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  Friday, July 4, 2008
location : UK

I got my test results yesterday after having spent two years thinking i had HIV. The results came back negative, thank God, but i have loads of sympathy with everyone that has the disease as i kind of feel i had it.

Friday, July 4, 2008
location : Italy

God is Faitful
Sorry for my english,but I have a story to be told, and this is about how faiful God is. My brother was diagnosted HIV+ one year ago, his CD4 count was only 129, he was loosing weight and was very ill. He started teraphy, but his CD4 count has not increase, this is 12 months later, but his health is a good as anyone without the disease. He knew God from before, but has runned away from him, after the diagnosis he returned and gave his life completly to the Lord, he serves in a church as missionary, but regarless of the test results, he is doing great, he has gained 20 kilos, which is something like 38 pounds, he is not tired or sick, he is all fun and laugh, this is a miracle from God, God is faitful, I invite you to take this chance and make a change in your life, and let the lord decide when is your time. He has die for us, and he will heal all your sickness and sadness,allow him to work in your life. and enjoy the best.
God Bless you, It can be done with God.He is the best doctor around and he loves you so much. The price has been paid.

Saturday, July 26, 2008
location : India

First of all let me congratulate you on trying to bring awareness on the issue which is still so ignorant in most parts of this world. To give knowledge to someone is the best possible thing and with your own efforts you are proving just that. Hats off for the work that you are doing.

I have sent this messsge to enquire about the person called delarise melqueeny who is from south africa and has given her story here which ends in 2006. I would like to know where she is at the moment and how she is doing as her story really inspired me. Please give me any information you have about her.I would just want to know if she is fine.I would be awaiting your response at the earliest.


Thursday, Auguast 14, 2008
location : Uganda

Praise God Brethren,

I was delighted to land on your website. I have been HIV positve for the last 5 years and am so thankful to the Lord how He has sustained me. I acquired the virus back then when i was living in sin and disobedience to GOD.I have never taken any medication and yet have never had any sickness. I prayed to God that if he heals me i will use my health to serve Him the rest of my life. I believe the Lord is healing me because i am improving everyday. Thank the Lord who has given me this gift of faith.

Stand with me in prayer.
To God be the glory

Tuessday, Auguast 26, 2008
location : South Africa

Guys I'm facing a difficult situation here, Last month I had unprotected sex with just a girl I knew for one day and this is worring me every second because I can't stop thinking about this. After a couple of days I got the news that this girl is HIV positive and the reason why she wanted to sleep with me is because she wanted to get me infected by the virus, guys I thought I was brave but right now I am so scared, I've got a straight girlfriend and she‚s faithful to me and the problem is, how do I tell her the story? Sometimes we don‚t use a condom and its freaks me out since I'm suspecting myself that I'm infected with the virus. But I have the strength and hope..I know GOD is watching me and listens to my prayers, God will keep me negative I pray every now and then and I know it was the most silly mistake I've ever done in my life but I do have faith in hime that if I‚m positive I will test negative after three months. I have not yet gone for any test but since I came acr
oss this site I will go for it and God will be with me all the way, he will protect me and I believe nothing is impossible to God and I will keep on praying to God for the rest of my life even if I'm positive. I have forgiven the girl who slept with me without a condom knowing very well she‚s positive
Guys please pry for me and please know and believe that God is there looking after us. I hope this was a lesson from God that I must not cheat. Praise the man above he will heal those who are infected only if you belive he will this man has magic and once you belive in him you wil see his magic. Please pray for me guys. I will be going for my teast soon..


Tuessday, September 9, 2008
location : South Africa

For Pamella and a good brother in law
I'm 36 been living with hiv for the past eighty (8)and started taking arvs 2 years back,it breaks my heart to hear your story. All i can say there is power in prayer and would like you to know that most of the people who discriminate against people with hiv are not educated and they don't even know their own status .Pamela you must live evryday as if its you last i know its deficult,but believe me when i say there is time for evrything the LORD hears your prayers and i pray for arvs to reach you in time i lived for 4years without them so just be strong and hold on .DON'T LET ANY ONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE ,WHAT THE LORD CAN DO FOR ME I BELIEVE HE CAN DO FOR YOU.AS FOR YOU BROTHER PLEASE KEEP UP WHAT YOU DOING COZ IF WE HAD MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU THE WORLD WILL BE A MUCH BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN.PLEASE ,PLEASE DONT GIVE UP OR LOOSE HOPE BE BLESSED KNOW YOU NOT ALONE.WITH OR WITHOUT HIV THRE IS TIME FOR DEATH UNLESS ITS TIME WE FIGHT.

