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Sunday, October 1, 2006
location : USA

Faithful Wife, Unfaithful Husband

Just a note of caution to any men who may be thinking about having a little 'fling.' I'm almost 60 years old. I am a Minister. My husband's lack of judgement has brought HIV into my life and into my body. Please think twice.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

im dating someone who is poz..his face has sunk in.. he states hes has been hiv+ for 20 years, drug use.. he smoke and drink, this can not be healthy--no sex has happended we've been dating foe 4 mos

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
location : UK

im male 30 married with one son. this time idon't know i got hiv however im scare. because 27 of sep 2006 i met a lady. after i met her we doing sex. b4 i doing sex i weared 2 condoms together for protection but during the sex both of them was brokend.i knew this b4 ejaculation. So i finished and left from there. After that i knew she was a really big prostitute. Now im afraid for hiv. could u please send information about this and tell me what i do next.

Monday, October 16, 2006
location : USA

iHi! I just stoped by to tell you GOD is in control. I was in a comitted relationship married and ten years ago when i was carring our third child i was given the news. I have had no illness never been sick and this is my tenth year. So you will get through just no he has a plan you may not see it or understand why but you will make it. If you need to talk someone to listen you no how to contact me. Be safe.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
location : USA

iIn response to anyone who doesn't understand that HIV/AIDS can be prevented: USE A CONDOM. Do not have unprotected sex and do not have sex when you are under the influence.

I really wish that people wouldn't use this site to tell us about religion. Most religious people say AIDS is Gawds way of killing the gay people, and we really do not want to hear all this stuff. Save your religion for your church. It is not your gawds plague. We are not evil bad people.

Anyway: to the 17 year old virgin: If you feel the need to have sex, make sure to use protection. Value yourself enough to have a relationship first, and one where the person also values you enough to wear a condom. You should both talk about testing before the condom comes off.

Thanks for reading this.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
location : Indonesia

iHi! I'm not a HIV Positive, but i have friend who has a positive HIV AIDS. When i was child, i have one bestfriend, you can call him "Jack". He is my bestfriend who i ever had. He's always beside me when i need him. But, when i was in elementarry school, i never met him again. I never know, where is he?

When i graduated from my elementarry school, i met him again. but he has been different person. He used drugs. I shocked about it. but he's still one of my bestfriends. He always told me that he wanted to get well. But god have his own ending story.

My friend finally passed away in 2004.
Until now, i still remember him and he's always in my heart.....

I hope he has a peace in god side.I hope You can get much meaning from this story like i do too....

Sorry, my english is bad. Because i'm only 16 years old and ordinary girl.

Thursday, October 19, 2006
location : Tacoma

iI am suggesting that you add writing tips, or presntation tips for those who want to submit their stories.

Writing styles capture something about a person, perhaps their age, education, situation and country they come from or level of English. This ste is here to capture the essence of what a person feels and l've made it a point not to re-write, correct or edit the stories that come in.
I hope that you understand my decision and l would not like to ask people to follow a style or meet a writing standard.
HIV AIDS Positive Stories Website

Saturday, October 21, 2006
location : Canada

Hi Carolena,

I just read the story that Sam from Melb, Aus wrote. I was wondering if you ever hear from him if you could pass on my e-mail address to him. I share a similar story to his. I am also a young person livng with a incurable virus. It breaks my heart and it depresses me so much that I live with this and to see other young people living with it. Maybe if him and I talk we can start some sort of healing process together as friends and someone he can talk to that won't judge him and may feel comfortable talking to because of the distance between us. It is really good to talk to someone and get things off of your chest and will make people think twice about wanting to commit suicude.
Being from Canada makes it so hard for us to communicate to each other but we have e-mail and instant messaging and would be better then nothing.
On another note I know Melbourne very well and I have spent a lot of time in RMIT.
Thank you so much for your time and I really hope you are able to help.
Sam's Story

Sorry Crystal,
I never heard back from Sam but perhaps he will visit the site again.
HIV AIDS Positive Stories Website

Saturday, November 4, 2006
location : St Lucia

I slept with a man the first time i met him we were just chilling on the beach and i was under the influence of alcohol one thing lead to another he was on top of me then he told me he ejaculated in me i dont know what to do i have a boyfriend of 5 yrs am scared to go for a test and i have not slept with my boyfriend people please dont b a fool like me now i have to cry myself to sleep why why why

Sunday, November 5, 2006
location : UK

Great site and good info. A couple of comments

Re HIV testing - rapid finger jab test kits are now used in some areas of (certainly the UK if not in other wetern countries)

Re quiz 3, q3, you advise people to wait a month before telling anyone about a pos. result. With the criminalisation of HIV trasmission in many countries now, might it not be better to advise people to tell sexual partners?


Monday, November 6, 2006
location : London

Hi everyone,
Before coming to this site l would say nothing would have prepared me to share my story with the world. ln 2001 l was admitted into hospital with headaches, but to my horrors l had menengitis and as if it wasn't enough l tested HIV+. ln 2003 l had an abnormal smear test and it turned out l had Cervical Cancer which meant having a complete hestereactomy followed by radiotherapy. But today lam on remission for cancer and my viral load is undetectable.



Please stay strong and remember a problem shared is a problem solved.

Saturday, November 11, 2006
location : Brisbane, Australia

Hi my name is Paul and I have been HIV positive for 18 years. I spent many years living in Sydney and Melbourne. I have just read Sam's story and I just wanted to let people like him and all others know that HIV is not a death sentance. Twice I have come close to death but on both occasions new treatments have come out and I am still going strong!!

