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I am a Bisexual Male who became very gay

I am a bisexual male who became very gay about a two years ago.
Last November, I had a flu shot and within 3 days was very ill. The symptoms at the onset were a very stiff neck, sore joints and muscles, followed by a fever which lasted for weeks. Initially I thought is was a severe strep or sinus infection which I had frequently during the last 18 months. I was tested for everything, all forms of hepatitis, mono etc. In the end, I had an HIV test which was positive.

My first results were a very low viral load and 500 CD 4 count. The viral load stayed the same and the CD4 count went up to 1000. 3 weeks ago, the viral load had risen to 89,000 but the CD4 count rose as well to 1300. My Immunologist has wisely not recommended HIV MEd's yet -- nine months after my diagnosis. He asked if I was feeling well and thought a flu or bout of strep could have raised my viral load. Within a 10 days I discovered I had H Pylori and am taking antibiotics. I have never felt better. I was outsourced from my job and now have time to exorcise, I eat well, take vitamins regularly. I look and feel better than before. I don't drink much anymore -- at the onset, I was drinking beer moderately. I stayed up late and wore myself out. I stopped using poppers and have no more strep or sinus infections. I am taking Guiafenisin regularly with the vitamins. I eat lots of chicken, vegetables and fruit. And fish when I can get it. Very little red meat, no fried foods. I don't smoke.

In terms of sexual activity. I never had anyone cum in my mouth or annally. However I did have unprotected anal intercourse on 4 separate occasions. Once with each guy. It is possible that one might have cum in me. One was a male nurse who said he was HIV negative. The other was a bisexual who was relatively closeted. Another was a more active man with potentially more partners. The fourth was a married man. The married man and closet bi guy tested negative. I still don't know about the possible cummer.

Is it possible this one time could have caused HIV? Or was it the flu shot. I have been ill with streps and sinus this spring, but now am in great health. Once I started the h Pylori meds, I felt terrific. I am very curious about the results of the next tests. I will be investigating your site extensively. I was so delighted to read the article in Newsweek. I had started trying to find info on HIV testing and how "normal people" get elevated readings after flu shots and various bacterial and viral infections. I am considered the exception at my clinic. I am not on any HIV meds at all and frankly they recommended against it -- pending this next test.

I have had multiple sex partners but I tend to do it occasionally and I never transfer fluids. I swallowed once after the HIV diagnosis. I just find it implausible that I got HIV from one possible cum shot u. m. a.!
The emotional rollecoaster ride has been wild but I am levelling out. I look forward to a detailed review of this site for clues which parallel my scenario.

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