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Life & Times of Monty

I was introduced to Monty through my work as a house cleaner they were actually setting up a garage sale for the weekend so asked me if I wanted first choice at any item, as a joke, I asked if their little dog was also an item. The lady of the house said you can take him if you really want as my husband is getting worse with his illness and not getting any younger. I left saying I will give them some time for both them and myself to think it through. The following Thursday we all agreed Monty would be coming home with me and from there our live together began.
From the moment I brought Monty home we became inseparable, sleeping on the end of my bed, going for drives. He always seems to know that moment of "ta- tas" in the car. He is great company when I am down or pissed off. I can whinge and yell and he seems to understand and not answer back. He is a great watchdog as he will bark and growl at strangers coming towards me or my front door.
They say good things come in small packages, and he fits the bill in that department. He doesn't cost much to feed and you guessed it he lur'ves spaghetti bolognaise. I couldn't imagine life without my little chupa chup my pet name for my baby.

written by a member from - Positive Women Victoria, Australia.
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Added to this site in 2000.

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