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Friday March 4, 2005
location : Leeds, UK

Hiya everyone
Iv just being reading other peoples stories and its really helped me to realise that people do have HIV/AIDS but you don't have to suffer alone because if your HIV positive you can still be happy and be loved, just like a HIV negative. Im 15 years old and as far as I know i haven't got HIV, but I had unprotected sex 2months ago with a lad I knew but I didn't know about his sexual history, my experiance has made me realise what a scary and daunting experiance it is to think that there is a possibilty that you could be HIV positive. my friends keep telling me not to worry myself but I can't help it. If i had HIV i don't know if I'd be strong enough to cope but on the other side of things if I haven't got HIV i need to know so I can move on and learn from my experiance. Im terrified to get a test but it has to be done so I can either move on or start treatment. Things like this is what puts the important things into perspective, I won't take life for granted again.
Wish me luck
All my love to you all
Elle xx

Wednesday March 9, 2005
location : Colombia

This is a history about my brother he just got infected with the hiv, I just need help from all of you guys how already know how to deal with this new world, my entire family as you can imagine are very sad but positive because we know there is a hope for every one of us. My brother is pretending like nothing happen, and we want to do all we can we have beeb going every where asking for help(hospitals, foundations...) and still do not what to do exactly, so if you please can help me I'll be more than happy to get any information that you can share with me and my family.........God bless you and all who have been helping people like me helpless.

Friday March 11, 2005
location : USA

hi i am andrea frome atl iam 43 years old ihave been hiv p for 22 years i have had bad days and good days iam marred to a34 yaarold he is hiv n we have been togather 7 years and iam also ptc iam not on any pills at all igot mine 22 years a go when i had alittle girl and that was 22 years ago but there are days that i dont want to go on how do i tell my first grand baby what manny dieing with ihpe and pray togod that i will be here for him.
thank you andrea

Thursday March 24, 2005
location : South Africa

hi my name is cookie, five years ago i found out my parents are both hiv postive.its been a very hard road for us but i am standing by them,and i pray every day for god to grant them strenght for each new day.

March 26, 2005

Hello, this is to the boy who has the idea that he is positive for HIV. I can relate to your story. I know exactly what you are going through right now. Even though the tests came back negative there is always that chance where the virus is "hiding".Thats exactly whats going through my mind constantly.There is always that question do i have it .Its driving me insane.I'v been tested when i was pregnant twice but the doctors never said anything about the results so I just assumed they were negative.I couldnt imagine living with this virus.I know people who in fact have AIDS.Sad to say i didnt feel comfortable being around them for the reason there was a slight chance of catching it from them.I have this big fear of getting this incurable disease that I wont even engage in ANY sexual contact.The reason i am so cautious about this disease is because when I was 15 I was dating this boy come to find out his father had full blown AIDS and he had been living with his father for years I didnt know if my ex had even come into contact with it.After all he was constantly with his dad wrestling around that kind of stuff.Even if my ex did have it he probably wouldnt of told me anyways.I didnt find out untill 2months later after us being together that his dad had it.When I did find out it didnt matter to me if he did have it because he was the nicest man he had a heart of gold.To me thats all that mattered at that time i looked beyond his disease and saw this kind hearted person that was slowly dieing. Needless to say he passed last year.As for my ex i dont know if he has it but its been 5 years and i'v tested negative for the HIV virus this past year.but the fear will always be there.catching this uncurable disease.

Thursday March 31, 2005
location : California, USA

First off I would like to say unprotected sex is not cool. I know this lady who has it and is now deceased. she also had aids from sharing needles with a family member who had it. so remember never share needled and to never have unprotected sex. Thanks for reading and god bless!!

Saturday April 2, 2005
location : California, USA

Reader, I don't have HIV!!!! I'm just so interested in this website because you guys really opened my eyes and alot of others. For those who do have HIV I will always and forever keep you in my prayers. If your wondering how old I am, I am 14yrs old. I have a wonderful life and I am willing to help others as much as I can. HIV is one thing that I can't help others with. If you all that have HIV or wanting to know if you have HIV, What you have done if you were told that you can turn back the hands of time JUST THIS ONCE? Would you turn back the hands of time and not have done it? Would you take that risk again? Is there somebody out that, who would've seen you different if you were to come straight out and say you have HIV? Who would love you no matter what. I know the main reason why people have HIV. Through SEX. Most girls have sex for attention. Let me tell you this:Attention is NOT everything!!!. I had to learn that along my yrs! Who cares about what people will say and think of you. All that matters is what you think of yourself. because nobody will think positive of you! ONLY YOU! so remember I will always keep you in my prayers!

