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  Thursday, December 4, 2008
location : USA

I am 20 years old and i have Herpes I have had it for a couple of months I can't tell you where i got it from but about 7 months ago i got testd for and it was negative now 7 months later i'm postive! I really don't know what to do i have a boy friend and i love him so much i have not told him yet I know its wrong because he needs to know hell he might already know because he might be the one who gave it to me i doudt it. See i was in a long time relationship and he cheated it could have been him not sure but I have not told anyone about it can't talk to my friends cuz i dont want them to act funny!! yes thought about killing my self but i realize thats not the way to go because everything happens for a reason and i think it was GODS WAY OF SLOWING me down! I sit back and look at some of my friend and they are out there having sex with any and everybody and nothing happens BUT ME THE ONE WHO NEVER HAVE MORE THEN ONE PARTNER AT A TIME AND I CAN NAME EVERYONE I BEEN WITH THERE MOTHERS NAME AND MOST OF THE FAMILY IF NOT ALL HAVE TO BE THE ONE TO COME UP WITH THIS. BUT EVEN IN THIS TIME I WILL STILL TRUST IN GOD AND PRASIE HIM FOR EVER MORE!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008
location : Australia

I have just had the test for HIV 4 days ago. 4 years ago i had several unprotected partners who were from areas where HIV is high!

I always kept myself in denial saying i will be ok i am in australia, i couldn't get it!
The truth was that after alot of research i realised i had a 1 in 4 chance i contracting this virus!

On world aids day I decided to stop kidding myself and get the test! so I did....I was absolutely terrified!!!!!!

I got the results today and I do not have HIV!!!! i am so happy!
I am also grateful for this terrifying experience, as i learnt so much about HIV. I learnt early detection is the key to a happy and healthy life! the earlier they detect HIV the sooner they can start you on a treatment plan!!!!

Basically what I am saying is, if you have HIV you have it, not getting tested and facing the reality isn't going to stop you from being in HIV+!

PLEASE?????? get tested, it is the most terrifying experience of your life, but it is so worth, finding out!
People do live happy and successful lives after contracting this desease.....and the earlier detected the better!!!!

I understand what your going through I just went through it!!!!
3 days it took for my results to come through!!!!

DO IT!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
location : Scotland

Well I feel such an idiot. I have a lovely wife and two lovely kids and have been married 17 years. I work overseas and on a stop over in Dubia I was given oral sex with a prostitute. Never knew they had such a thing in that country. The oral sex was only for a minute or so without a condom. I then had sex with her protected but the condom slipped off at some point and then I put the same ome back on again idiot me for being so foolish. Alcohol makes you do the stupidist things. I have never had sex with my wife for the past 3 years and I was just wanting to feel what it was like again but I did it with the wrong person. In my job overseas I work away 9 weeks away at a time I met a work collegue female and we had sex unprotected and I now fear I may have contracted HIV from the prostitute and then passed it on to the work college. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do I have been stupid I know but how long should a man stay selibate for? I am in the wrong
and for my wrongs I think god has punished me. Any comments or advice would e very much appreciated.

Regards to all

Email Author

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
location : Lousiana, USA

Hi I would like to say my name, but my reputation is to high and im well know to say it.. i have had sex with many many women and i went to get tested and i tested negative. I take back every girl ive had sex with. And am not willing to take the risk to give my life away for hours of simple pleasure it just isnt worth it.. yeah I was considered a man whore because ive screwed most of my girlfriends. i would just like ti thank god for all that he's done in my life and still is doing hen is miraculous in the way that he works.. i want to that this site for everything and the way its guided me and made me go get tested...

Thurssday, December 25, 2008
location : USA

This site is amazing. I am a 25 year old female and for the past 6 years I felt so alone and thought my life was over. I researched every symptom and swore I was infected. Back in 2000 I had gotten tested and received a false positive for HIV antibodies. I FREAKED! Then got re tested and I was fine. Then back in 2003 I was infected w/ HPV...this was way before "One less" info etc...I was scared. Drop the P and add an I...I was in denial for 6 YEARS, until 2 weeks and 3 days ago I got the courage to get tested because I had too and I met a wonderful man, I did not want to take a chance and ruin his life. I received my results yesterday and they were NEGATIVE! I can't even describe the feeling I felt, but it was truly amazing. Please EVERYONE know your status. GET TESTED!
p.s. Don't be silly, wrap the willy lol

Friday, January 2, 2009
location : USA

Hi my name is ms.lady i read your story and im inspiered by it to know that you are taking a stand to let people know whats going on out here in the world thats a very blessed thing to do.I want to say that your life is not over we all have situations in our live that come across us we just havw to find a way to deal with it and that starts with God let go and let God focus more on the good things that you can gain in life instead of the life you think you don't have any more baby you still have a life to live don't let the devil steel your joy the mistake that you think you may have made on your part can be a leason that you can teach some one eles.god bless you honey god knows your true heart.

