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HIV+ Brother

I have a brother who is HIV positive it became apparent three years ago when I got a call from my mother in Melbourne telling me he was sick in hospital in Cairns (Australia). I flew out of Rockhampton on the next flight out.

It was strange to see my brother in a remote corner of the Intensive Care Unit and for a fleeting moment I thought maybe he had AIDS , of course I was very uneducated on the subject. However I became more focused on his sickness of the time. After three days is results came back and I was told he had Diptheria, an illness that had not been seen in Qld for 14 years. (of course the hospital new he had AIDS his TCELL count was under 100)but I did not know.

The intent of the hospital was to transfer him to Townsville because he would need to have heart surgery once they had suppressed the Diphtheria. It became apparent that he was not a priority after they had incubated him on the Sunday and there were still excuses as to why he could not be taken to Townsville. Finally the flying doctor came and it was his turn, then the sister in charge had to make a decision if my brother went or a young aboriginal girl from up north. The young girl went as she needed nuro-surgery. To my surprise I was then told they had no more beds for my brother in Townsville, there for he would probably not make it so they were going to keep him in Cairns until they could sought things out . Over my dead body I told them. I then rang Qld Parliament House at 1 pm in the morning and spoke to a Member of Parliament form my area, explained the problem (with by this time my own theory) to him .

Upon arrival at the hospital the next morning I was told that the flying doctor was coming to get my brother (just at that time the sister in charge of ICU told me I had a phone call from the Minister of Health). Amazing when someone's boss is watching them just how different they treat their clients. My brother pulled through, he had to have major heart surgery and had two valves replaced, and because of the time it took to control the Diphtheria he suffered a slight stroke. He is well and now living at the rear of my home in Rockhampton in his own unit. This of course is the first chapter in living with someone with HIV , and there are many other stories to tell that relate to my brother and living in a town that has a real problem with HIV/AIDS. Although I will not tell them now as I feel that I would be taking up to much space. I am sure I could write a book about all the problems that we have encountered that relate to my brother and his status who knows maybe I will.

Story by Karen . Sent via email September, 1999.
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