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Childhood Friend

Dear Readers,
In an attempt to celebrate a day concentrating on World AIDS, a commentary was written about true-story of friendship and deception.

I have a friend who I have known since going to church at age 13. After our last year of high school I lost contact because we both went to college and they moved. Every since we saw each other three months ago, we have been going out constantly on the weekends, but lately it has been all about their "friend" this and their "friend" that.
Recently, my friend called me up and told of a situation in which their "friend" was on the Internet. My friend has an account on one of the major chat sites on the planet (Internet). So him and his "friend" where in the car driving; the "friend" got upset because someone signed my friends guest book (people sign your guest book, they don"t know you, they just say stuff). So my friend asked his "friend" what was his password, the "friend" hesitated to respond. However, they thought my friend was not listening but instead they heard the password. Apparently, when my friend went to school the next morning they checked their account and found some startling evidence. Their "friend" had messages in which someone said "If you are so involved why are you trying to give me your number." The "friend" replied "No, no this person means nothing to me they stay with me on weekends and proceeded in sexual explicit discussion." (I told my friend that in a relationship people don"t say things like that unless they truly mean what they are saying-maybe my friend is not the person "this friend" is looking for). Least to say, the person told my friend that they brought this circumstance on themselves. Lastly, they leave my friend in the house on Saturday's while they go out and club (If you truly find the perfect mate their is no need to go to the club every weekend). As a matter of fact, on the night of Thanksgiving my friend called me and told me that they and "this friend" had unprotected sex for the first time. My friend, in their own words said, "It felt so great." (I said that if they really cared about you they would have used a condom, but first I asked who's idea was it? My friend said they had a long talk about it (it just happened). Furthermore, "this friend" is 31 and my friend just turned 20; they have only known each other since September of 1999 and meet on the job. As it happens, they were not together for a while and suddenly saw each other at the club one night and then they were together again (The period of time the two were separated was more than three months). Last but not least, my friend and "this friend" have been having unprotected sex; my friend says its love. I say its not love-if your partner really loves you they would use a condom, but if you love yourself, like I told my friend then they should use protection at all times. Better yet, they should not be having sex at all. My friend told me in detail that their partner is very sexually active and they have had a lot of sex partners before they meet. Age 31 and 20; a 10 years difference, but I notion age is just a number. Maybe I should say out of it, maybe I should be a friend, but it getting to part in this soap opera where the manipulator, "the friend" has turning my friend away from me because of my lifesaving advice.


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