Saturday, January 10, 2009
location : USA

I just wanted to thank you for starting this web page. It takes alot of people with extremely kind hearts to bring peace and hope to so many people who in other instances may not have been able to find hope and clarity.

I am 32 years old, I am sitting here reading these stories and I am so glad so many people have peace in there lives. This illness is truly not an immediate death sentence and I am glad to see many people belive in this.

For the past year I have had several sex partners in every instance I did in fact use safe sex, there were the random times where there was n o safe sex practiced while performing oral sex, and one instance I can more than recall clearly when the condom broke. That was as shocking to me as it happnened, as standing on the NJ side of the 9-11 attacks and watching one of towers falling. I felt like my life might have been doomed. I have heard that HIV will take anywhere from 4-6 weeks at times to test positive in the blood stream, so I waited, then I waited some more it has been over 1 year now. I finally got enough courage to go for the test.

I spoke to my doctor a few days ago, and he told me I was HIV negative. Just like so many people on here, I felt like a ton was lifted off my chest, as if I was given another chance.. GO GET TESTED, it is the only way you can go on living a happy positive life, please get tested...

Saturday, January 10, 2009
location : Italy


I am a South African currently studying in Rome - Italy. I read for the first time today January 13 most of your stories, reflections, encouragments and so on with a broken heart and with my eyes full of tears. I am basically touched by the fact that there is a lot of openness, trust, respect, support for one another, sensitivity and a true 'community spirit' based on mutual 'understanding' in your letters. I just wish that all families, all communities could have this spirit as far as HIV/AIDS is concerned.

Having said that, I wish to invite you to advice me on the following issue that worries me. My nice is 26 years old and she had a baby almost two years ago. Her boyfriend (the father of the baby) died three weeks ago - May his soul rest in peace. I do not know what kind of illness took his life. What I was told is that he had been sick for a long period of time. My niece went to see the docter recently and she was dignosed with migraine and it is persistant.

I have a number of close relatives who have died of HIV/AIDS at the young age, both husbands and wifes. I count five couples who died within 8 or 10 years ago. These include my brother who died 6 years ago and was followed by his wife a year later.

I know it might appear wrong to make conclusions about my nice and her boyfriend that they have both contracted HIV/AIDS. However, I am influenced by the present health situation of my nice and the facts I have stayed above about her boyfriend and my relatives who died at the young age within their marriages.

Please advice me on the following questions:

1. Am I wrong to think and pressupose that my nice is HIV positive?
2. Should I advice my family to help her to get tested for HIV/AIDS so that they could help her?
3. I am far from home as you can see and as a matter of fact, I will be able to go back home only after 3 years of my studies from now. Should my pressuposition turn out to be true, ie my nice be tested positive, what do you think my role should be?

Maybe I am a person of little faith. Please help me.

The Worried One

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
location : USA

The answer simple:

- Get back to basics, no premarital sex. Have only one partner in your life time who has not had other partners as well.

- If you and your partner have already had past intimacy, get to know one another on an asexual basis, get tested for Hiv, syphillis, herpes, warts, hepatitus etc. Use condoms or protection for at least a year to make sure there is no herpes or wart outbreaks etc.

- Use condoms if you slip, but condoms don't protect your skin from vaginal fluids which can get on the testicles and spread the warts virus, or warts on the mans testes can connect with vaginal fluids ans swim up the vagina attach to the cervix and to blossom and grow.

- No mouth to mouth fluid contact, humans do pass bacteria which are harmful to one another. A person with good dental hygeine, healthy eating and excercise may help keep your immune system healthy and clean.

The smart way to avoid deadly cancers and immune disease is keep to yourself and only share your body with other cautious likewise people. But take your time and be careful because people will lie to get what they want.

Men have a tendency to carry diseases with no symptoms, while the female partner begins to experience nausea and abdominal pain. Sadly, many men go into denial and tell the woman she is making it up and that she is the carrier.. It can go both ways. If you man or woman is a sociopath run and definitely spread disease around without mercy and will not believe people when they are told to get treated spreading the germs to the next person, and the next and so on.

Bottom line: keeping to yourself is the most superior thing any human can do for him/herself. Wait to find a safer person, all the extra experience is not worth it. Keep sexuality special. Don't trash it like the media programs you to do, it is all deception designed to destroy mankind. But sadly people think its the coolest way to be... The joke is sadly on them. They don't know until its too late.

Don't kiss anyone on the mouth or Genitals... Be very careful! Save it for a clean safe partner!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
location : UK

I just want to let everyone out there know that HIV/AIDS is not the end of life at all. I talk from experience when I say that faith in the Lord Jesus and the declaration of his word on your body can heal absolutely anything!!! If you really believe in God you should know that he has no limitation....that's why he is God.

I urge all people that are suffering from this disease to start doing their research in the word of God, to obtain their healing. Of course this starts by accepting Jesus as your lord and personal savior, but I reassure you and guarantee you that he never fails!!!

I know people that have been healed of this illness and I think if you really want to be free of this disease then its time to let Jesus into your life.

Its NOT the end....just believe

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