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Alisa's Story

October 4th, 1997 my husband almost died. We found out two weeks later while he was in ICU that he had AIDS. He was suffering from PCP Pneumonia. He survived that illness, but we found out that he had been positive for 10 to 12 years and was unaware.

We had had a young son together. My first thought was I had infected him, but it was of his own doing. I am negative which has meant my son is also negative. It has been a very trying two years. Our whole lives together have been trying also. We married because I was pregnant. Which happened on our first night together. He was in love with me but I was not with him.
Over the years I have fallen deeply in love with him. When he started his treatment he became involved with drugs again and became very distant. He let town to stop the drugs and to find stable work. While he was away I had a extra martial affair with someone who had been his friend. If I could change this I would but it happened. My husband just found out a month ago. We are trying to work through this, we are talking finally. Communicating very well. Getting out all of our feelings. I love this man very much I would do anything for him.

He is doing well the Doctors say. We try to live each day to the fullest sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard. But the reality is always there, we just try to look beyond this. Everyone has their own problems. We do not feel sorry for ourselves.

Thank you

Alisa via e-mail, September, 1999.

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