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My Scary Story!

Where do I begin, on February 15 2000, I began to feel very tired!! Along with this I had no appetite, & and the smell of food alone was horrible! So I began to loose weight about 40lbs. For a week I continued to work having a very hard time breathing. I have never been one too too go to the doctor, so I thought what ever it was would just go away. After the longest week of my life, I finally called my mother on feb.27 for help... She took me to the emergency and I was admitted at once. I was told that I have double pneumonia in both of my lungs. After a week in the hospital they had given me a release date. But then my HIV test had came back, POSITIVE. My body went into a huge shock, both of my lungs developed pin holes, a catheter was put in, I then had the chest tubes put in my a lung specialist, for the next two weeks I was on a paralizing drug. All I did was lay there motionless, developing bed sores. There was a couple of night I was only given a 30% chance to live through the night. On 3-15-00, with the help of Dr. Mimi Emig and her staff I began to come around. I actually started to get better again, that made my family and myself so excited. I new I actually beat the virus this time I really did it!!!!!! My viral load was still at 300,000 and t cells were under 50, but I was getting better and going home. Toady's date is 11-22-00, And I am still betting this thing that's inside me one day at a time, not an easy task. Since leaving the hospital my MEd's have been changed 5 times. Now we are currently doing a geno test so we can figure out what will keep me going. My viral load has gone as low as 1,200 since my hospital stay, it is currently at 14,000 but my t cells are 300+, not bad.... I guess the point of my letter was to let other people know that it will never be an easy task to fight this. But you cannot give up because if you do then it won.....KEEP SMILING I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Sent by wess by e-mail November, 2000.


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