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Tuesday April 4, 2006
location : Florida, USA

i just wont 2 say that yes god is good and keep beliving in the lord because with out him nothing is possible, amen.

Friday April 7, 2006
location : Florida, USA

This was a very touching story. Although it isn't a very good ending it was good.I am not HIV/AIDS+ so i can't write you saying that i feel your pain but, I can say that I know your journey has been long. For you I can only suggest that you've had a hard life since you were 15. I would personally like to thank you for being brave enough to tell your life of trouble to anyone who reads this site. Your courage of doing that was noticed by me.

Saturday April 8, 2006
location : USA

It would be crazy to ask hoe life is with HIV because I could see what its like. I can't say that I understand because I don't,I don't have either of them. I really just want to say that I pray that you have a long life and may thoes who didi this such thing to anybody get got by God. Even if I don't know you I will pray for you.

Saturday April 8, 2006
location : USA

You are so ture cherish life to the end and don't forget that one dumb move or even one night of pleaure can have you in tears for the rest of your life. You got away with it once but always remember that you may not get away with it a second time. You are brave for telling your story and I give you a lot of credit for coming out with your story.

Tuesday April 11, 2006
location : Canada

hi all
i just wanna say how touched i am with all these stories its really really sad and its killing me inside let me tell you my story.

im 27 years old im divorced ...since i got a divorce i felt lonely ..my ex was clean ..so one day i called the line where u talk to guys and meet up lava chat line so i met this guy and i ended up meeting him he was in his 40's dont tell me why i did i guess i was stupid and didnt think enough about my future..

since i met him at a hotel room nothing happened we didnt have sex we talked and then he went down on me and performed oral sex and fingered me and thats it we didnt kiss nothing happened ..its been 3 weeks now since that happened and i been really scared of getting a HIV cause i didnt know him and when i called him last week and told him if he had any disease and he said no that he is healthy but still im scared and i cant sleep at night ..these days you cant trust any one...

so im scared and if he has it can u still get it through oral sex i didnt perform oral sex on him only he did..

can some one please email me back

Email Author

Wednsday April 12, 2006
location : Botswana

This disease is within my country. Its taking almost everybody old, rich, poor, youth and children. But if we pray with all our hearts the ALMIGHTY will heal our land.

I have tested and I know my status. I was sacared to go there for testing. But how will I know I have the virus? By testing. Let me encourage those who havent tested to get tested. People let us pray, glorify our CREATOR. He is kind. His hands are open, confess and he will forgive you. Be good to others and the world will be a good place to live. Me I am living for HIM. He has done good things for me that is why I am where I am today. PRAISE GOD!

Tuesday April 18, 2006

this site is very useful please continue .

Wednsday April 19, 2006
location : New York

Just wanted to thank you Carolena for your efforts and time with this site. So many lives have been altered just by reading stories from people who are in a similar situation. I know because I am one of these people. I probably would have taken my HIV negative results and continued on with my life as usual but reading these stories had encouraged me to look deeper into this desease. I didn't realise the response I would get after I shared my story. This goes to show you that your efforts in keeping this site up and running has not gone unnoticed by many who need this kind of support. I just want to say that you are doing a great job and God Bless You.

Thursday April 20, 2006
location : California

I cant feel what yall feel but i feel yo pain in i can not sit here and oh be oh i have i have AIDS but i can sit here and tell you i do not want AIDS all the stress yall putting yourself through is unessesary, thinking the way you guys are thinking you going to die. when god calls you home its your time to go when your time comes it comes bacsically what im tring to say is god is just calling yall home a little bit earlier than others. bye love always Martin, god bless yall, AMEN

Thursday April 20, 2006
location : California

Why is it the simple things in life we forget, why can we hear em talking but dont hear what they said, why do we make things in life so complicated searching for whats right searching for whats right of yo face. basically what im tring to say why do we have sex with the first person who gives it up why do we fall in love so easilly for me love is stupid only person who going to really going to love is most likely yo momma from the moment you come out of the whom also god. we give our selfs up so easilly thinking that if we gave ourselves to that person that they are going to love us better. no they will say i love you at the moment but really deep inside they are being really inconsiderate and not thinking about the other persons feeling if people really think when they are drunk they are hurting themselves twice. i dont even wont to even go into the details. but yeah why do we forget shit like that really why cant people hold of till they know they are really ready and when they are they shouold both go get tested together i mean i might love you but love you that much to get AIDS from you or whatever you have. but yeah wrap use a condom its alright to hold of till you know you are ready.

martin 15.5 yrs
love, peace, god bless all you guys i love

Saturday April 22, 2006
location : Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I want to say WOW what a amazing website you have. I was looking at your quiz section. I spent about a hour in your site this afternoon. I liked the concept with your kids section that i have taken the oportunity to include that in our home page of www.edmlivingpositive.ca, I hope you don't mind that i added this site to our website. I was looking at your images like the whole section. Too bad i didn't know of this site 3 years ago when i was planning a trip to Australia. Would it be possible to upload some of your posters/pictures onto our website?

