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Tue May 4, 2004
location : Australia

Hi i was wanderin if you can catch hiv/aids by having unprotected sex while like having a cut on the vagina???

Yes, HIV can be transmitted this way if your partner if HIV+.
Contact a doctor or councillor if you are concerned.
Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Thu May 6, 2004
location : USA

My ant she left to another country then when her housbin whent to the doctor she found out that he had aids. She was tiruifide. Then she went to the doctor for a chek up. Thank god she douse not have any thing.

Thu May 6, 2004
location : Brooklyn, NY, USA

I was moved by all of these stories. I just wanted to say that recently my friends sister passed away from the HIV virus. She was 15 years old when she got it from unprotected sex. She died at the age of 25. Getting this virus is no joke at all. There is not yet a cure forit because we live in a world where we can come about a man made disease but not find a cure for it. Please protect yourselves. If you are engaging in sexual activity and if you are thinking about having sex make the right choice.
Don't let anyone pressure you into having sex if you don't trust them get tested.
And if you are not HIV positive (which I am not but am an activist) praise GOD every day that you arent' and don't put yourself in that predicament
R.I.P all who passed from H.I.V

Email Author

Thu May 6, 2004
location : PA, USA

Hi i had to do report about HIV and AIds and i feel bad cause all the woman that have it are going to die sooner then they were post to so just to tell you i love you all out there that have HIV or AIDS so just to tell you i like to see people in the hopsilty taking the test 4 it well g2g love you all.

Wed May 12, 2004
location : Canada

Hey My name's Jessica.
In the last few months I've seriously comtemplated why I ever had unprotected sex or why I did such a stupid thing in having sex in the first place. Lately though it's been scaring the hell out of me because what if I have something?... It's been 8 months and I really haven't shown signs of anything at all, but now that I have a guy in my life that I really care about I feel like I owe it to him to get tested. I'm really scared, I don't want to ruin his life or my life or my familys by telling them im positive for AIDS/HIV. I feel like I need support from some unseen reader out there who can just help me out and gimme a shoulder to lean on.
I dunno if I have anything, in many ways I don't think I do, but I'm still scared cuz I'm going to take the test. And that's the hardest part. So for all you who believe in God, pray to him that he'll save this 18yr olds life and keep her disease free.
Thanks for reading,
God Bless

Email Author

Wed May 12, 2004
location : Argintina

Hi, my name is Javier. I am really depressed right now, mainly because I believe I have HIV. I am a senior in high school, and with the colleges application and the idea of having HIV really depress me to a point where death is becoming an option. Even though I did not get tested I am assuming I have HIV since I am experiencing couple of symptoms such as fatigue, rash on my skins, and headaches, and etc. Two month ago, I made the worst mistake in my life, I had sex with a girl who was HIV positive. I was'n really aware of it until the next day. Even though I had protected sex, my condom broke and I did not realize it until I had ejaculated. I am planning to get tested in a month or so, since it takes three month for the HIV to be noticeable. However I am very concerned on how will this illness affect my everyday life? Am I still going to be able to go to college? will I be able to play sport even though I am very fatigued? Am I going to be able to get a job even though I am HIV positive? Please I need some advice on how should I get tested? and how the medication are going to cost? since I am in the lower middle class, I would like to know if there are a cheaper way to get those medications. Please I need your support, and thak you for the website which is really helping me with my depression. sincerely javier.

Email Author

Friday May 14, 2004
location : lagos, Nigeria

we are surulere progressive youth movement (spymo), we are organising a youth conference on hiv -aids.we neede your support on advise and materials there is local government in nigeria called surulere local government we are under them and also registered under them, we are waiting for your reply very soon .

Friday May 14, 2004
location : South Africa

Hi, my name is Busi im 24yrs old and live in Johannesburg. I would like to thank u for this informative and educational site. These stories of love,life and loss are a work of inspiration. I feel tremandous pain at those who hav lost their loved ones. I hav lost two family members to the terrible, life threatening desease, i know what it feels like to watch someone u love, drift away from the real world, all u can do is Pray, for prayer reaches every where.
This is my first letter, hopefully, i will write again and tell u about my HIV status, when im ready to hav the test, right now im scared to even think about it, im not in a relationship and would like to keep it that way until i know my status. May God bless u. All our doctors, care workers, home based care givers and families affaected and infected, lets all hold hands and pray for guidance,tolerance and advanced medical facilities especially in developing countries.

Thursday May 20, 2004
location : California

I work with HIV positive people everyday. It amazes me that so many people write to this site and have little or no knowledge of transmission, treatment or prevention. I am a counselor. Please feel free to contact me with questions. I will answer honestly, refer to other proffesionals if I do not know something, and above all, encourage you to get tested, have protected sex, always, and stop depending on prayer. God didn't make this disease, god isn't going to find a cure. People have to fight for the government to do more research until a cure is found. Bush needs to get out of office because he is cutting funding to HIV/AIDS programs. He needs to leave his personal agenda out of his politics. Seperate the church from the state. We need a CURE, not a bunch of religious mumbo jumbo illiterate stupid double talk!!

Email Shelly

Dear Shelley,
I will add your post to the site on the weekend but l thank you for
your comments. On a personal note, yes it also concerns me how many
people write to this site and have little knowledge and l have always
found it concerning how many teens in the US have not been educated in
regards to HIV.
The biggest downside of this site is that it just collects the stories as
l am in no way qualified to council or advise people but l have always tried
to point them to a site (such as the body or avert), where they can find out
further information. Sometimes l become a researcher, trying to direct them
to places of information.
I am currently working on a new section for the site, four quizes which will
address many of the issues you raise. It was funded by a small grant and l hired a researcher to write the material. It should be up on the site by August at the latest. Other than that, the FAQ section tried to address the
main questions coming in.
It seems that many people live in complete fear of being tested.
Once again, thank-you for visiting the site and adding your comments, they will be added with your Email link.

Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Thursday May 27, 2004
location : Birmingham, AL

Hello my name is peaches an i'm writing to tell you all who is suffering from aids to hold on and just believe in the most higher one and know he's always there when you need him. Just call on him and ask him for your forgiveness and believe.

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