Friday, September 19, 2008
location : Tennesse, USA

there a lot of people with AIDS and i'm there for them I want grow up into help HIV/AIDS.

Friday, October 3, 2008
location : India

I just wannw say I keep reading these stories and it gives me a lot of inspiration to see everyone dealing with it so bravely.
A close friend of mine is HIV positive and believe me it means no difference to me in the sense I can;t figure what's the whole taboo deal about it. It's a serious disease agreed but why bring along the stigma. Every huma being deserves respect, no one just no one has the right to judge anyone. I hope and pray some day this silly horrid stigma around it will vanish.
I want to also say please don't give up, we all have battles in life, this one is just more prominent and difficult

Friday, October 3, 2008
location : UK

Hi Rose, my name is Cathy and I can actually feel what you have been going through for so many years. Unlike you I fell madly in love and was married within three months of my meeting my husband, so really did not get to know him the way I should have before making a life commitment.

We were married in november 1994 and I was estatic.......... Six months into our union as husband and wife I discovered I was pregnant with a girl and both of us were obsolutely over the moon. We immigrated to the UK in October 1995 and our daughter was born on the 4th February 1996. I could not have been happier, but there were all the signs that I failed to take notice of.

He would go out at night and not come home. The following day I would telephone all of his friends worried sick that something may have happened to him. After three days he would return home with no proper explaination. Then there were the times I would run out of diapers/pampers and ask him to stop at the mall. He would not return until 2am in the morning.

The most embarassing experiences I have had is in the supermarket. After shopping for food and getting to the cashier, I discover I have no money becaue he has been into my wallet and taken all that I had.

For the first year I have been in the UK my family and I have lived on Child benefit. Never knowing when the next penny would come from because my husband would gamble all his earnings on the day he got paid. Al my jewellery and that of my daughters would be stolen and pawned to the nearest pawnbrockers.

There was so much hurt and heart ache in the short time that we were married that our relationship stopped. The man I thought I would love for ever betrayed me, and there was nothing happening!

Rose, you plight is mine..... My husband develeoped non-hodgkins lymphoma which was brought on by HIV. And, after being given the diagnosis and prognosis I took care of him for three months with the help of Guys St Thomoas' Hospital and his sister to the very end.

I have been so deeply hurt by the shock of it all, that I am going through severe depression. I try for the sake of my children to look for the light at the end of the tunnel but find it so very difficult. It has now been 8 years since his death and I do not feel any better.

Rose please contact me, I would like to hear from you.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008
location : South Africa

i only find out my status at august 2008 and iam strugling with it

Friday, November 24, 2008
location : Philadelphia, USA

I really need prayer l had unprotected sex with 7 different women at the time l didnt really care about my life...l never got tested....l this keep gettin sign of symptoms like nighsweats fever...like l really dont know what to do l scared to get tested
l dont want my family to lose me..they need me..and l think its time for a change in my life l need to seek some help plz if anybody out there can pray for me.......

Friday, November 21, 2008

I saw others writing on the site and thought I would write as well.

I have slept with over 50 guys and I am afraid I might be HIV positive.

Many were protected, some not.

I have the symptoms of hiv- infections, cancer sores, bruising, body aches, I get sick easily.

I am so scared to get tested. I feel that if I knew for sure that I had hiv, i will not be able to live a normal life anymore. I would almost rather live not knowing....

Last time I was tested was over 2.5 years ago. Since then I've slept with 16 new partners.

I have a boyfriend and I cannot tell him about my fears. I am so scared. every time i think about it I get sick.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am married to a man that has aids. I am negative and I need to talk to other wives like myself. So............if there are any other people out there that would love to chat, please get in touch.
Thanks alot

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
location : USA

hi my name is brittany and i am 19 years old. when i was 17 years old i started having sex,im 19 now and i have had 16 sex partners i have never got tested for hiv before i just have been trusting people too much. earlier this week i found out one of my friends is hiv postive and i was so sad so now i know i need to go get tested i hope that i'm good but i can only pray but for the last few days my mind has been going crazy i just pray that i don't have it.

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