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Thursday, December 7, 2006
location : Texas, USA


Thursday, December 14, 2006

hey whats up well i just wanted to say becarefull when you have sex because you may end up with anything im very lucky person because i have had sex very many time with different people nad i DO not have anything so just be safe.

Thursday, December 14, 2006
location : Durban

I have been sexual active with one guy for 2 years there was a time when we had a blood transmission and i did see it, after that i got invloved with another guy we were using condoms up until one day we had 2min sex at the office desk, i found out he had a child and that while he was invloved with me he was sleeping with somebody else, and i got involved with my fiance and one night we slept and i found out he had unprotected sex with her cheating girl.

He wants us to go and test and that he is sure he does not have hiv and i want to test before christmas and know my status before it too late, but i am scared to do all my other partners they say if i have aids it my fault cause they are clean and they are sure.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006
location : West Virginia, USA

Hey Everyone..

I am not hiv aids positive but i am here to let you know that there are people out there that can help you and that know what your going through... your not alone! I am always here if you need to talk to amyone ... i unedrstand how hard it is to be going through this stuff but you cant just give up... you have a lif and a choice and i know that sometimes you get scared and its normal! everyone dose.. but when that happens just remember that your not alone you have God to turn to when you think no one else is there...i just wanted to get it out there that your not alone and people care...!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006
location : Florida, USA

Hey guys...

I want to share my story with you....
I am 23 years old and I had a very wild life...

I had a lot of unprotected sex with several different guys. For a long time I thought I was infected.

I couldn't sleep at night, I used to get depressed and stuff.
I was so scared to get tested, but anyways.... I got pregnant!!!

When I went to the doctor, they made me have so many blood work, and I was so scared of the results, but I just gave all my worries and problems on God's hands.

I just got my results yesterday and I am HIV negative.
I am so happy and I praise the Lord every day for always protecting me.

Please, dont be scared to get tested, its worth it!!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007
location : VA Beach

you all are so brave with your stories and your words. in life we live and are affected by life a life god created. we are all innocent.

we are not in true control of aids, or anything in this world for that matter because we did not create it. i want people to quit looking at people with illnesses like they are a stigma. people arecomplex and should not be judged or mistreated because of 1 area of their lives. we all can learn from aids. we all can learn from aids whats really important in this life. we can deal with issues such as discrimination. human acceptance. and compassion. if any of you need me please email me. i want all of us to get through this life called hell together.

no i am not hiv positive but i dont ever have to be to care and to listen. my heart is yours . i care and love you all.

Thursday, January 4, 2007
location : Oregon, USA

i think that all this is dumn it is there own falt that they did this but i do agree that we should not judge them for haveing hivs,

i do not have hiv but i do have a freaind that is and i think that he is a better person like this

Tuesday, January 9, 2007
location : Australia

I must say I emperthise with all those Affected by this disease, yet I would like too encourage all too, truely seek gods help!If you dont believe in Him I must say pray that he will give you a Heart of Healing to Believe. Why spend it alone, with so much termoil going on inside the heart and head. Ive Been a positive Guy for20 years and only recently gone on ARV and only been a believer in Christ 18 YET!!! Religion NO

HOPE YES! so please dont give up. Bill

Thursday, January 11, 2007
location : California, USA

Just to clarify: HIV does not take more than 180 days to show up in your blood. WHere anyone got the idea that this disease takes 15 years to show, I cannot say. It is not a sneaky disease, it is aggressive and destructive, however, you can protect yourself from it at any age by always using condoms when you have sex! Never ever have unprotected sex..don't have sex when you are high on drugs or alcohol, because you could forget to practice safe sex, or have rough sex, and break a condom. Become educated about this and other STD's and in this way, you can take charge of your body and be safe!

I am a counselor for HIV positive individuals, and if anyone needs to talk, please feel free to contact me!

Email Author

Friday, January 12, 2007
location : California, USA

To start with, I was four months pregnant when I got a miscarrage. After four months my husband went for an HIV/AIDS test and tested positive. He persuaded me to go for HIV test, luckly enough I was so confused but my results came out negatively. Now my problem is, Is it possible for a married couple who practice unprotected sex that the other partner could test negatively and the other positively? I really find this hard to believe especially when the results show the wife as the one negative. How can that happen especially because the woman is the one always receiving? How can this be explained?

