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Wednesday August 3, 2005
location : Boston, USA

POZ Life is an experience you will never forget!

The Next POZ Life Seminar will be held Saturday and Sunday,
August 27th and 28th, 2005 in the West Hollywood area.

To Register, call Sunnie Rose 888-208-8081 or log onto www.TheLifeGroupLA.org for our online registration form.

The Life Group LA presents its ground breaking new weekend seminar dedicated to providing education, support and long-term strategic living skills to persons both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

The POZ LIFE Weekend Seminar will take place in a compassionate, loving, non-judgmental manner and environment on August 27th & 28th in West Hollywood and will feature numerous HIV/AIDS professionals covering the latest in drug treatments, complementary therapies, intimacy, disclosure, relationships as well as a host of other topics designed with your life in mind.

The seminar is provided free of charge to anyone wanting to participate and is funded by private donations.

For more information or to register contact Sunnie Rose at: (888) 208-8081 or visit our web site at www.TheLifeGroupLA.org

It's Your Life
The Life Group LA Presents - POZ Life Weekend Seminar

A Free Weekend Seminar For People Affected by HIV or AIDS, and Their Loved Ones

The keys to living with HIV/AIDS are education and emotional support, which are the focal points of The Life Group‚s Weekend Seminar. A seminar that brings together Doctors, Alternative Care Providers,
Benefits Counselors, Nutritionists, Mental Health Experts and Caring
Volunteers who help you learn how to cope with this disease.

Key Note Speakers
Dr. Eric Daar, MD
Dr. Jeff St. John, PhD.
Nurse Lynne Romanowski, RN,BA
Jim Flood, MA,RNP
Bradley Land, HIV+ 5th Dist. Commissioner
Simeon Den, Yoga QI Master

POZ Life is an experience you will never forget!

Sunday August 21, 2005
location : Brooklyn, New York


Email Author

Monday August 22, 2005
location : Qatar

my english is not that good :P
AGE 25
my Story is when three months ago, I went for a PRO, I gave her like nearly ( 50$) to have sex with her. I was drank and we had sex without Protection, then after I wake up i asked her did i wear condom, shes say no you refuse to wear it. THen I start to cry and said to her i am so sorry I am HIV positive, then I saw her and she feel from the bad and was crying to death, she try to call the police and she was not knowing what to do should she kill her self or what. THen in this time i fell safe becasue I know she was neagetive and I was negative.
after three months i did blood test and its show negative, i was so worried and scared and I Called her and she said me to i was negative and she was happey.
JUST make sure you have safe sex my friends,

Sunday August 28, 2005
location : South Carolina, USA

This is for the boy from the phillipines.
I am not HIV positive. (as far as I know) but I feel your pain. When I was reading your story I felt like I was reading the story of my life. I wake up every morning, with thoughts in my head. I have contacted every guy I have had unprotected sex with several times and begged them to just tell me already. I see things on the television, in my school books, people talking about it..almost everyday. I have a boyfriend, who I am very much in love with and he is sick right now and I have convinced myself it is because I gave him HIV. Its so awful feeling this way, I know. But I haven't even had a test yet. I went to get one and left. too scared. But if both of ur test are negative I think you need to move on with your life. I seriously doubt they could be wrong twice. Be happy that you had the nerve to be tested. I can't even get that much nerve. :( hang in there pal...

Monday August 29, 2005
location : India

i am hiv positive since 2000. along with tb attack brought my weight down to 37kgs from 52kgs. my viral load was 8 lakh copies in 2000. almost 24 hour caugh and tiredness. i started a new system of medicine which is taking place various developments since 1995.
i gained back my weight. now i am 54 kgs. my viral load is nil for the past six months.
cd4 increased to 350 from 50. elisa od ratio fall down to 2.5 from 8.5. by Gods grace i hope i may become negative to elisa in few more months.
i hope this will be the first cure in the world.

Monday September 5, 2005
location : India

Hai i was married in the year 1994 and i had send my wife for delivery to coimbatore in 1995 oct and simultanesly in Jan 1996 she came back to mumbai.She had reported pain in stomach and she was deducted HIV+ and myself and my child are safe.We sleep separtely but live in the same appartment.Now life has become very much tuff because being a Human Being i am unable to satisfy my Sexual Urge.Would request to the Government and other institutions to kindly modify Hindu Marriage Law.I dont want to Divorce her and wanted to marry.

