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Tuesday February 1, 2005
location : New York, NY, USA

I am an HIV negative Pacific Islander, but have recently met a Scottish boy who is HIV positive. At the very outset of our relationship, he made no secret of his status. And although he and I have yet to sleep together, I am so scared of what might happen down the road. I have fallen for this guy. The minute I met him, all the sounds and the whole dining room of the restaurant where we met, just fell away. That's never happened to me before, and just thinking about him makes me ache so bad for him. He doesn't look ill at all. But at the back of my mind I keep thinking that he's like a broken, yet very cheerful and upbeat toy soldier, and this quality of his has endeared him to me all the more.
Is there anyone out there who's negative, and has an HIV+ partner? I would love to know how you cope with something like this...I may be reached at for comment or advice.

Wednesday February 9, 2005
location : England

i had sex with a man i had known for sometime and i suspect he removed his condom deliberately and now i am scared. i am just waiting to go and have a test. i am really scared but he insited that there is nothing to worry about, of which that is rubbish because he did not use the condom. i am really scared. are there any chances that someone might escape the virus after unprotected sex with an hiv positive person. i regret all that i have done.

Wednesday February 9, 2005
location : New Zealand

hi i am a 15 year old girls that my best friend has aids her name is bonnie she had them for all her life she growing out of it she is 15 right now and still got it bye god bless yopu god on your side love jay

Friday February 18, 2005
location : South Africa

Hi there I'm a worried 28 year old white South African male and think I've been exposed
I'm pretty sure that I've been exposed to HIV. Due to all the symtoms I've had and still have. Still got a sore throat after 5 weeks.
I've had a full std test done with everything negative except that I'm still waiting for the HIV test to come back. I'm planning for the worst!
I'm really touched at some of these stories I've read here and was wondering if there are any support groups here in ZA in the Gauteng area.
At the end we are all still human.
We still need companionship and relationships and every thing else that goes with it. I think that seeing/being with people in the same boat as you is important but how do you go about this? Are the any sites out here that do this?
Just curious.

Monday February 21, 2005
location : USA

I'm scared, i'm terrified................I need that test! :*(
I am 25, became sexually active at 16, and was very promiscuous. I was heavy into drinking and partying up until 19. I still partied a bit after, but my sex life has not been the same, i'm a "good girl" now, but afraid I may have made a deadly mistake in my past.
At age 17 I was at a party, I met a funny, full of life gay man, we'll call him Terry. We got to talking, and came to find out that we shared a past sexual partner in common! (OMG)
We'll call this guy Martin.
Age 18, at a party, along comes Terry. A long while since seeing im last, my friend was different. No longer full of life, he wasn't the Terry I knew before. When I ask what's new, he repleis with, "Haven't you heard? I'm HIV+".
-Time stood still-
Not only was this news devastating, for the fact that my friend has told me that he has a terminal illness, but the fact that we have shared a sex partner became a very large issue as well.
Am I going to die? Is this it?
I have lived with these thoughts for years now.
The test - One simple test holds the key..
Which door will it open?
Door one: Painful death, AIDS
Door two: Negative! Freedom from all this worry, a new lease one life
I realize this test could set me free, but what if it doesn't?
What if I get much dreaded results, a death sentence?
How will I go on?
How will I tell my mom?
How will I tell my fiance, my love of 5+ years?
How can I face my days, knowing I will never achieve my dreams?
I am scared, absolutely terrified.

Tuesday February 22, 2005
location : USA

PART 2. Like I was saying DON'T WAIT GET TESTED if it comes out positive or negative the worring will kill you before HIV will and just remember which I just found out that HIV can't kill you it just breaks down your immune systum,and you can get sick from anything else, you can live with HIV and have a normal life.As my lord and savor Thank you again!And may God be with you at your time of needs.

Tuesday February 22, 2005
location : USA

I am 33. When I was younger I screwed around and regret it deeply. I do not know if I have HIV and do not want to know. Actually if the truth were to be told I would want to know if the test were negative but I do not want to know if it is possitive. I take care of AIDS patients as part of my job and I do not wish that on anyone. I do not know if I have the virus and I do not want to knoiw so I do not have and have not had a relationship for over five years because if I do have somthing I would not want to give it to anyone else.

Tuesday February 22, 2005
location : USA

I am a male and I am 25 yrs of age and just had an hiv test. The time leading up to the results is the hardest thing I ever had to do. Facing the possibilities of death is a crucial. So I will tell you the lord is the only one who can help. He brought me to this sight and had me read the stories and I got to say I learned alot. My heart goes out to anyone who is hiv positive and so does my prayers. I thought it was cool sleeping with different women but when you go back and have to question was that person the one who possibly could have ended my life, I assure you its not worth it. I came up negative but this brought me closer to god then I ever been. please everyone if ever your having a hard time seek the lord I promise through his word he will make you feel alot better. and this not to preach just to give you an unconditional friend (cause i really needed one). GOD BLESS YA'LL.

Friday February 25, 2005
location : England

It's rubbish, HIV, AIDS, and worst of all the lame so-called connection between the two. Here's the worst one, at MOST you have a 1/1000 chance of catching it of a known HIV positive individual. More likely it's closer to 1/2000 (what's epidemic about that?). The stats just don't add up, for example, there are people who have been HIV positive since 1986 (living perfectly healthy lives without any retro-viral treatment). In fact, it's likely that AIDS is a result of all those cocktails (I believe the number has been reduced to three now) of retro-viral drugs. However practice safe sex nonetheless, sphillus looks alot worse.
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