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Thursday, August 24, 2006
location : Kenya

My story about one man who has lived with hiv aids for a long time and though a heavy driker he has managed to survive for over 18 years most of time i do pray for this man for he mingles so well with other people so nicely that no one cares much about him or stigma that goes with in central kenya. Though i have never had a time with this man i heard reliably her wife whom he has lived with for a long time is negative plus their kids

Thursday, August 24, 2006
location : Texas, USA

Hi there - I thought this might be of interest to your readers:

Press Release 22nd August 2006
Test for HIV immunity released.

It seems some humans are resistant to infection by HIV – and it’s in their genes. Delta32 Gene Testing Labs, a company based in Sydney, Australia has just announced the release of a commercially available test for the CCR5 delta 32 gene mutation. This gene confers resistance to infection by HIV in humans. Around 10-20% of the caucasian general population and lower percentages of other groups have 1 copy of this gene. Research studies have shown that whilst one copy of the gene does not provide a barrier to infection, it can slow the progression of latent HIV infection to AIDS. Conversely, 2 copies can render an individual highly resistant to infection by the majority of strains of HIV. Although only 1-3% of the caucasion general population have 2 copies of the delta32 gene mutation, as high as 20-30% of groups at high risk of HIV infection have 2 copies. Very few individuals with 2 copies of the gene have ever been recorded as being infected by the virus. Whilst other human genes can yield resistance to HIV, the delta32 gene mutation is one of the better characterised examples. Delta32 Gene Labs is offering the test to consumers for US$160. DNA samples are taken by the customers via a cheek swab and sent through the mail. The company states that it provides the service for the information of customers only, it is not considered as a diagnostic. Irrespective of the genetic status of individuals, the company strongly encourages the use of safe sex practices. Any decisions taken as a result of the test should be dicussed with a physician or genetic counsellor beforehand.

Saturday, August 26, 2006
location : Texas, USA

Ever since the age of 13 i known something was wrong with my mom. i never knew what it was. I had an internship in project AIDS.i use to do research on the pills my mom took. i wanted to know what was wrong. two years later i went to an appointment with her and by mistake the doctor asked her in front of me how was her hiv virus..i was shocked and imediatly i was asked to leave the room. when my mom was done i pretended like i had not heard anything the doctor had said.for years i knew what she had but we would never talk about it. i knew she thought i would probably not love her anymore, because of her condition. it's been so hard for me to deal with this.it's very depressing and stressful to be seeing her in the hospital and knowing that very soon i will lose her forever. i just always ask myself why her? why me?..i'm now almost 21 yrs old and we still don't talk about her condition..i know time is running out and i don't know how to approach her. what should i do?

Friday, September 8, 2006
location : Uganda

Thank you so much for this informative and educative site. I am adding my voice to the millions out there who believe success. In my Community we have been teaching about VCT and behavor chabge among our people.

The response is encouraging but as the saying goes Howver Big an Eye is, Two are better. We have a Post Test Club of 84 Members, 67 Negative and the rest negative. We want Encouragement,Hope and Love from people who visit this site sending us words of Hope and sharing with us as this will prove to the world that together we are wining this battle.

We meet every Friday and share, Drama,sing and hold religous sermons which keeps us together in a frindly loving and caring environment.

Hope to hear from You All. Rememmber we either win or the virus losses.

Thank You God Bless You All.

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Friday, September 8, 2006
location : Texas, USA

I am a mother of 3 i was diagnosed with HIV in Nov 2005 all this is new to me at first i was scared and i didnt know what to do then reality stepped in and i realized i have to live for my children and not let HIV take over my life i dont need treatment yet but i decided to start i work and take care of my children and spend time with all my family every now and then i think about how dumb i was for not protecting myself its to late then i'll tell myself its to late for that so now i stress to my family about protecting themselves even though 3 people know in my family about my status..

Monday, September 11, 2006
location : Texas, USA

Hi everyone
I to have deal with the fact that I could be hiv postive, but I got my result and they came back negative.to me it hard to trust people in general. Their have been stories where I heard husbands giving to their wifes in the result of cheating. Which leaves me asking this. They promote teens to wait to have sex until their married but recently the stories I heard are from married couples. Now they promte to have safe sex ALWAYES. So to me this defeats the purpose of getting married or is it just relgious thing.Because regardless if you are married or not, if you dont use condoms you are at risk of contracting HIV/ADISOr other STDS.What will they promote next?

Monday, September 18, 2006
location : USA

I am writing regarding the 17 year old in the phillipeans... You should not have to live your life in fear of hiv/aids. You should just live your life and go do things just to have fun.. I agree with the view on your story. No one should have to go through that kind of pain and agony. If getting tested over and over again will help you then you should, but just relax and have fun and enjoy life while you still have it... Worry about it only when the test says positive and not until then. God bless you all!!! God
loves you!
17 Y.O in the Phillipines

Saturday, September 23, 2006
location : Florida,miami

i have had sex with alot of people and i took an HIV test andaim very scared for myself and i just hope that it comes out negative cuz i love my life but i took it for granted before and my new boyfriend now knows about my past i pray and pray god is wit me

Sunday, September 24, 2006
location : UK

hi im charlie, I don't have HIV but i was interested to hear about all the stories on this site, and find out about all the pain that the people had to go through. I wish that I will never get it!! I am really sorry that all those people have to go through that. i have heard other stories such as sick and twisted people who have been putting needles in phone boxes that contain HIV so that when some one puts their hand in to geh the change, the needle would stab them. thank you for reading my message and im relly sorry but think about it this way- you are no different to any one else so don't let them say otherwise!!!!! ;D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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