I now work full time in a very important job and beleive me when I say that if I can do it anyone can! All anyone needs is a positive out look and a good doctor.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006
location : Detroit, USA

I am a 19 yr old male from Detroit and have a had 1 basic sex partner but have slept around alot also iv had torn rubbers as well as oral sex and unprotected sex with WOMEN (NOT GAY). I wasnt really worried until my penis started like drooling when i was just standing around and i had a large lump under my left leg. So i eventually picked up my balls and had the courage to get tested. I took the test on monday nov 6th 2006. and wouldnt know the results until the 8th those were the longest 2 days of my life only to find out my results were negative.AMEN but my heart trulty goesout to those with hiv. I am sooo blessed i can only thank god for those results. I would say that the best thing to do is to get tested.

Thursday, November 16, 2006
location : Australia

I just read a girl's account about being terrified she has HIV... I can definately relate!! I too was did really well at school and was the kind of kid every parent wanted - virginal and well-behaved and had all my shit together - then after I graduated I put on a lot of weight, drank heavily and had sex (often unprotected) with so many guys to make myself feel better. (As if it ever did though!) I am booked in for an HIV test next week and am absolutely terrified it will be positive. This is especially so as I'm just about to graduate from uni and am trying to turn my self-destructive behaviour around. I honestly have no idea what I will do if it is a positive result, it makes me sick to think that a couple of years of stupidity could ruin my life, I'm so scared it will be mean no guy will ever touch me again and that i'll never have kids... I'm so mad at myself for thinking I was worth nothing and that my low self-esteem could result in me having this disease... I hope and pray it is negative so I can live and learn from all this without it ultimately killing me!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hi Carolena,
I am also called Sam. It was very sad reading his story. I havent even got a positive result yet from the tests, and yet i feel like my life is ruined. Let me try to explain my ordeal..

Back in 1998 i went to an escort (female) she was young and it wasnt long before that the place got raided by police as it was illegal thus even further increasing my fears..though i seemed to keep strong till oneday August 2005 i went and had an HIV test, it came back negative... after that i had more problems with my lips stiffness etc, so i went to my doctor again and had another HIV test and all the other STD tests... again negative and around August 2006 i decided to give blood to the Red Cross.. and again negative...but my question is? Could this HIV virus be avoiding detection? if my immune system is strong?

I better explain my situation witht the escort. I wsa too nervous to get aroused so she used projection but what worried me is that she kissed me a few times? what if she had ulsers in her mouth. Anyway, today i am not feeling good hence, writing to you. I have cracked lips and the usual dry sort of throat ive had since the end of 2006, and there appears to be blood blouches inside my lip. I've never had these problems before hence my fear about HIV!!!!  


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

When I checked this website and I read some stories, i cried. Now im writting the story of my life, presently im living far away from family because of my work, i couldn't imagine ever in my life that we will face a this kind of problem. One day I received a phone call from my mother, saying a bad news that my brother-in-law is HIV positive, in very first I was shocked, im speechless, praying that it just a dream and I want to wake-up, but it is not, it is real. First person come out in my mind is my sister, the big possibilities she is also infected of said virus. I cried in the phone,i want to fly back to my family on that time. I talked to my sister trying to convice her to under go for a test, but she dont want even also for her kids. I feel pity to my niece and nephews they are very young to suffered to this kind of problem and I am afraid also that they will be infected also. As of now this problem, I keep by my self, i cannot share it to my friend even to my best friend.

Tuesday, November 24, 2006
location : Texas, USA

hey teen listen i am 15 yrs old just had sex with my boyfriend first time every it not great listen to me i mean it i love him i am glad it was with him and i waited until i got a promise ring but it still was not great and believe me alrigth.. and also remeber though you love them dont always give in and dont write down that you have had sex on paper that how my mom knows and i go tommorow to find out if i am pregnate. p.s dont do it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2006
location : Wales

This is to all that tested positive. By sharing your stories you‚ve shown that you care for others by letting them know that there are STD‚s. For this I am humbled and grateful to you. I just wish there were more people like you, who appreciate life.

To Sam (thinking of you)
Do not look at the sombre side of life,But at its bright side At every moment. Life is quite often an uncontrollable Stream of events.

Live your life second by second. If you want to be successful. Is there any life that is disappointment free? The only keys to a happy life:

Forgiveness and selflessness.
The outer life has no meaning
If it is not supported
By the inner world.
Life will not
Remain forever
An unfulfilled dream.
You must keep your faith alive
All the time,
Even when the whole world
Tortures you.


I never heard back from Sam but perhaps he will visit the site again.
HIV AIDS Positive Stories Website

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
location : Illinois, USA


Dear Stephen's wife,
I deeply admire your sense of stability. I'm sure I would have reacted they way you did if I first found out I had tested HIV+. I think doing what you did, choosing to deal with it and using your Catholicism and God to support you, was heroic. You should in no way be ashamed to let people (your family and friends) know that you are positive for HIV and have AIDS. You are who you are, and your friends should be proud and defiant of your stubbornness to lead a faithful, healthy life though still not be afraid of death. You set a good example that maybe they cannot even match. Even when the disease takes you in the end, you can leave them with lessons and teachings you have discovered and expressed.

Personally I think God has blessed you because of your great ability to hear Him and continue to be faithful at a time when it is expected by others you may be discouraged or in despair due to your condition. That is the reason your Cd4 count is rising--that and your amazing outlook on life. Continue to do what you're doing, because it's wonderful.
Liz, age 15

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