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Sun March 21, 2004

Why do people have premarital sex? God doesn't want us as humans to have sex before marriage! He says in 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 "Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have recieved from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body." That price that you were bought with is the death of Jesus Christ. He died for you so that if you except him into your heart as your Lord and Saviour, you can have eternal life in heaven after you die. Then there is no reason to fear if you are HIv+ because you will know that if you die, you are going to a place far better than anything anyone can imagine. Also it says in 1 Corinthians 10:8 when talking about Israel's history, "We should not commit sexual immorality, as some, of them did--and in one day twenty-three thousand of them died." This can happen today, too. Don't be one of these people who die from having sex with an HIV+ person and getting the disease. It's not worth the risk.

Thu Mar 25, 2004
location : Kenya

Hi All
You know there's something I just found out that's sad. really sad. The life expectancy can be very large and I don't think anybody ever thought of the children who are born positive and have good nutrition. We are coming to discover that they can live upto 18 year. So we have persons over 18 born in mid 80 s who were born positive and have lived with the visrus all their lives and are just starting to get sick. This is in the richer areas of town. We have a number of cases.
The reason the poor areas have such a high death rate is coz of nutrition. Therefore anybody who eats at least once a day may not even have symptoms.
I just wanted to share this with you because it shocked me. Please get your children tested before they marry, whether they are virgins or not.
God bless.

Fri Mar 26, 2004
location : Alabama, USA

My name is nicole and I am 20 years old I have two kids a 2 ye ar old and a 5 year old. I am HIV postive. LUCKLY I've only had it for a year so my kids don't have it.I have a little boy Damonjr, 5 and diamond, 2. I got HIV from my husband so now we are both living with it. I didn't know he was infected untill I got it. I had both of my kids tested they didn't have so we are glad. I can't have anymore kids so. My husband has got real sick I don't think he will be around much longer and I don't know what to do.

Fri Mar 26, 2004
location : USA

I am also considering myself on of those, who might have the carrier of HIV/Aids. I met with a girl (only 21 old) and we did unprotect sex after this she exposed to me that she had HIV/AIDS. I was shocked and too much depressed in next two to three weeks.
My family doctor also diagnosed that now I am also a Aids patient. But I keep struggle against it and after 6 month, finally I took my first HIV Test and likely found it negative. I am so thankful to my merciful GOD.
Now I will perform second test after few days and if I survived then I will disclose the way, where my life became protected.
Conclusion! This is not a self-created story, I am telling a truth which I faced. Stay with me and pray for me.....
GOD bless you

Fri Apr 2, 2004
location : Dallas, Texas, USA

age: 30
sex: gay male
I am SO scared right now. This afternoon I found out that a guy friend that I had a sexual relation with was tested HIV+. I've only had a ONE-time sexual encounter with him which was 2 weeks ago. We were both drunk and engaged in unprotected sex. My immediate reaction to the news is to get tested for HIV as soon as possible. Then I found out that it could take up to 3 months before an accurate test can be performed. This is only my second week and it's driving me crazy. How am I going to tell my family about my HIV status if I get a positive result? Should I even tell them or should i just keep it to myself? Then flashes of my 4 and 6 yo nephews comes to my mind. Since, I'm a gay man, I cannot have kids of my own....so I treated my nephews as my own kids. My brother-in-law is very paranoid about AIDS and I know if I ever become HIV+...he will never let me near his kids again....AND THAT JUST BREAKS MY HEART! I am a good person inside and out, but just for a STUPID, VERY STUPID lack of judgement, i will ruin everything that is good in my life. I've been praying to GOD a lot lately. I know i am asking a lot by praying to HIM about sparing me from the disease, but I am not optimistic.
I am wondering how many people here got infected with HIV/AIDS from a one time sexual encounter? I have read in a San Francisco study that the odds of contracting HIV/AIDS by an uninfected man with a HIV+ man is 1 of 120 (i thinking that's on a one time sexual encounter). I'm wishing that I would be part of that 119 lucky people who doesn't get it.....but i'm not very hopeful. As you can see, I'm still somewhat in denial, but I should prepare myself for the worst news to come. PLEASE, anyone who had a close call, contact me and share your stories. I need to know that there's still a glimer of hope out there.
Recent news:
I'm getting tested tomorrow just to ease my mind. Two month and and 2 weeks from now, i'm going for another test....then 6mos. i will notify you guys with my progress. Please pray for me....Thanks

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Mon April 5, 2004
location : Melbourne, Australia

Well where does one start...I am a Hiv- Gay guy living in Melbourne Australia and i have met the best thing thats come into my life for years......
He is kind,sweet,cute and well everything i been looking for in life and he is hiv+ i would like to get in contact with people in the same situation and have a chat as to understand a little more from those in the know so to speak...
Anyone able to help with a chat feel free to email me on the email address provided..
Take care and hope i hear back really soon
From Zach

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Thu Apr 8, 2004
location : Bahamas

what medications taken causes a false positive hiv result?

