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Saturday March 4, 2006
location : Miami, USA

I am a 25 years old American-Hatian female. I live in Miami. Miami have a lot of cases of HIV/AIDS. I used to be so scared, that I thought I had it. Every little bump, every little rash, or any little sickness, I thought I was dying of this deadly disease. I will cry a lot. I will feel so depress. It has been going on for years. I had my share of men and made stupid mistakes. But oneday a turning point came. I became pregnant. I was so scared. I didn't want to get an abortion, but I knew that I had to get tested. I went to the doctor, and they ran a lot of tests on me. I was so fightened, but yet relieved. Relieved to know that I will know the truth. My results was told to me six weeks later and I was negative. I felt relieved, but I wasn't happy. I felt that my work wasn't done. What if I had it? What if I can make a change?
So now, I am trying to volunteer to help AIDS/HIV patients. I feel so bad for them and I want to express my love for them. I cannot go on with my life knowing that I can contribute. I thank God for putting this in my heart. I value people. The world isn't over for them. Thank you for reading this. I love you all.

Saturday March 4, 2006
location : Michigan, USA

Seems to me it's not very smart either to allow or to do bareback sex. you let it happen, something happens, no sympathy here.

Wednesday March 8, 2006
location : Phillipines

hi! i recently got tested for hiv what happened to me was i went on vacation to the U.S and got drunk with a friend of mine and ended up having sex with a condom but later to fined out that he used sheepskin condom. wow that was really scary for me since i dont sleep around and i was actually trying to play it safe, the whole experince was totally devastating and scary that's why i'm writing to everyone beware of sheepskin condom cause it lookes like latex and is even packed the same way!luckyly for me my friend does not sleep around either and he did not mined it when i asked him to get tested, he tested negative and i waited 3months and got tested and i also tested negative. the main reason to why i'm writing to everyone is that i'm very concerned coz what happend to me can happen to anyone like me who was trying to play it safe. the good news is because of my traumatic experince of sleepless night for months i renewd my relationship with jesus my creator he really helped me go through the anxiety. praise God indeed he is alive!

Wednesday March 8, 2006
location : New Zealand

hi im a 15 year old girl from nz i do not have hiv aids but feel alot of pain for those who do have the sickness. i have been reasearching alot about this lately and it has bought tears to my eyes, it is a very sad way to die. one night of sex can ruin your life i may be young but i know what im talking about. seeing peoples lifes been takin from this sickness has made me realise alot of things for those who may read this with the sickness i am sorry that it has happened but you need to realise god will always be there for you. those who are sexualy active i am telling you now use protection!!! i have made a few mistakes and was very concerned at the time that i may have caught something, i got checked out and was fine but it can only take 1 mistake to risk your life. us young girls do get pressured to have sex without protection and i know that from experience but at the end of the day girls its your body and you need to protect it. looking at what this sickness does to people brakes my heart and i pray to god someone will find a cure some time soon. do what is best for you and prevent this sicknesss, you only live once so live life to the fullest. it must be real hard for those who have hiv aids but just remember god loves you, and we all look beautiful when we smile! also please do not pass it on to others i know life may be rough but dont have sex if you know you have the sickness. dont be scared of dyeing because you know god will look after you in heaven...

Tuesday March 14, 2006
location : Fort Worth, TX, USA

Hello...first of all I want to say that I feel for those affected by this disease and I pray that comfort in God will get us through this. I did a terrible thing this past Saturday night - I had a casual sexual experience with a girl that had been with a couple of my friends and I went in briefly unprotected before realizing that I needed a condom. I have been regretting the decision ever since and I keep on replaying the incident over and over. I have to wait a few weeks to get tested since it's too early for the results. On one end, I feel like I am going to be a better person because of this. The thoughts going on in my mind have made me closer to God and I am committed to changing my outlook on life, regardless of the results. I hope everything turns out OK, but I just keep on feeling like it won't be. I am devastated right now, unable to sleep or thing clearly until I am able to take a test and get the results.

Friday March 17, 2006
location : South Africa

I am a 21 year old male, with a brihgt future ahead of me with plenty of talent. One night changed it all at an office party. Not thinking clearly and only living for that moment, I did not use any protection. If it is GOD's will for me to have any diseases then I will accept my punishment for i have sinned and regret it every single moment. Diseases like the ones that I am afraid of after my act of foolishness are on earth for a reason. May GOD have mercy on me and be loving enough to forgive me and spare me from this sentence of pain and suffering. It feels like my life is over, this may all sound dramatic, but this is how I feel and I know there are people out there that feel the same.I must go for tests and only then will I be able to have peace of mind, so to speak. IT IS STRANGE HOW WE TAKE EVERYTHING FOR GRANTED UNTILL WE REALISE IT ALL CAN BE TAKEN AWAY FROM US. May all of you reading this know that you are definitely not alone... Find peace with GOD and when death comes around you would know that your soul is saved and NO disease can take that awy from you. Ciao.

Tuesday March 21, 2006
location : USA

I see many people posting this sob stories about the disease and its associated anxiety. We all know that absistence is the best and effective way of avoiding the disease. Protected sex is not really 100 % protected (you still run the risk of herpes and hpv with protection too) and it does not match up to absistence when it comes avoiding the disease. Absistence from sex before marriage and remaining faithful to your patner (hope he is faithful to you too) is definitely rewarding in the long run (Look at the postings and you find a hell lot of anxious people around). Some may argue, that by absistence, you dont get to enjoy the joy of sex. But then God did not create life for our enjoyment fully. We need to step back and draw the lines. I feel the reason for this is the extremely free and open life, people lead in this country. Well freedom is always associated with responsibilities.....And life is not definitely for meant for human enjoyment and entertainment.

Saturday March 25, 2006

Guys, get a grip on yourselves. If you are going to die soon, you can still do a hell of a lot while you are alive, so make the best of it. If you are anxiously waiting your test results, chill; and don't make the same mistake again - if you make mistakes drinking alcohol, stay away from it, if it is caused by some weakness of yours, find a way to strengthen yourselves. Be Strong, fellas, be strong.

You all gotta die someday. The most important message that I want to impart is that dying is not all that bad a thing, so chill yourselves about it, if this is what you are facing. And you WILL die someday, so why work yourselves up about it?

Peace brothers and sisters,

Wednesday March 29, 2006
location : New Zealand

God Commands all men everywhere to repent Acts 17.30
Hi there,
i was recently tested and it came negative. But i just wanted to share with everybody that if we were all more careful and listened to God and obeyed his commandments we would live much better. So by Gods Grace this is what i';m trying to do. Instead of trying to live independantly from God we should cling to him like our lives depend upon it. In the book of galatians it states "Do not be fooled for God is not mocked for whatever a man sows he shall also reap". PLease reader do not try to fool God and yourself, repent of your sins and accept Jesus christ as your saviour. He loves you and does not want you to catch any disease. The majority of cases of Hiv Transmission are due to sex outside of marriage. Well we should seek Gods ways and he will see you right. Let us Pray "Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins, we repent of them and ask your forgiveness and ask that you grant us eternal life, in jesus name we pray" AMEN !! He who comes to me i will not cast away John 6.37

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