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Tuesday November 9, 2004
location : Milwaukee, USA

It all started when Iwas pregnant with my twins. I was messing around with my old friends brother we were together for a year the first time I had sex with him I went to the doctor and they told me i had a disease. Anyways he left me right after i had my babies two years later I kept getting sick I went to the doctor and they sent me home with medicine for Pnemonia Ikept getting sick so I went to a different hospital and they ran all types of tests they found a germ that causes HIV i had two t-cells i was on the verge of dying. igave the hospital his name and everybody I was in contact with. I tried looking for him but he's know where to be found. Well it's two years later and I'm as healthy as I want to be. If you want to comment to my story please feel free.Take care. Don't let a sickness be your downfall live life to it's fullest.

Tuesday November 9, 2004
location : Honduras

Hi all of you people that have aids I want you to read this plz. I was in my cousin house when i read this he should me how and why he was doing he was doing work of the aids or hivs.Some people in this site that i was reading. some people that i read had lost faith. even though you have aids or hivs don't lose any faith. My cousin showed me how a girl lost every thing for having aids and she is still going on she does not take medicen and is still living but you should not kill your self by not taking medicen cause you lost everything. just do whatever you can and be happy even though have that disease.
GOD BLESS YA ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday November 12, 2004
location : Maryland, USA

Hi everyone, recently I have been thinking that I am HIV positive because i keep seeing and hearing people talk about it. so 2 months ago I started to think that I am HIV positive. Ive been so stressed and dont know what to do. I dont know what made me think that I have HIV. Im so scared to go take a test. Since 3 months ago I have been experience symptoms like swollen glands, i then had 2 yeast infections in one month, and my muscles are aching. I dont know if it is my mind playing tricks on me. I am so stress and cry every night. I told my friend and she says she think that my body id feeling like this because im stressed. I dont know what2 do!! I talk 2 god every night. I recently met this guy , he is so good 2 me!! I often think like if I am HIV positive I would loose him. The stress is really taking a tole over my body. I know yeast INfections are normal but swollen glands I dont think so. I really need someone to talk to. I havent even told my mom. Im so scared and stress, ive been stress for 2 months. QWhat to do I dont know. Thanks for hearing me out everyone
make sure you have blessed days to come

Monday November 15, 2004
location : US

my name is rosa jara and i am currently a volunteer for a group called VOICE OF THE DEMOCRATIC CHAMPION this group is looking for publications that have to do with hiv or aids. The reason i am writing to you is because this group just opened a new library in Nigeria. This library is dedicated to the teaching of hiv or aids to the community living there. It would mean alot if your publication can donate bokks or magazines about this disease to their library. Please e-mail to vdc003@ yahoo.com it would mean so much! thank you

Monday November 15, 2004
location : Arizona, USA

I just want to say that hiv is NOT a curse! To those that say its a curse from god - YOU dont know god very well.Alot of times people that get hiv havent been "sleeping around" - they have been cheated or ly'd to and theres no way to tell why anyone got anything. The point is, i do belevie everything happens for a reason. I imiagine theres many hiv positive individuals who understand the real meaning of life. We need to alert those that havent learned yet. Yes, hiv is preventable and i hope that people use protection. Just because they have medication that keeps you alive doesnt mean its safe to catch it. Can you imagine how expensive hiv meds are? Or the side effects? C'mon intil theres a cure - lets wear a condom people!

Monday November 15, 2004
location : Washington, USA

I am a 35 year old women who has been in love with her husband forever. I have just recently figured out just how much he dosn't feel the same, Iam stuck however because he wont leave me (I dont know why) and he wont return my feeliongs at all. I want to get on with my life if he has no feelings for me. Im not sure what to do except for now write this as to get it off my mind.

Monday November 15, 2004
location : California, USA

HIV is very common around the world. you never think about it until it happends to you or someone you love. I recently found out one of my family members had HIV it was one of the worst news i've heard in yrs. Since their is no cure for AIDS/HIV it scares me more. My cousin is barely 24yrs old and he has two beautiful kids. I know an HIV positive person can live up to ten yrs or longer, but it still really sucks that little by littly his immune system is failing. The bad part is that since he found out he has this illness he always has these breakdown he doesnt want to live anymore, he's tried to kill himself.I want to ask the people who are going threw it have a family member going threw it or just know about it to help me.Maybe their something i can do to encourage my cousin to seek treatment.to tell him that he still has a life that he is not dead yet.

