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Nurse - "Doctors didn't tell me"

I am a nurse and I was taking care of a patient for 2 years when I found out he had AIDS. I was so angry because the doctors didn't tell me. They told me after he died that they didn't want him to be treated differently because of his illness. In my opinion , they treated him differently as this was the only diagnosis they didn't give me. I spent 2 years trying to figure out the odd illnesses he had and keep him out of the hospital. He was in his 70's so I had no reason to believe he was HIV positive. He didn't have classic symptoms and was on none of the meds they have today. This was 8 years ago. Since that time I have become suspicious and paranoid of everyone. I used to be a caring, wonderful nurse but now feel that this paranoia is keeping me from being as caring as I once was. I saw this man twice a day and was exposed to his blood daily (YES, i always used precautions). I hate being this way but I have 3 kids to protect. I wish I could hear from people who have experienced AIDS first hand and hear that itis still okay to hug people and still feel like I can go hug my kids after hugging a patient.
If you are a doctor, never lie to your nurses!!!!!!

~ send via email March 21, 2002 from Indiana, United States
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