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Sat Jul 10, 2004
location : London

To all you people out there. You have to realise that HIV/Aids is from god, It's a punishment for those that are having illegal sex, (sex before marriage, affairs, the lot, etc). In my opinion, if you are destined to get it you will no matter how many condoms you put on. We all need to appreciate that god exists, and that life is a gift from god. Being brought up in an islamic family, i have learnt to appreciate certain things about life. I believe i am so lucky to be here today! Be thankful to god for life and stop fooling around. take care!

Thu Jul 15, 2004
location : Pennsylvania State University

Hey, all you who have AIDS... I got great NEWS!! Jesus loves each and every one of you! Whether you believe in Him or not. I just wanted to post this message, not to critize the non-Christians, but to show the miracles of God that are happening in Africa. Uganda, previously a very bad country, was transformed because of the prayers of God's people and because of God's mercy and power. People, that had AIDS, got saved by accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior, and by God's power they have been miraculously cured of HIV and its symptoms. I am basing this off of reports from all around Uganda that people were cured of it because of God's power and because God answers the prayers of His children... I hope you will not say that I am telling a lie and do no research on it. I am just saying that there IS ONLY ONE CURE FOR AIDS, and the cure is JESUS CHRIST!

Sun Jul 18, 2004
location : Berkeley,CA USA

Hey everyone... i am a 16 yr. old girl who had unprotected sex w/ a male this past week and have been scared out of my mind and iam going carzy... i've been tested three times before since i have been sexually active and all test came back negitive... thank GOD I know he has been walking with me holding my hand all the way through.. and it honestly has taken a lot of courage to go back in everytime to get results and now that i look back i really didn't have too much to worry about but now i think i did it.... I promised myself and GOD that i would take care of myself if he just took care of me this time... i said it time after time and i really just lied to myself and to HIM. I asked my parner if he had any test done and he was sooo sure ..so i don't know..i keep asking hime but i just don't know... I am just terified and i've been crying the past few days but last night i relaized that GOD is with me and he will take care of me and he is the decision maker in this situation..i just hope he will walk me once again....to everyone out there GOD bless . and if anyone would like to talk to me ...i am really up to it... iam scared.. worried and lonely... help...I will update you

Mon Jul 19, 2004

i hope all the positive hiv/aids people out there to have faith and be strong. i wish all he best to you guys

Tue Jul 20, 2004
location : Australia

hi to all,
Firstly i do not have aids but sadly the girl of my dreams does.. She was raped although she is only a carrier at the moment we dont know when that could change i meet her online 6 months after the incident and fell in love i knew she felt the same way about me but couldnt understand what was holding her back after talking to her friend aswell and getting to know her better i found out she showered several times a day but always washed her hands me and her friend discussed this and i came to the conclusion she felt dirty so my first instinct was she had been raped i put this to her friend and it all made sence i then to a big risk knowing she had a secret from me and everyone else in her life i told her what ever it was that i would stand by her and so would her family she dissapeared for several days then came back online after some heated discussion she got her friend to come in the room and siad to me in front of her friend 'whats the worst thing a person could do to u' still following my instincts i said rape she then said thats only half of it i thought for a bit then remembering her reactions when we talked about fate i clicked so did her friend she then left the room her friend contacted her family and informed them .. i cryed for hours on end cause all i could think was my angel had fallen... i fell even more in love with her and to this day ive been trying to convince her i want to be with her i do and well she knows this but its to hard for her i know im winning i know ill make her happy i know i want to spend the rest of my life with her and i know i can do it ...
i have been studying aids and read into heaps about cures im lead to believe that there are several cases where doctors and sicientists have isolated several possible cures one being the promotion of t-cells in the body which attack the aids virus now there are several others but instead of trialing these or completing further testing these people have been shut down by the government...
thats right i now believe a cure could be found soon but why would they create a cure when they make billions of dollars a week on medications and treatments now this sickens me that they would let millions of innocent people die all because of money ... hey i may be wrong but seriously think about it .. u must understand i will do anything to be with this gurl even if it means loosing everything i have...

