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Positive Teen

Hello everyone my name is MaryJane.I am 17 years old who lives in Va and I am infected with HIV. I was diagnosed with it 3 months ago and it has taken a great big impact on my social life.

I was infected by my best friend who I have been in love with for 11 years. He was infected with HIV when he got drunk at a party and had a one night stand. He started to date me 7 months after that night and he didn't know he was infected yet. We dated for 3 years until we gave it up to each other and that is when I became HIV positive.

Seven months passed and I got this real high fever. My mom took me to the doctor where they took blood from me and thats when I found out I was HIV positive.I told Ryan and he didn't believe me at first until he went and got tested and found out he was HIV positive. Ryan and I are not together but we are still best friends and always will be.

Getting a job was the toughest part, noone would hire me b/c I was HIV positive. Soon my mom opened a re! straunt where I now am a waitress. All my friends stuck by me and always try to cheer me up everyday. I love them for that.

I take 23 types of medicine to keep me from getting sick but sometimes it doesn't work. I am living my life to the fullest by getting my tongue pierced and going skydiving. I am currently looking for a boyfriend who will always be there for me and give me moral support when I need it.

I want to thank everyone for reading my story and seeing what it is like to have HIV.

sent from MaryJane via email. June 2000.

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