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Saturday, November 3, 2007
location : Canada

Hi I am a 28 year age male, and I had an unprotected sex two months ago this was the second time for me to have unprotected sex with a woman.

so what I say I shocked and regret I felt so stupid I asked myself many many times why I did that why with a short time I mad a big mistake that can put my life in danger. And you all know that test for HIV doesn't show very fast after three weeks of that day I went to the doctor for a test and the doctor told me I should take the test now and three months later so the first test came negative and I have some night sweet joint pain,little skin rush stress I am so scared not from death but you know every body will die one day but if I live even 24 hours I want to live healthy that is all.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hi ppl :) my name is andrew im 30yrs ' the last 2yrs i have become very bi curious . 6months ago i met a guy who i called to meet after taking his number from of the back of a toilet door from a public toilet which i never thought i would do.especially of how carefull of std of have always been in the past and what has held me back in the past from being with a gay man is the worry of aids. Anyway we met he was about 50yr very average tho i didnt care i was just xted to xperience stuff and fullfill fantasys. we only met once due t distance but now 6months l8r i am worried i may caught hiv as i am having terrible night sweats where i wake up soaked all over i have heard this can be a sign of hiv and now my anxiety is very high with worry. today i got std hiv blood test and the next week will be the longest week of my life. thanks for listening . feel free to share any advice or storys . andrew.

Sunday, November 25, 2007
location : South Wales, UK

I was diagnosed as being HIV+ in March 2OO7. I have had no support but I cope with it as its inner strength. My message to others with it is not to give in as this virus wants a fight so give it one as dont let it ruin you as a person & your not alone.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
location : Bronx, USA

hii every-1...well i have reading ur stories and i have been hiv+ since the day i was born..i contracted it through my mom, through birth...i am very beautiful and living a good life...i met the love of my life who is hiv-, he is in jail right now but i am in school and working as a real-estate agent...as long as u take care of urself..everything will be alright! by the way i am only 21 years old:-)

Friday, December 14, 2007
location : Georgia, USA

Well I really do not have aids but I am 15 years old and I found out that the person most important to me had aids. I t hurt me dearly. To think he had actually tried to have sex with me and to think I almost gave in. I just want to tell all teens to stay celebent and don't give in!


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