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Dangers of Letting your Guard Down

I would first like to state that my Hiv testing has been negative so far. I still have to be tested over the period of the next two years.

I feel that my story is relavant though because it can show teenagers or anyone the dangers of letting your gaurd down.

When I was seventeen and still in high school I went to a party. It was at a friend of a friends house. I did not know anyone, but my friend stephanie. The ratio of guys to girls was off drastically too. There were five girls and 15+ guys. Everyone was drinking. I drank a lot. I am very thin and the alcohol hit me fast. I went to lye down. I was in and out of conciousnous through out the night- during that night I was raped by a 27 year old sober guy that I did not even know. I didn't tell authorities until five days later. He was arrested and in jail for a week. I received a call from the detective on the case only to hear that he was released because the district attorney rejected the case. I was also told that I needed to get tested because he had an std possibly. I put off the testing for nine months. I went in a week ago and had four viles of blood drawn.

I was supposed to get the results on a Monday, but they didn't come in for another few days. I had to wait. I wanted to know so badly. I called my doctor again. This time he put me on hold so he could read the results. That five minutes felt like 10 hours. My heart was racing. Do I have Hiv? God please say no. The doctor told me the results were negative. I sighed a breath of relief. But I was only relaxed for a moment. I realize that nine months may be too soon for the results to show. I still have to get tested every six months for the next two years. That means I will have to go through this stress atleast three more times. I don't go to parties anymore. I pray that no one goes through what I had to, but I know it happens. Too many people are raped and end up with stds that are deadly.


Sent via email , April 23 2002, USA

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