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30 yo, HIV positive

HI my name is Natalie I am 30yrs old. I am HIV psoitive.

It started about 8 years ago when i got in to this relationship that i thought was the best thing that ever happen to me. His name was Born and i loved him more then anyhting. I knew at the time that he had a drug problem and i wanted to help him with that and i can say i did he was doing so good. Well at the time i thought so anyhow. I was a loving and caring fiancee and mother of 3 children i was attending school and being the best mom i could be. The area we was living in i did not think was the bwst for my children so i decided to mve to another location which was best for my kids he decided he did not want to go so i left anyhow. Things at this time had got worse with the drugs and not comming home and just no there. I was not happy any longer.

Needless to say wehn i moved i sill was not happy becasue all i wanted was to be with him. I called for him to come what i called home and he did. When he arrived at hoem he was really sick so i took him to theh ospital to found out he had pynomonia and brochittas. I knew at the time there was something else wrong because of the look on the doctores face and how he wante dhim to stay in the hosptal and he refused. But not my Born i had no bad thoughts about him at all. So he went home took the medicine and still was no better.

Well 2 weeks had passed and i went on vaction to NYC. When i returned i called him to tell him i had returned and thats when i got the news. He at that time asked me if i had fun and i said yes then he said to me i hope so because i have something to tell you and he preceded tot ell me he had tested positive for AIDS. I was devestated. I immediatly went was tested and i knew what the results was going to be and iw as right i also tested postive. I thought that was the end of the world i thought my life was over and i could not deal with it. But guess what I DID. With the wonderful from support from my family. I stood by his side threw everything i loved him there was nothing that could change that. Sadly 6 months later Born passed away i miss him to death.

Its now 4 years later and i am married to a wonderful man who loves me for who i am and not what i have. When i have my down days he is right at my side.I am very healthy and at this time i am not taking any medications. I am doing great. And just to think i never thought i would see this day!!!!!!!

sent via email from NY, Jan. 2002

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