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Wednesday November 9, 2005
location : Baltimore, USA

Hello my name is Nikki and I am a Inreach Hiv tester in Baltimore and my first positve was a 18 year old guy and the nights of not sleeping and just thinking of how can I give the results was sad and he just cryed right then I knew that HIV education is for me and is a very big epidemic in baltmore 1 out of every 5 here is inffected with HIV/AIDS so I kow some of what all people are going thouth

Wednesday November 9, 2005
location : Colorado, USA

i have hiv and i always have 10 times a week i was so sad when i found out that i had it i felt like everything came down on me. But then i relised that it was my falt and that this is wat happend to me for doing all this stuff. the docter said that i might die.I relly dont wish this 2 any body because its horible felling that u can die anny time

Saturday November 12, 2005
location : New York, USA

i had oral sex with someone who may have been hiv+ im terribly scared and cant think of anything else please pray for me i went to the emergency room and explained what happened the next night the dr. told me that my risk was miniscule but miniscule is not no risk so please pray for me i promised god i would never have a one night stand with someone i didnt know ever again if he could just let me learn my lesson and my test would be negative my world will be a horror until i get tested in 3 months and still bad until i get tested in 6 months again to be sure about my status im not promiscuous i was just really lonely and i hope it didnt cause me my life as i know it i think everything is poison i wash my hands all the time and dont want to hold anyones babies please pray that im negative ......thankyou

Sunday November 13, 2005
location : Massachusetts, USA

I would like to meet people like me, that had been exposure to Hep c or HIV. I had experience this and it has been really hard for me to accepted. I'm still in the denial stage. I'm a student nurse. During my practice canalizing an IV I got stuck with an infected needle, since it was a little pinch I didn't pay much attention. I would never realize that danger that I was exposing myself until a year after that I started getting sick. I have my fiance support and my sisters, but I feel that I will be better if I encounter myself with a person that had gone through the same experience or similiar situation. Please help me find someone like me that had accepted this exposure.

Tuesday November 22, 2005
location : Texas, USA

Hi My name is katie and im only 12 and no im not invected. I just wanted to tell everybody that im very sorry for what is going on in your lives. Alomost everynight I lay awake and think if one day i might get the diaese. I know it may be very hard for a lot of you out there but if you just stick threw it and belive in your self it could work and trust me I've read alot of these stories and alot of people do servive and hopefully if you take the right turn in life you can to. Well i have to go now but if u can please take this letter seriuosly and just belive in your self.
Luv, always

Tuesday November 29, 2005
location : North Carolina, USA

Hello, my name is Peter and I am from North Carolina and have been here for all my life and have seen plenty of scenes like yours. I am sorry to hear it, and to all of you other folks who also have a part to do with this site, I wish the best for you all and don't stop fighting because once you do you start to get weak, and it is necesary to be strong and have faith in God because he is the same of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. If you believe in his name and what he left scriptured you will be saved, and that is the most important thing about life. God can deliver you out of any situation. He says in Psalms that from his wounds we were healed. All I can tell people is that stay safe and use protection at alllll times because this virus does not discriminate, it takes on brown, black, white, and etc. Well this is it, God Bless Everyone and take care out there

Saturday December 3, 2005
location : Kingston

I am sorry to hear about any of you affected by aids. I have a question, my mother is adopting a baby who is hiv + I'm sorry to say but I am paranoid to let my daughters around her. i am trying to sympatize and be sensitive but I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder caused by hypocondria. i dont know how to get through this rationally. My brain tells me they cannot catch it but then I think of all these potential scenarios once the baby gets older. I don't know what to do I never thought I'd react like this and I keep feeling so terrible to react this way as well. I am truly sorry for anyone who has this awful disease but I can't help but to be scared, does anyone know of a good website maybe where I can get some good info and reasurance?

Sunday December 4, 2005
location : Ghana

I find your website to be quite interesting. It is educative, informative and a repository of the precautions that individuals have to take about the deadly disease HIV/AIDS. The stories and the testimonies are clear manifestaions of the realities of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.My message to the youth is that sex is not the only activity that makes people excited.There is more sleep after death.If you want to enjoy sex to the fullest, it is a matter of patience otherwise you may one day regret for not having exercised utmost patience.there is no need for us to rush otherwise we will bypass what is due us.

Thursday December 8, 2005
location : Barbados

i am confused, afraid and lonely. i just want to make friends. recently diagnosed, spend my time between jamaica, barbados and florida. help me someone, give me hope. the sadness is taking me over. help me.

Monday December 12, 2005
location : USA

I am in love with a woman that is HIV positive. She has only known for a few months. We have never had sex. We had planned to get married but she is scared about passing this on to me. She thinks her life is over and that there is no hope for us. I need help in explaining to her that, with education, we can live a long happy life together.
Please help. Thank you.

Tuesday December 20, 2005
location : Michigan, USA

My name is Bridgette, I am 33 years old. I am HIV positive. I found out in 2001. Later looking thru medical records, i was tested positive in 1999, an no one told me. That hurt me more, than when i found out in 2001. I was with a man for a couple of years and he never told me he was positive, until it was too late. I have no kids, and it hurts me alot that I can not have a child. I am very open with me being hiv positive. I have alot of support from family and friends. And when I meet people and I tell them, I can honestly say, they remained my friend. I am not on meds yet, and I keep catching a cold over and over, and it scares me a little. I would like to hear from others that are positive.

Wednesday December 21, 2005
location : San Francisco, USA

I'd really like to hear some success stories on the subject of love in the face of HIV/AIDS.
How is it that in this day and age people still run for the hills when one dicloses their staus? Even in san Francisco.
There's got to be some positive people who may have struggled but in the end found love?
The rejection is staggering.
Please help.

Sunday December 25, 2005
location : Missouri, USA

Hi, im a 24 year old gay male, i was with my partner for about a year and a half and after we both teste hiv- we had unprotected sex for about six months. Its been about 3 years since i had unprotected sex with him, now im freaking out that he may have cheated on me and given me HIV. Im scared to death, and cannot get myself to get a test. I have not had any symptoms of hiv in these past 3 years,but all i can do all day is sit and think about being infected with hiv,it has effected my grades at school and my job. All of my friends are telling me that im fine, and have nothing to worry about and that i need to stop worring soooo much. Everyone tells me to just go and get a rapid HIV test so i can have some peace of mind, and start living again. Thanks so much for reading about my problem.... :)

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