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Fri Jun 11, 2004
location : Thailand

Anyone !!!!
Please advice me and reply me for any progress/news in USA of vaccine to cure infected person.
I wrote this mail for some reason to ask many specialists. (My english language not so good. I must apologize to you firstly).
I'm a man that scare the HIV infection. My feeling seem like : I'm falling into the hell. I'm touching a dead. I'm very scare !!!). I still scared til now becasue I'm not sure. !!! Cause of last 2 weeks I have to sex with prostitute (I wear a condom.) My finger was broke from a door but still use a finger. !!! I was forgot to check my finger before.
Anyway, After I read a news in Thailand. They notified into a newspaper / homepage that May be specialists of " Standford university " can get results and ways to cure / heal infected persons. (Refer to specialist: Dr.Thomas Merigan, MD)
In Thailand, My government said that the HIV infection have been decreasing. But,
The actually, We have much more infected persons ---> Still increasing !!!!!!
" Remune is one of all vaccine types to rise up the CD4 and decrease the virus load level ". Infected persons in Thailand said that Why our government do not agree to allow this vaccine to use here ?. In a while, Goverment of many countries can allowed to use it.
Finally, The undevelopment country / The poor country / Free sex place as everyone called like this-Still wait and wait for high technologies from USA.
Infected person in Thailand was HIV from prostitute. Not so much from gay.
Wife was got the HIV from husband. / Children was born from infected mother
and normal ways. I'm terrible from these cases.
Nobody know, Nobody can predict when we can cure infected persons ?
(Someone said the good news can reach in the first of year 2005 from USA.)
If you have any updated news of HIV. Please help us to post to http://www.aidsthai.org
I will try to forward to many HIV solution websites in Thailand.

Fri Jun 18, 2004
location : New York

Hi everyone. I have been reading everyone's stories and feel a little better knowing that I am not the only one going through the waiting period of hell. 2 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a guy that I don't really know that well. I haven't been able to sleep since. I dunno what to do. He got tested and it came back negative but I dunno what he has done in the last six months. I am in the process of PCR testing. My first result came back negative but I still have another 2 weeks to know for sure. I really wish that there was someone I could talk to about this. I must be showing signs of worry cause everyone keeps asking if I am ok. Every night I have to cry myself to sleep just thinking about how stupid I was to want to have sex. Sex is not worth this. I wish I could go back and erase what I have done but that is not possible. I wish I would have known about the PEP but after what happened I was too scared to think of anything and just shut myself down. I pray to God that he is telling the truth and hasn't been with anyone since his ex. He keeps saying I have nothing to worry about which I hope he is right. I really hope he is telling the truth because if he is I have nothing to worry about. I wish there was someway to find out for sure if he is telling the truth. Then I can put my mind at rest. I have so much anxiety and guilt that I dunno what I would do if the test came back positive. I think about what would happen and I think about suicide. I have so much to look forward to but all I can think about is this one night. Dear GOD please help me...

Sat Jun 19, 2004
location : India

It is really sad to read that so many people are suffering from this death causing desease. I have attended many aids workshops through school and i have indeed learnt a lot.This is a request to all peolple-please DO NOT have unprotected sex.Today the person dieing could not be known to you, but 2moro it could be u so pls use contraseptives,do not act like a slut and have sex with 50 ppl and yes pls do spread this message 2 as many ppl as u can! HAVE SAFE SEX!!

Thu Jun 24, 2004
location : Manila, Philippines

interesting, full of trials and success

Thu Jun 24, 2004
location : Togo

Hi everybody, l am really shocked about the unfolding stories and l couldn´t imagine how great the extend has been. Last week l visited AIDS related sites and the question l asked myself is who are then those people carrying the virus. By such estimaton from the various sites then l think the world is at war with AIDS.Even l am not sure of my fate now. We are all at risk!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sat Jun 26, 2004

This is to Rodman from Dallas, TX. I am extremely sorry for all you have had to endure over the last month. My best friend died from AIDS at 21 in 2002 and he also contracted it from his 'friend/lover' also. It is highly illegal to not disclose this information to a sexual partner and morally wrong. I hope you pursue legal action because of the selfishness of this other person. Your life is just as important as anyone elses and who is this 'friend' to decide your fate for you. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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