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Monday May 1, 2006
location : GA

Is very sad what's happenig to the world of people, children are sick with HIV, old peolple Young people are infected!! It is sad to see everything that is going on, and see that humanity is sick and scare for the big going on of HIV!! My sister got HIV from her husband, and I was so angry that he has giving her HIV, after that he left her, she was so in love with him, that after he left her, she went out got pregnat by him and stay in my moms house. She is still ok, she does not take any medication, she live in Dominican Republic where she can't get any medication, and the only thing she looks for in life is the next day. I been trying to talk to her about her situation but she tells me that she goes to the Doctor and they always tells her she does not need any medication!! I always tell her!! Those Doctors are going to let you die. She has the HIV now for almost 10 years and still doing fine. So for many of you that are infected and got it few month ago you still have hope!!! Good luck and I wish I can do something, but I think the doctor and many people are trying to get the cure, and you know what!! I think they are very close. Ask God for help he will hear you and help you, because he alway hear his kids in need.!!!Don't forget that God is listening and he will always help if you ask from the hardt, only ask and he will listen, and if you can't hear him!! is because you are not!!listening!!!

Wednesday May 3, 2006
location : Nigeria

Let us not take the grace of God for Granted that someone is free of a perticular crime is a yardstick for us to get involve in it for we may not be free in our turn. please the story of HIV/AIDS is real let us preach it to the whole people we come across even to the whole world. Help me to pass this message on.

Friday May 5, 2006
location : New Zealand

hi my names jemma and im 16 years years old. a couple of years ago me and my friend started getting into some things that we probably shouldnt have. one night when she was staying at my house we were a bit bored and i had some numbers of dealers and we decided to get a foil. that was the first but certainly not the last time we tried marijuana. a couple of months later we were fully hooked on pot we would wag school 2gether and i would go round to her house a few times a week to have a session and we also had a secret spot in our local park. one day we had a huge fight and she told me to f**k off. i was so sad and angry that i needed something strong to numb my pain. thats when i tried heroin and man it was good better than nething id eva tried before. i kept on injecting heroin for the next few weeks whenever my older mates would give me some. after a while they started making me pay for it and coz i had no money i started stealing it off my family and doing the worst thing i never thought id do - prostituton. i used to do it a few nights a week like sneaking out of the house and walking the streets. one day i noticed some weird bumps "down there" so i went to the doctor and told her my story and she tested me for sti's and hiv/aids. when she got the tests back she sat me down and told me the worst thing i have ever heard... that i have hiv. now im trying to get my life back on track but i still havent told my mum. i dont know wat to do or how to tell her. im so scared.

Friday May 19, 2006
location : Germany

...........to make long story short.......I was diagnosed 2001. My Ex-boyfriend infected me and I didn't know I had it. How I know that he infected me ? Well, he was the only man I had back then and there was no other way. I was only 19. 2001 I had a test done in the USA cause I had to go to the Immigration process I was married to an american soldier. on the 08. of January they told me I had HIV................I thought I was dead.

Me and my husband paniced. The Army doctors told me, I may have a few more years..........

Now its 2006, I got a negative daughter and a negative husband !!!!!!!My blood results are fantastic. Taking medication since 2002.
This goes out there for all you people, don't let it get you down!!!!!!!! We can do it.
We are no diffrent than otheres and we are just "VIRUSCARRIERES " and nothing else. Never forget that. If you want write me........................

Email Author

Wednesday May 24, 2006
location : USA

My boyfriend just recently, found out that he was postive for HIV, but I'm not. We have a son together he is 4 months old he is neg also which is really hard for me right now we were going to get married and all that good stuff.He had joined the navy eariler, but two weeks into bootcamp he waws sent homem and he didn't wanna tell me why I knida wonder why he wa spushing hisself away from but never brought up the subject to ask why, I thought he just missed the navy and stuff, so anyway. he tells me that they told him two day ago that he tested postive for HIV, he has never done drugs or any such things in that matter, thats what he says.He had been voulntering with Katrina,with Triage medical and cut himself on accident not knowing the other person was sick or well,w ho he was helping was HIV postive, he gave no thought at all he just did his part of helping others.at this present time Iam lost for words to say to him if there's something that I could say 2 him please help me I would be very greatful for anyword of wisdom.

Monday May 29, 2006
location : India

Hello dear sir/medam, i want to know how would prevent from hiv +ve. acctually my family member has hiv positive so how would we prevent.

Tuesday May 30, 2006

My name is Kate,
I took a trip to your site: http://www.hivaids.webcentral.com.au and was very impressed with its content.

I'm the webmaster of the non profit news blog The Aids Awareness Blog at: http://aidsawareness.typepad.com/.The blog collects all the latest information and news about HIV/AIDS.

As this issue is very important I would appreciate your support in promoting our mutual cause by linking to us from your site.

I'll be happy to link back from our home page (kindly allow me to know how you would like your link to look like).