What are of Australia do you have your organization?

Randy Sampert
Living Positive

Hi Randy,Happy to hear that you liked the Quiz and spent so much time looking at the site. Thanks for the link and l'll take a look at your site and perhaps add a link to you also.
More than happy for you to use the images as long as you credit the site and also list who l have credited.
I'm not an organisation, just someone who has done this from my lounge room in Melbourne since 1999. It started as my Masters project and when that was finished, well the site gets so much traffic....about half a million hits per month...that it didn't seem right to shut it down. So on it goes!
Well, good to hear from you and l hope that you had a great time in Australia when you visited!
All the best,
Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Monday April 24, 2006
location : Wisconsin

This is an excellent site and there are some facts that I did not know before coming here. It is an excellent resource that I have passed to my friends. I personally have put my life in danger by having unprotected sex with one person whom I later found had lived a very promiscuius life. He did not care about his life nor my life. Well, I rid myself of him and thank God I am not infected. For 2 years I endangered my life and could right now be living with HIV or Aids.

Thursday April 27, 2006
location : Thailand

My name is Jamie . I co-run an organization called The Chiang Mai Jazz society. We are beginning a project to put on the first International Chiang Mai jazz and blues festival. the festival is planned to take place in December or January and will be large in scale. A substantial portion of revenues from this project will be donated to a charity and we are looking highly favourable at the idea of partnering up with and Aids organization. We would like to find an organization that may be able to help us market they event and help us with some resources.

I would greatly appreciate if you can help me find the right organization. I am hoping to communicate with an organization that has some capabilities in Northern Thailand and has some capabilities to help us market and gain more sponsorship for our event.

Please give me as much info and contacts as you can to find the right people to discuss this with. I think that this event can make a substantial amount of money to combat AIDS in Southeast Asia.

Kind Regards,

Please Email Jamie with suggestions

Thursday April 27, 2006
location : Scotland

Hi my name is audrey and i am a bit worried about hiv! I have just found out that my previous partner had been injecting heroin. I was with him two years ago and not seen him since, I am scared that he might of had hiv! I haven't really been ill in the last two years just the odd cold that i would normaly have.
It's just that now when i am due my period weeks before it i am feeling light headed and very weak also very sore head.
I have had my blood take just before xmas for Arthritis and it came back negitive.
I got three blood tubes taken and one was for infections in my blood aswell i think!
Could you tell me if i had hiv or anything it would of shown up on my blood test? and they would of told me that there was an infection in my blood?
Thanks i hope to hear back from you soon as i am so worried..thank you!

Hello Audrey,
Sorry for my very late response, l don't really run the site to answer emails. My only suggestion is that you need to get tested by a doctor for HIV, this blood test will answer your question. They will not have tested for this unless requested.
Carolena Helderman
project manager
HIV/AIDS Positive Stories

Sunday April 30, 2006
location : Alexandria, LA

I am a 17 year odl senior in high school. I had sex for the very first time on March 21, 2006. The very next day i thought i was pregnant After about 4 test( paranoid) I found that i was not. about two weeks after that I found out a had a yeast infection. I immediately went to the internet. I saw that HIV/AIDS could cause Yeast infections. I began to see the signs and sympytoms of the disease. Now that I think about it most of the symptoms are very vague. I was severly depressed i thought that i had the virus. But i did not tell anyone how i was feeling or what i was going through i figured that i was reckless and dumb that i deserved my outcome whatever it was. I began to see things about AIDS on TV and the radio. I was not scared at all to go and get tested. But i do have to say that those two weeks were the scariest of my life. I thought that I was dying. My body was acting so stupid! confusing the hell out of me. I was so nervous to get the results thank God it came back negative. It was going great; but after ten minutes of getting the good news I still thought about other things like STD's although i was tested negative for them as well. I really do not know what is wrong with me. Mentally that it I dont think that i will ever feel comfortable having sex again. You never know who is infected; most people do not even know that they are!


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