Wednesday September 14, 2005
location : Australia

I know my story isn't as powerful and meaning as others, but I just want you all to know that there is people thinking about you & what you say on this website is heard & it honestly hits home.
I do not suffer from HIV, and will never know what goes through your mind, but one thing is for sure and that is you are living. You may be suffering with an illness which they haven't YET found a cure for but you are still living. Death looks people in the eyes everyday. Weather or not you decided to act on that is your choice. I have read EVERY story on this website. I have read the most amazing stories on this website, gone home and cried at the fact that I couldn't do anything. Then I go back on to he website, read another beautiful story and be so inspired by the strength that you have.
Thinking of you all

Saturday September 24, 2005
location : USA

Hey my name is Carla. I do not have HIV/AIDS, but I was pretty close to being able to have it. Well you see I am in a wheelchair, and and I go through a lot of things, surgery, treatment, this, that, a little bit of everything. My mother passed away about two years ago and I am still coping with that. I am a hurricane Katrina victim, and I have lost nearly everthing. I admit that it's not as bad as Mississippi is, but It was close enough. I am looking for a foster home, which may be hard because alot of people just want babies. I am not a baby. Why do I look for this foster home, you ask? Because I have been beaten and abused by an alcaholic. The rest of my family doesn't want me. If they do, it's only because of my disability check. Sad isn't it? Not really. If I have The Lord, who can stop me? I am here for those of you, with HIV/AIDS, and for those of you who do not as well. Life's not all that bad if you have faith. Take it fron me...
Did I mention I am only twelve years old?

Sunday September 25, 2005
location : USA

While I was reading this story I was sure you where my aunt. After seeing that your from phill. I realized it wasent her. My cousin 3 years ago was diagnosed as well. He was in bad shape he had 1 sex partner in his life she was a sex worker so we where sure it was a true positive. 3 years later he found out he had hepititis, and he was HIV negative.He's in pretty good shape off the HIV meds.

Sunday September 25, 2005
location : Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I think that HIV/AIDS shouln't have to ruine your life it should still br the same as it was just with a few minor changes but you should still keep your head up high and never give up because god is always watchig.

Monday October 17, 2005
location : Mishigan, USA

I think that this story has a lot of meaning to it and you should try to not have sex until you go and have the test because most of the people that have it are the one that dont want to go and get tested that is the scary thing about the world that we live in.

Wednesday October 19, 2005
location : UK

i was 16 and tryin for a baby, my boyfriend was always at work it tuck me week for him to agree for a baby but when i fell pregnant i was due for my 6weeks needals and then 3weeks later i was told i was HIV positive and when i told my mum shy cry for days no one cud sleep i fout i was goin to die. so days later i meet a doctor and he told me a lot about HIV so then i new a bit about it. so then i called my boyfriend and told him i have HIV and he said he was comin home but 2hr later he did not come home so my mum called him and he was on his way to london i did not see him for weeks . so now i am 29weeks pregnant and everythink is goin grate i have a new boyfreind and he understans about the HIV and my baby boy is ok.
Remeber always tell your partner.

Saturday October 22, 2005
location : USA

I just want to tell everybody to stay positive. I've been HIV+ for almost all of my life, I was born a premature baby (25 weeks). Many Doctors said I wouldn't make it through, telling my mother to get the coffins ready. I defied all odds of even making it, but while sick because of being born early I was given contaminated blood through a blood transfusion and this is how I became affected. I just had my 21st birthday and Iam proud to say Iam very healthy giving the proper treatment. But without a doubt this has made me angry/mad/sad/stress etc. I try to keep a positive outlook on life with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ but it's not easy hopefully one day I can come back and tell you all that Jesus has cured me but I guess right now Iam not ready for this blessing?
-keep the faith Sean.

Thursday October 27, 2005
location : USA

Hi my name is Lee, I am 15 years old this summer has been a long one.Well it all started when I ment this girl named Shavonne and I started a relationship with her.I thought she was and honest girl, but she was not.I dont know if I have HIV/AIDS. But I know one thing she cheated on me with numerous of boys.And I found out when I came over and I caught her with her so call new boyfriend and she was giving him oral sex.So thats when I broke with her and I started to her rumors that she had a diease so i got scared and started to pray and Iasked GOD for forgivens.So i hope I get one more chance at life. From Detroit,Michigan

Monday October 31, 2005
location : USA

i want to share my storie about aids and the world i juste move to new york 3 years ago i have got married and i have my son. everthing start going wrong with my husband i went one nignt in he club with my friends and i met this guy. he lie to me first that i wasn't married and one of my best friend find out that he was married. so i left him.about 2 months ago i start having some pains a sore throt i have fever all the time. i decide to take the texte of hiv. i have to go in oe week for the resulte i am so scare i don't know how to do if i was pasitive how my life will be.i have a wonderful sn how will he do without a mom ony god know. to everbody nerver thrut no one i am from africa and i really dont know what i am doing right now.please help me can you all the sign and still be negative.

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