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I'm the Mother of a Son who has AIDS

I'm the mother of a son who has AIDS. He was only 26 years old just turned 27. He has a daughter 10 years old now. He is now 31 years old. We went thurough a lot just to find out what was wrong with him. It hit him and he lost all control of the mind pretty well right off the bat. It took us 5 months to find out what was wrong. We took him to Dr after Dr. They just did not tell us what to do, you know because of his age we could do nothing but keep trying Dr after Dr. Finally Aug. 6 he was put in the hospital because the Dr. said that he believed that he had AIDS but could not run a test on him unless he ask him to.

Well Phil was not in his right mind. The Dr. said we could do it this way ask Phil if it was ok to run a test on him for AIDS and give the results to him in front of his father. He said ok. That's how we found out. He was put in the hospital, he didn't ever walk again. He has feelings in his legs but the brain part wont tell him to move them. That part of the brain is gone he has had to have his teeth pull all of them. He has been in the hospital three times. We almost lost him. He is now pretty well bed ridden. I call him pretty boy because he takes a shower everyday with our help. And of course he still is a very nice looking guy. That's mother talking, he has been thu a lot. We all have. He has two brothers, one has got a divorce since then. His mother and dad has went thur every step you can think of. Of course we all have. It's the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with. He is mean sometimes, but can joke sometimes. We have had some good times even with him that way.

His daughter and my two other grand-daughters come over when he got home bound, well, we maded a singing group. The three girls and l. We called them the Davidson dolls. Real cute. Had a ball. They dress up like the 50's Sandra Dee, Spacewomen, Southern bells the Scarlet O'Hara kind. Bathing suits and so. We made movies and pictures. Had a ball and Phil did too. Then we swim alot he watch them and enjoy that a lot . They rode him on the 4 wheeler. His daughter and him race, him in the wheelchair and her on her bike. They race remote control cars. We got into the pictures during the winter time I fixed up pictures of Phil and the whole family and grandkids cut and tape on mats had them framed. Turn out real cute. I have one of eachfamily member maybe 3 or 4. Ha ha. They are really nice .I'm so glad to have them. He fix him a house we call pool house or Phil's house because he doesn't want to live in mom and dads house. He has everything he needs. We fixed it up in black and white and red yellow and blue. He loved Jeff Gordon so he has all his things in his room. His bedroom is black and white. Kitchen red, black ,and white. We have talked, watch movies ao all kinds. Well, here is just a little bit of Phil and Brenda and Lance's story. We are proud to have him with us. He was the most out going child everyone like him, he got attention everywhere he went. He has pictures big ones where he skating roller in completions he started at 6 years till 12 back then they only gave one trophy he always won. He told me one day that he wasn't going to win today. I ask why he said that this boy has really improved and it said that he would be so happy if he could ever beat Phil. So he did beat Phil. He came running over to Phil and said I can't believe that I beat you, Phil. Phil said yes you are really good.

He did wrestling in school in the fourth grade he beat seventh graders in open tournament. Then he was undefeated. He rode motorcycles races them. He was good. He won them. He could always be on top of anything he tried. He still is. He has not many people to come and see him now. But he had a lot for along time. They are some that called. They told me that they just couldn't stand to see Phil like that. I understand. It's, 11.00 so I better get some rest. Oh, you know how they show on t.v only people who get weak and pass away. Never have they talk about loosing your legs, eyes teeth and so on, they need to so more people will get tested because there is so much stuff out now that can really help them.

Phil has come along way, the Dr calls him the miracle man. Ha ha. Must get some rest you'll that read this please understand there is help, hope, and people who care.
Your friend Brenda

Story add to this site in April, 2001.

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