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17 yo, in the Philippines

Hi guys,
I'm a 17 yr. old guy from the Philippines and I really got so much stressed and pressured about the possbility that I do hav HIV/AIDS. Well, it scares me a lot and I really have a diffcicult time moving on with my life. I'm bisexual and then I had a one night stand with someone last year. We did oral and anal. After the intercourse, my life went pretty normal and the thought of really being infected wasn't in my mind. 6 months have passed and I begin to see signs. They're not symptoms but signs. Whenever I turn the t.v. on, there's news about HIV/AIDS. Whenever I read the newspaper, there's an ariticle about HIV/AIDS. Whenever I passed to a corner in a street, there's AIDS written in it. It always happens everyday. Then, one time, I got a fever and surfed the Internet to find information about HIV/AIDS because I thought I had it. I read the symptoms and I really got so scared. Then, I felt feverish and I found lymph nodes in my neck but not in my armpits and groin. Then, I d!
ecided to take the HIV test after the fever and the few symptoms. Well, the results were NON-REACTIVE which means negative and it gave me an assurance that I didn't have it. I had the test 6 months after and I had it again in the 7th month to really confirm it because I heard about false negative HIV tests. It was still non-reactive meaning negative. But, I'm really not so sure. What if the virus haven't appeared it. I mean, the tests show they're negative and yet I feel so scared still. It's always in my mind everyday and every second. Once I wake up, the word AIDS or HIV is always there in my head and even though I get myself so busy, it's still there in my head. I think I'm starting to lose my sanity and I know, the problem's psychological. Signs appear to me everyday and it's stuck over my head. I just wanna get help from a psychologist but the fees are too expensive. Please, anyone who reads this, help me. I just wanna feel that if the virus haven't shown itself for thi!
s 6 months, I need someone to assure me that I really don't have it. Well, I'm planning to wait for 1 year again and after that have a blood test again. At the meantime, 1 year to wait is still too long. But the fear is there and it's like acid devouring over a wood and this is what has happend to my life. Anyone, please help me by posting your'e message here at this website.


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