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Tue Apr 13, 2004
location : New Jersey, USA

hi, everyone who assists or will assists my opinion about hiv/aids. i am just someone who is trying to help. As i was reading what someone had sent and said that God is able to help. My concern is that, God is the result for everything, no matter what is might be. And, therefore He sent His only son Jesus to die for our sin. Jesus is the key of everything , every illnesses, every problem. impossible things become possible.believe in God and everything is coming.He is the only one who can do something for you.no one else.Jesus woke people who have died for long long time to life.but, you have got to remain holly with Him. He loves you, He wants you to be his. He does not want anything to happen to you. Let me tell you something right my brothers and sisters, Jesus-Christ loves you so so much, more than your own mother, and , your father does.the real love is come frome Him , no one else on this Earth. Jesus can heal you now , right now .do't you belief that , it's real and true.hiv does not have curefrom human being. Only One is capable of healing yoou is Jesus. please, do not forget not to go back to your sins after blessing,m if not , you will be screwed up for life.

Tue Apr 13, 2004
location : San Jose

If someone does not tell you that they have HIV or AIDS and they expose it to you by having sex with you. There is a law called "willful exposure" they can be prosecuted for this. Most states even have harsher laws. Hope this helps someone out there.

Thu Apr 15, 2004
location : Illinois, USA

I am a 26 year old African-American woman who is terrified of the prospect of having HIV. I am college educated, attractive, caring and outgoing. I have, however, made poor choices in my life. I have always lived in denial about my promiscuity. I can no longer live in denial. I have had 21 partners and since the age of 19 I have not been tested for HIV. Recently I have applied for commission as an officer in the Navy. The commission process requires a battery of medical tests, including an HIV test. I have always had doubts in my mind regarding my HIV status, but I always put those doubts in the back of mind. Now that my results are pending I am an emotional wreck. I have experienced sudden crying outbursts. The uncertainty is literally eating me alive. I have prayed to the Lord that he will be merciful upon me and that my test results will come back negative. But, I also have to be realistic. I could be HIV positive. I should know my results sometime next week. Please pray for me.

Thu Apr 16, 2004
location : Jesup

This isnt a story telling you about my struggle with this battle so many of you are fighting. This is simply an invitation, if you will, to reassure & made known that there ARE people, like myself, who are passionate about helping, healing, & FINDING A CURE. I am 17 yrs. old, & a rising senior at Wayne county high in Georgia. I'm not sure why or how I developed such a desire to be educated & reach out to those in need dealing with HIV/AIDS but I have. It was like a almost 8 months ago, I woke up one morning and I just knew what my purpose in life was. Many people thrive off of ignorance, giving blame to unesscary cases in order to cast down their guilt or misunderstandings. Those people no one can do anything about. I know that in my own life people who only see what they chose to tend to bring me down and I want everyone to know that HIV/AIDS, although many have "diagnosed" their own reasons takes innocent lives without discrimination. I dont know what exactly I am trying to say other than I WANT TO HELP!!!! I want to help educate, support, whatever in fighting this battle! I am soooooooooo passionate about this anybody that will let me help or knows of a way I can make a difference PLEASE contact me! THANKS

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Tuesday Apr 20, 2004
location : Seattle


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Tuesday Apr 27, 2004
location : Milwaukee, USA

I have always known about Hiv and aids and I was so relieved that my best friend never caught it. I had a friend who was sexually active and she was so young. We met when I was only 10 she was 12 and she told me about everyone she slept with. By the time I turned 13 she had slept with everybody that was at least 5 to 7 years older than her. I concerned me but she act as if she didn't care. I honestly don't know if she was tested or not but she now have a 4 year old daughter and she has her own house with a new boyfriend. Overall I think the accurate number she has slept with is over 60 boys including when she moves to arkansas. It also have been times when she didn't use protection so asd of right now I am praying for her and hope she's ok I haven't seen her in a while and I don't know how she is.

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