I look forward to your response and support in spreading this important issue.

Kind Regards

World Awareness Organization

Thursday June 1, 2006
location : USA

hi everyone i am deeply sorry for those who live with hiv i was thinking about this disease i cry eventhough i dont have tears people who dont know about this disease it sad because we catch like flu some people depend on condom when i talk about condom there is no warning sign you catch this disease thru condom too if the condom is broke i think the campany should put the warning like cigarete campany i mean some people dont have expriece with safe sex or they dont know how many std disease are they should put warning sign this condom campany killing poeple even my freind he got through protected sex they resposile.thank you god bless you.

Sarurday June 3, 2006
location : USA

Hey i had read just abbout all of your storys and it is very touching. I would never think that so many people would get the hiv virus. My heart goes out to all those infected by this virus. I know now at a early age want to do in situations like yall.
Love, Briyanna

Monday June 5, 2006
location : USA

Well it all started a year ago. I met this girl on yahoo messenger who claimed to be my age and into the same stuff as I was so we were cool. About a year later I had just gotten over this other girl of whom I had not had sex with but loved with all my heart. I began talking to this net buddy again and eventually I invited her to come see me in my town. She did and in the back seat of my car I lost my virginity to her, protected, except for when I went down on her for like only 3 seconds. There are two things that frighten me about this. Well first she lied when she said she was 17 like me, but in fact she was 14. She claimed she was a virgin as well but she did not bleed when we had intercourse :(. And the other thing I'm worried about is that about a month later I got a sore throat, a 101 fever with night sweats, swollen lymph nodes in my throat and just a general crummy feeling. I have always been prone to sinus infections and thats what the doctor said I had since I was blowing out a little green but I dunno...If anyone has any advice I would appreciate an e-mail. God-bless to all and thanks!

Tuesday June 6, 2006
location : USA

Hi my name is Patricia I found out I was hiv positive in 2000, I feel so healty I cant believe that it actually happen to me, I done nothing about it until 2003 I got knock up and I had to start taking med, for the sake of my child. he is hiv neg and my baby father is also hiv neg. but im still fighting this virus and praying that one day they find a cure.

Sunday June 11, 2006
location : New York, USA

I was reading the story about the woman who got Aids from a blood transfusion. I also acquired Aids from a blood transfusion I had twenty-two years ago. Over the years, I've had two opportunistic infections and at one time doctors did not think I would make it. I guess it wasn't my time as I am doing well now. I would love to hear from people who are living with the virus as we all need a kind ear

From someone who understands what we go through. Please write HIV in the subject line so I will know it is not spam. Remember, you are not alone.

Email Author

Wednesday June 14, 2006

I happen to know the person who exposed many women to HIV while married. He is still out there doing the same thing. So ladies be very very careful. He also has family members that are putting them self out there as well and don't care.

Thursday June 15, 2006
location : USA

Hello, I had a friend that i grew up with and high school to, she started dating this guy. years later he come down with hiv than later my friend i am writing about grew up with come down with hiv later on in yr 2ooo, shethey are bolth deacese. i, would like to know how important it is to use safe sex. thank you

Wednesday June 21, 2006
location : India

I want to know if AIDS can be transmitted by getting a permanant tatoo ?

Friday June 23, 2006
location : USA

Hi there, Im 15 and have been into vampirism for about seven days, man, that is sure a rush, recently there was a vampire party down the street from my house, i live in a big area. My friend and I decided to go and we got a little drunk. There was someone bleeding in the corner so we drank there blood. I regret ever doing it because now i feel like I have aids and im getting tested tommorow, please dont be foolish like me and do something like this.

Wednesday June 28, 2006
location : USA

Hello I am the daughter of a person with aids. I found out my mother had aids two years ago, although I am aware of all the medicine available I was still devistated. My mother has had the virus for ten years and I must admit she is in good condition. Sometimes when I look at my mother all I can think about is waking up and her not being here. I always ask my mother "Are you getting sick on me" her response is always the same "there are people who are not sick and are in worse condition than I am so I understand that your scard but lets not dwell on the fact that Im sick but what we should be doing is making the best of our time together." I recentaly had a baby and it makes me so happy to see my mom's face when she hold her grand child. I admire my mother bravery she is a very strong women and I am proud of her for staying positive evenon days when she does not feel to good.

Wednesday June 28, 2006
location : USA

I don't have a question, however i have a story to tell everyone. i want to advise everyone who thinks they are hiv positive and are going out of they mind, to just take the test.

I took the test like 6 times and just took a rapid hiv test today, the results came back negative, and i am so happy and have a peace of mind. I was convinced i was hiv positive, i was with a guy who just came out of prison and there was rumors going around that he had indulged in homosexual sex in prison. I finally gained the courage to take the test three years after an incident where the condom got stuck in my uterus while having sex with him.

I thank god that i am negative and suggest everyone to take the hiv rapid test.

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