the 99% chance that if I do get pregnant my baby will be negetive , I've heard of the nevirpine drug taken by pregnant women before they go into labour. Can anyone help me with advice.

Wed Feb 25, 2004
location : concord nc

hi everyone, i will call myself rece
i just want to say that i am negative but my fiance is positive he got it from his baby mother, she got it when she was about 17 while she was infected she went around having sex with different guys to see how many she could infect. she had a daughter who wasnt infected then she met my fiance and she became pregnant after telling him she couldnt get pregnant he was only 17 also when they met well she was 23 and he was 17 but anyway she infected him. he left her because she was cheating on him and we got together only to find out 2 years later she was sick, she was telling everyone that she had cancer but in reality she had aids and didnt care who she hurt. well she died dec. 2002. and they told us to get checked we did and he was devastated with the out come, now he is laid off from a large textile company and drawing unemployment he gets sick alot and has no insurance what can he do to get medical help? he signed up for medicade and it has been 6 months and he still hasnt gotten a responds please help me to help him he wont ask for help but if it helps him i will ask everyone i meet as long as he lives so i can share my happiness with him and our kids. my story could go on for days but this will be all for now.for all of you who knows the word of prayer please pray that we grow stronger in the lord thanks for listening i think i need someone to talk to thanks again

Thu Feb 26, 2004
location : San Antonio

I know that most of you that send and tell your stories about your personal life its not easy i just want to let all of you know that you are very strong just by sharing your story and let evryone know that its hard to be in your situations but always remember that GOD is there with youll and be strong and one more thing send more stories so other people would know and take these serious If i would have the money i personally would help you GOD bless all of you.

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Thu Feb 26, 2004
location : Germany

I'm a 34 gay male living in France. I was infected in February 2002. 2 years ago, after practicing oral sex. I was not aware that this was so risky. The risk is perhaps minor, but it's there - I'm the proof of it.
I was diagnosed in september 2003 and it was an enormous schock. I decided to continue my life and to be happy. Every crisis is a chance. I don't believe this is the end of the road- nobody is immortal. To all people living with this disease: keep strong, keep optimistic, enjoy life. There is much hope for all of us and better treatments are around the corner.
Love to all

Wed March 3, 2004
location : Adelaide, Australia

I am a 28yo guy who has had hiv for 9 years. My partner died 5 years ago. I am very
isolated and depressed alot of the time and constantly thinking about suicide.
I don't have anyone at all to talk to(Not that I want to talk about gloom and doom all
the time) If anyone could offer support and an understanding ear it would be greatly
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Sat March 6, 2004
location : Memphis, USA.

I was 21 yrs old. I have been dating this guy for 8yrs. I got pregnat . I was diagnose with HIV. I have been doing great. This is not my battle its the Lord. I am now 24yrs old. The devil is defeated. I say to you , do not give up , tell the devil he is a liar. Prayer is the answer. I was mad, upset. I could not cry because I had so much hatterd and anger in me. I have accepted me the way I am. God did not bring me this for to leave me. The road is not easy but, I know he cares. My son is fine . I would give my life so, he want have to go through what I went through. God has not forgotten. I am a living , walking testament .

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Sun March 7, 2004
location : Ohio, USA

I am a 28 year old single mother of 2. I recently took an HIV test and I am scared to death of the results. See the truth is Im almost certain my results are going to be that I am positive. Ive made alot of bad choices in my life. I started having sex at a young age. To me, having sex made me feel important or loved, at the moment I was having sex, I felt like I meant something to someone even if I was just being used for sex. If my results come back as I feel they would, I dont know what Im going to do. I always said if I ever get AIDS I'll just kill myself, or do something even worse. I am so scared I dont know what to do. Ive had sex with over 40 different men and I NEVER enjoyed it. Not even once. And now to be sitting here possibly HIV positive, man.....it sure wasn't worth it I hate myself so much. And Im so lonely and so alone. I dont think I can handle this by myself. I have no family and no friends. Its just me and my 2 kids. If I die, whats gonna happen to them. This is absolutely killing me. to whoever might be reading this, PLEASE be careful, protect yourself or better yet DONT HAVE SEX. It aint worth it!!!!!! Im sorta glad I did get tested though, at least now I'll know for sure and If I dont decide to kill myself, then I can start some sort of treatment. Im so confused Im so lonely and Im so very depressed. PLEASE GOD....HELP ME!!!!!!! PLEASE PROTECT YOURSELF.

Tue March 9, 2004
location : Woodend

Hi there,
Talk needs to be about finding the very simplest and yet effective chemical agents in preference to expensive chemontherapies and life threatening traumas that dominate experience of HIV and AIDS sufferers and their families and loved ones. One of the obvious bottom lines is the economic strategies of companies and countries. Their battleground favours the mighty dollar and the relief of the irretrievable darkness in pain via wastage, personly, socially and economicly.
What then of a preventative and curate measure used by the people of Laos? Did I hear it right, that the women practice use of a small bit of lime or of a lemon to safeguard themselves, their partners and children, even helping as a birth-control measure?!!!
Great in simplicity.
A ray of light.
Who was the author of the research into the practice in Laos?
Best wishes,

The information about Lemons and AIDS can be found here www.aids.net.au/lemons-intro.htm

- Sorry to readers, Email provided does not work.

Thu March 11, 2004
location : woodend

Dear All,
I wish to thank everyone here on the site for their courage and strength to be able to share all of your amazing life stories with other people. Continue to believe in the Power of Prayer and I know for sure that God is hearing you right now.
PS: Take care and May God Always Be With You. Selah.
Kind Regards,

Sat March 20, 2004
location : Qld Australia

I am doing study in the area of palliative care and am especially interested in people with AIDS.
My latest study is to do with a scenario where the partner of a person with aids is smothering him. The PWA does not believe he is going to die and feels that he has no identity anymore. He wants the carer who is showering him to speak with his partner.
I am interested to know how others reading this would approach this situation. I would really ove feedback in this area.
Palliative care is an area I am intersted in pursuing and HIV=AIDs patients are my chosen direction. If you can help me here please reply. Love to hear from you.

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