Email Author

Monday, January 22, 2007
location : Rhode Island, USA

i'm responding an email to guy in the philippines. I felt the same too. I agree with you that 1 year is too long to wait. i'm a nurse and i've exposed to positve hep c patient and now i'm in protocol, but i'm still scared. i could not go sleep and always crying. i felt the same way how you feel. i wish i've chosen another career, but i like what i do. well, now u learned your lesson. Past is the past, u cannot undo about it. Just think about those people who had been diagnosed with many diseases. thank god that u only one virus in your system. there are many people out there who are very ill and stays in hospital for so many days. Always think positive and go to church and pray. Meditate also helps and relieve your stress. i've never visited this website until i've exposed to positive patient. i'm always a clean person. anyway, always eat healty so that you u can increase your immune system and exercise.

i hope it helps.i'm from the philippines too but studied here in the united states.
take care

Monday, January 22, 2007
location : Rhode Island, USA

i'm responding an email to a nurse who had been exposed to positive patient. You and I are in the same situation. i'm in protocol for 1 year. i am upset that it happened to me because i live in a health lifestyle and now my seems to be going to changed. i don't know what to do anymore. i felt like i want to have freinds who are going throught what i'm going through. i still cannot accepted for what happened to me. Though i don't know if i'm positive or not, but i already felt like i am. i regret chosing this career but i enjoy what doing.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007
location : Australia

hi my name is Kelley and i am 19 yrs old and have 2 small children and i am also conviced i have hiv i have been tested many time all neg but in my younger day i did use alot of drug and share needles not only that by the time i was 14 i have had sex with 12 people all unprotected i was with a man for 5 yrs we have 2 wonderful kids together but now we are no longer together and since then i have had unprotected sex with 2 men one of them is bi and high risk the other i dont even no the first thing about i think i am a ticking time bomb .

Thursday, January 25, 2007
location : Northern Ireland

hello i would just like to say i find some of your stories very moving and i would also like to say to mellisa that she shouldnt be scared of having sex it is a natural thing just as long as she uses condoms and is safe IN FUTURE hopefully with someone you love and id also like to say to all you other hiv positive people to have faith for tomorrow is another day! xoxo

Friday, January 26, 2007
location : USA

I am a 30 year old straight female. I have taken many many HIV tests in my lifetime due to the fact that I have always been very sexually active and not always safe. I have had numorous partners. My last test was 2.5 years ago while i was sleeping with this guy who had his whole body covered in tattoos, was in prison for 2 years and slept with everything that walked. Against my better judgement, we had unprotected sex. My last test was negative. Since then I have had unprotected six with 4 people. I was in 2 1 year relationships. I went for my annual gynocological exam and my doctor casually mentioned taking an HIV test. It was like she read my mind because I have been thinking about it alot lately. I took it yesterday. I am terrified! I just went through a terrible break up with a man I am so in love with, I am living with my parents and my work is suffering. My goal is to find this out now, while my stress is so high, and make better life decisions moving forward. I want to get closer to God and be a better person. Please pray for me. your stories have all been very encouraging and I thank you for that.

Sunday, January 28, 2007
location : USA

I am curious to know if you know if drinking blood that is not of your own is harmful to you if the donor does not have AIDS/HIV? I read through your story and i understand it fully. i am in the goth-culture at the moment. loving the darkness but turning myself towards a individualist rather then a goth. I am curious on if drinking blood that is of a different blood type is any different from drinking your own blood type. as well as the sickness. no one seems to understand that when you drink blood your body cannot take it and they eel sick. other then that some are just saying that they havent got sick to make them look like they are more of a vampire that they are not.

Tuesday, January 30 2007
location : South Africa

i was beside myself with fear.i had slept with a dodgy guy and the condom had slipped off.i was working in london at the time as a hairdresser and was freaking out.i waited for the 3 month period before i got testd and they tested me for syphillis,hiv,gonorreah and hepatitis.the results came back negative.ihad slept with this guy and developed flu symptoms about 3 weeks afterbefore i did that test.i waited another 2years to be tested again and this time went private to a doctor who did the test.hiv1 and 2 .litmus paper tests,negative.i know what it is like to think you are positive but also know what it is like to be positive thinking you are positive!to all those out there,a positive mind is the best empowerment there is.

Wednesday, January 31 2007
location : Indonesia

Praise Lord Jesus for everthing happen in our life. don't hurt yourself with sorrow, sad and stress because it is not help you but come first to The Lord in Your pray and You must trust by FAITH that Lord is care, faithfull, love and protect you although everyone go away from you. HE is always be with you, He can Heal you and safe you in His arms. i want to share and tell to you God Mercy and Grace in my life. Honestly i have many struggle in my family but when i come to The Lord He give me strength and joyful and i trust that HE is Alive and He is my Redemeer. i want to introduce to you who give me salvation He is my Saviour of my soul and king of Majesty HE is Lord Jesus Christ. and i trust that if you come with pray and recieve Him as your Saviour He will come in your heart and in your life and give you Salvation and hope for your future. and don't give up...Trust HIM because nothing is imposible for HIM. whatever what the doctor says by FAITH you can Heal only in the name of Jesus Christ. enjoy your day with praise and worship don't look how big your disease but look How BIGGEST Our God. this is the beautyful verse from the bible in John 6 : 40 ""And this is will of Him who sent Me, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in HIm may have everlasting life; and will raise him up at the last day". Jesus Loves us

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