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Monday September 13, 2004
location : Zaire

I am 17 years old whom has many sexual partner i dont care if they are hiv postive because you know well as i you cant tell who has the sickness i dont havt time to worry about that so i been tested a few times what going to be will be . I love sex more than my self thats sad i know but i am sick.

Wed Octber 1, 2004
location : Portugal

Dear Sirs,
I co-ordinate a AIDS Prevention Distrital and governmental Association the "Comissão Distrital de Luta Contra a Sida de Viana do Castelo". We work AIDS prevention in the district of Viana do Castelo in the North of Portugal.
Our activities program to celebrate the world AIDS Day - 1 December is centrated in an exhibition of the materials ( condoms, posters, t-shirts,
postcards,...) that are used in campaigns all around the world.
I'm writing to you, to ask if you could kindly send us some of the free materials that are produced by your organisation.
Thank you in advance.
Best regards
Dr Luis Delgado
Comissão Distrital de Luta Contra a SIDA de Viana do Castelo
Rua de Caminha, 124
4900-468 Viana do Castelo
Phone. +351 258 807 240
Fax. +351 258 807 245

Email Author

Friday Octber 8, 2004
location : Houston, TX, USA

i am a 19 year old black female in college. In May, i had sex with a boy that i did not really know UNPROTECTED! i did NOT think about the dangers of HIV until after i had sex with him. i got chlamydia from the guy but i have not been checked for Hiv yet. i get checked for HIV on October 14 and i am so scared. i really NEED someone to talk to real BAD! i am so scared. the only symptoms i had were bone pain and chest pain. and just recently, last month i got a yeast infection but i do not know if it is the antibiotics i took for chlamydia or if it is HIV. i cry myself to sleep EVERY night and i pray to my mighty GOD. October 14, 2004 will change my life FOREVER NO MATTER the outcome! i keep seeing all these commercials and everything about how HIV is running bad in the black community. can someone please e-mail me back, because i need someone to talk to. PLEASE! GOD BLESS!

Email Author

Thursday Octber 14, 2004
location : Texas, USA

iI don't even know where to begin.
My father and I have a complicated relationship, but in the end it all boils down to: I love him and he's my dad, no matter what. But more to the point, my father is gay, and he is living with a partner who is HIV-positive. I don't know whether my father is also HIV-positive. I've never asked -- I couldn't bring myself to do it.
I'm beginning to get really worried about him. For most of his life, he's been disgustingly healthy. But over the last 3-4 years, he's become much more vulnerable to colds and respiratory infection. Every time he gets ill it seems to last a little longer. These colds and infections also seem to occur more frequently, and it seems harder for him to recover with each bout. Today he was telling me that for part of last week, he was waking up at night with a fever and sweating heavily.
It may very well be that he's just getting older -- he's nearing 60. But given that his partner is HIV-positive and that I know he had unprotected sex in the late '70s and early '80s, I do worry from time to time.
I guess I'm asking ... are the symptoms I'm hearing about anything to lose sleep over? And does anyone have advice on how to ask him about his HIV status in a loving way, without sounding like I'm picking on him and assuming the worst just because he's gay?
Thanks ...

Sunday Octber 17, 2004
location : South Africa

i found out about my status last year but i didnt give up my doughter passed away but that doesnt hold me down i am still waiting for another 40 yrs to live but i need to have a man next to me couse i need to have kids i am only 24 hiv is not a death sentance but it need us to go through this way my Email is ntsikiet@yahoo.com

Friday Octber 22, 2004
location : Austin

Hey guys I just got back from getting tested. I was a wreck for about 1 month because I kept fighting off getting tested. I finally went today and I was fortunate enough to have been given the OraQuick HIV test. It's FDA approved and you literally find out your results in 20 minutes.
I know a HUGE part of not getting tested for most people is that they don't want to have to wait 3-5 days to find out. This eliminates the waiting time and reduced my anxiety soooooooo much. I recommend calling around and asking for this particular test if possible. When I showed up I was expecting to wait 3-5 days to find out but fortunately, I didn't have to
BTW I tested negative...I have been given a second chance. Thank the Lord.

Wed Octber 27, 2004

i relly like your sits there are thing i did't evem know about

Thursday Octber 2, 2004
location : southen ca

ok hear it is am seein this amzing man wich i care four alot but he is hiv pos and iam neg soo the reason iam writing is to see if you have tip to how to be safer with my new man we are safe . and i just wont to hear it ok to date someone how is hiv pos. my frinds say iam stuped but this man make me fell like a king and i think it one of thous thing wear everthing well woke out

Friday Octber 29, 2004
location : Conneticut, USA

i am 21 years old and positive and also have two children and they are both negative , i became positive from being sexual abused by my uncle and he infected me,anyways i have been positive for 10 years,this pat year it has really it me it's hard for me to walk well i went back into a depression and am having trouble getting out i feel there is nothing to live for my son dcf took him for my wrong and my daughter is very close to her godmother well i hope people keep having faith cause if you loose faith you better be pretty strong cause hit's hard to feel better about lifei am not afraid to die

Saturday Octber 30, 2004
location : Jamaica

Hello, I got infected 3 years ago for sure and I was diagnosed this summer. I was so sick when I got the news. Why didn't I get sick before. I am constantly worried and I have not gone back for my T-Cell counts because I am scared. What am I to do. I feel and look healthy. My skin is not very nice anymore. Can a perosn survive without mdeication? some say the medication will kill you faster, is it true?

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