Friday November 19, 2004

Hey everyone the thought of hiv/aids scares me but yet I still continue to have sex without caution because I wonna be loved so badly and that will be my downfall I dont love myself I guess i think im not worth it. And it frightens me and saddens me.Thanx for reading

Sunday November 21, 2004
location : Georgia, US

hello world. I must admit I am right now scared to death of what my results are going to be. I work in the health care profession in a correctional setting and I should've known better. I got involved with two ex-cons, thought I was in love, how stupid. I am living the life of every inmate in the world, knowing what these men are doing while incarcerated. I made the stupid mistake of sleeping with my ex's, becoming pregnant by one and having 6 sexual relations with the other one. I have since found a new love of the past almost 2 years and I am scared to death to tell him of my past. I am now pregnant with his baby and just the other day I had my first prenatal appointment and had to have a HIV test. I'm awaiting the results, and I'm not handling it very well. I'm paranoid, scared, lost appetite I just can't get it right. The baby I was pregnant with my the ex-con, I aborted. Actually I miscarried four months ago, I had a HIV test then and it was negative. I pray this one will be negative also. I can't deny the risky relationship with these ex-cons because i know a great many of them are homosexual. Problem is i trusted what they said, accepting their plea that they had never had homosexual relations, now really! If my test should be positive my world would be DESTROYED FOREVER.

Sunday November 28, 2004
location : Seattle, US

Dear Carolena,
What a lovely website. I am writing a book of personal stories and reflections about AIDS and its issues and what volunteers have learned from AIDS. I want to include a list of current resources so am interested in whether the site is still being managed and whether it should be in the list. Thanks for everything you have done from your heart to make this resource available to people online.
Warmly, Trudy, SEattle, Washington.

Hello Trudy,
Thanks for visiting the site and for your compliments towards the website.
Yes, you may list the site n your book. It has been running for six years and l'm sure it will continue in my hands or with someone else in the future.
I think that it would be a waste to shut down such a resource which has built up over such a long time. Now many stories are coming in from Africa and there are many stories that need to be told and read from that part of the world.
There are not many stories from volunteers but there are some so l hope that you find it to be a valuable resource. I wish you all the best with the book and let me know when it is available so that l can list it as a resource.
All the best,

Sunday November 28, 2004
location : near Walsall, England

why are you alone?
I know I don't know nothing of having aids or hiv and the terrible things that go on in this world, but take it from me some of you have who are scared have no need to feel the way you do. People shoul'd think about things like this more,
there are people out there all over the world who just get absolutley kaylied everynight and they don't give hiv a thought over christmas, until one day and they find out their positive. then you get some dude or celebrety who wants to cut a record, who don't have an Idea and does it for his own sick and twisted ego.
I do wanna do a record, and I was for a while with the caribean community of walsall/Birminghan England, but their Ideas were only towards africa
and they said I was really good blues guitarist, but every week as I turns up less and less people are doing this thing, till it ends up with the two of us me and Irvin the sax player that was a year or two ago now, and If I were to do a wing of prayer for the people who really have the blues and help towards getting people to relise what goes on and to help people in my own humble personal way for hope, I think it help me to relise more and it woul'd help people the world over,
I'm calling on young tallented local musicians in the Walsall birmingham area to regive this a thought, I know that theres really good musicians out there with soul and it shows in their playing, hidden in the comunity somewhere who will do this and help people. And if you are ill you can make ever such alot of diffrence, i am thinking of an uplifting Rn'B Blues Jazz funk record with the aids theme,
I have a makeshift studio but we can do it in a real studio if you like I'd like to meet everyone wether you play drums, guitars keys sax blues harp, whatrever please I am asking the publishers of this site or anyone to help me in my project,
it needs sponsorship from anywhere. This thing will happen this time
contact Paul Hinton 44 01922 414273
or email if you can help me acheive this!!!!

Tuesday November 30, 2004
location : New York, USA

Hello, my name is Judy, I am 36 years old. In June 1990, I was diagnosed HIV Positive. I am a recovering addict, I have been clean for 10 years, I have a 9 year old son who is also hiv positive. I used Drugs and ran the streets, when I found out I was pregnant, I panicked, I was uneducated about my illness, this was four years later I thought I would be dead from Aids by that time. I had Joseph in December 1994, That was the day I knoew I would never do drugs again. I had a life that depended on me, I knew that no one was going to love joseph like me and I never looked back. The problem is, I have not told Joseph the name of his illness. But he is getting older now and asking questions. I am so afraid of hurting him or him being angry with me. how do I explain to him that because of me he is chained to a lifetime of meds? How do I apologize for what I have done? I hope someone reads this and gets back to me, I am so filled with guilt, i do not know what to do.

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