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Tue Jul 27, 2004
location : New York, USA

Hey y'all
This is a testing story. I've been through the torment of uncertainty and testing twice before but I haven't learned from my mistakes. I'm sometimes am convinced I am self destructive or totally lack control-in-the-moment. This will be my third time going through the motions of fear and uncertainty before finding out whether I am HIV positive or not. Currently, I am negative. However, I recently had a sexual partner whom I just found out from my doctor gave me gonohrrea and now I'm worried about what else he could've given me. Of course I know that the chances of transmission are relatively small, but I'm still freaking. I'm paranoid about health related things naturally so its to be expected but if anyone needs someone to talk to I'll be more than happy to hear from you. I've been contemplating going to an HIV/AIDs support group even though I'm not positive, but if anyone wants to email and we'll make each other chill out a bit and think of the bigger picture that would be awesome.

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Fri Jul 30, 2004
location : Scotland

My name is pete and i have been diagnosed pos for just over a year.I was taken in to hospital with what thought was a chest infection.I was diagnosed with advanced hiv,my cd4 count was 4, i had an extremly heavy viral load and i had pcp.I started treatment right away which i am glad to say i responded to remarkably well.My cd4 count is now 150 and my vl is undetectable.Though i have this illness i consider myself lucky to be on treatment,for when i see images on tv of people, esp.kids it breaks my heart to see them.The only problem i am encountering in this country is that all support services and organisations seem to be dedicated to helping gay men and women.It is hard to deal with as i feel like a minority within a minority. Where do we go to have our voice heard. If anybody else is experincing this problem please say.

Sun Aug 8, 2004
location : N.Y.C

I had read many stories and i can understand them all and life is so important no matter is you are hiv+ or hiv- just another beautiful day is a blessing. I pray for everybody i too can related to be alone has been an still is but in time i know that will change nothing never stay the same we just has to work at it a little more. People easy to judge an that when it come a problem, sometime we keep being hiv+ because we feel we not worthy of nobody love but we are.We dont wants other to look down on us but their no shame to let people know that we are hiv+ because all made mistake an our lives but sometime other made mistake towards us but we still alive an life always worth living and we need to have someone in our corneran if someone truly love they be with you no matter. The harder part is to say good by to our love one but still you know that they wants us to live on so we must do so.Everyday is a gift so so many wish that they can have just one more day. Think postive even when you know the day is bad.

Thu Aug 12, 2004

Hi, im a 17 year old female and ive been with two guys. Lately ive been hearing so many things about aids and hiv and how so many woman are contracting hiv from sexual partners that are on the "down low". A little while ago I found out my one partner was bi sexual and this made me really paranoid. I messed around with him one time and he actually just stuck it in and right back out one time we didnt even have sex all the way. I got tested this tuesday and now I have to wait for the results till next tuesday. Im so nervous there is so much I want to do with my life. I want to be succesful and have kids and a husband one day.I will diffently make better choices now.

Thu Aug 12, 2004
location : Ohio, USA

I got my test results today. I tested negative. I am so relieved.
Getting tested is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but I am glad I did it.
All of you should require HIV testing before you are intimate with anyone. If he/she won't get tested then he/she is not worth it. If you are going to have sex without testing, ALWAYS USE PROTECTION. If he won't wear a condom, it is not worth it.

Mon Aug 16, 2004
location : NYC

This site is great because i know someone with hiv. She got it hazardly through her job which is working with hiv positive people, she is strong and very optimistic but i know this site would help her so i passed it on to her.

Thursday Aug 19, 2004
location : USA

Dear Carolina, By telling our stories, we too are deepening the conversatioin about HIV/AIDS. The Global Storytelling Project was born at the Gay Spirit Culture Summit - an international convocation of men who are integrating their spirituality with other aspects of their lives, including their sexual orientation and HIV status.
It would be wonderful if some of your readers/visitors could join us in person for our HIV storytelling weekend.
Please add our site http://www.gayspiritculture.org to your list of resources.
Many thanks,

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