Thursday April 7, 2005
location : Midland, Michigan, USA

I would like to know how long people live with AIDS. I know it varies but what is the record? My brother Rodney Allen Headley died at 42 y/o, on 4-1-2005 and had AIDS for over 21 years. His battle was long and hard. But he was loved by many. I wish to know how long because we want to understand how he lived though it for so long.
I understand the AIDS virus some, because I am HCV and so while helping my brother fight AIDS, .. he helped me fight HCV. We educated each other on these viruses. I no longer have the virus showing up in my tests, but his battle ended on April 1st.
Thanks for your time & good luck to those who suffer from this deadly virus.

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Saturday April 9, 2005
location : Jamaica

Hi everyone. I really feel it for all of you suffering from that terrible disease. But guess what there is comfort in the Lord so don't believe you are not loved. There are millions of people reading your messages and praying for you, trust in the Lord and he will comfort you. The least you can do is trust him in order to reach that place where it is disease free. God Bless you all!!!!!!!

Saturday April 9, 2005
location : New York, USA

Well i dated this guy for about a year, and 2 days ago i found out that the girl he dated after me, had hiv. When i heard this i freaked out. Though they said they didnt have sex, she gave him oral sex. And im scared that she gave him something. And once they broke up, we got back together, and had unprotected sex. Im scared, so very scared. 2 days ago, i shecduled an appointment at planned parenthood to get an hiv test on wednesday, i cant stop crying, all im doing is crying and praying. Im thinking what if, he got something from her, and gave it to me. And the once part of it, is i have a boyfriend. I told him about how im scared that i might have hiv, and hes scared to for himself and me. I told him he should come get tested with me. But he said no, because if he does have hiv, he would kill himself..( sounded like he meant it). I dont know what to do, i have to wait till wed, to get tested, than another 2-4 weeks for the results. Ohhh god im soo scared, i feel like life is worthless. I hope i dont have it, i pray to god the results come back negative. I also need to tell my ex about his ex girlfriend having hiv, because he doesnt know. I dont know what to do, what if i have it. I hope not. I needed to get this off my chest, im scared. I dont having symptoms of it, but it doesnt mean i dont have it. Please someone write me back, if they can, and share your story with me.

Saturday April 9, 2005
location : Los Angeles, USA

This might be a stupid question but, I did not have sexual intercourse, but it was that my partner's and my sexual organs came together. He never penetrated me, and my question is, if that would also be a way to get the virus? I am worried and don't know what to do. I have gotten tested but have not received my results. I would really appreciate it if you would help me with this matter. Thank You

Hi Stephanie,
All the answers to your questions can be found on these pages:
Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Sunday April 10, 2005
location : Maryland, USA

hello sorry to all those who have aids i hope u r really out there praying to god.

Friday April 22, 2005
location : Nigeria

Well I got into the clinic today to test for HIV. They have my blood now , but I am yet to get the result.
I took on this decision because I would like to propose to my present girl friend whom I have not had sex with yet and i thot it would be wiser to know my status first than causing a lot more problems for the future.
As I stay awake now, I can only wonder what the result will be tomorrow. I know i have not played safe all thru.
So the question is what if I m Hiv postive? What happens to all the plans I had for the future? I pray I get good news tomorrow.

Sunday April 24, 2005
location : houston, tx

hello friends! i am a 25 yers old girl and i had a sex relation with a man which i didn't know.while we had sex the condom broke,and i wash inside with fast with water. he was little drunk and told me to not be afraid because he use his own medicine??? and he is not ill.but i am very suspicouse and scared because i started to have hiv simptoms. i am so afraid to go for testing ,if the test is positive!!! how will i go on with my life. i can never say it to my family . please pray for me! protect yourself and be careful with who u sleep!

Tuesday April 26, 2005
location : Colombia

I already visited this page and i would like to have some help from someone of you the readers and writers, because of my brother who is hiv positive, his wife is blameming him every time she can, and she includes her 4 dauthers too against my brother, all my family is trying to talk to her about it but she insisted and does not understand .My brother is very sad all my falmily is worried 'cause we think he might do something against him because his wife........please help us to help this lady and at the same time my brother.

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