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I've been Diagnosed with HIV

I'm a 37 year old black woman, I've been diagnosed with HIV in October of 1988. Before becoming infected with HIV I was affected I met a man who had AIDS and I married him he told me that he had AIDS before I married him, so I knew, it wasn't like I didn't know because I did. I chose to married this man knowing that he had AIDS. WE had a great relationship for four years he passed. After being diagnosed I refuse to tell my husband because I didn't want him to feel responsible for me being HIV positive. So he went to his grave not knowing that I was HIV positive. Three months after he pass I decided that it was time for me to deal with the HIV status, so I decided to go to the doctor but when I went I was refuse care, so I said to myself the hell with it. I went into deep depression and finally I decided to tell my family. My family were some what supportive but but they know nothing about HIV and they were fearful, so my life was a rollercoaster and I did some things I'm not so proud of but that was than and this is now. Today I've been living with HIV 12 YEARS 26 days, my HIV status is ASYMPOMATIC meaning I never been I'll I do take medication haven't had any side effects from the medication so for and my life is not complete but it is not incomplete I take one day at a time. I'm looking for a boyfriend and I know one day I'll get him so that's my story.

I Think The site is a wonderful thing and I am honoured to tell my story on your site.

Story sent via e-mail December, 2000.


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