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View on the Philippines Story

i'm writing to submit my view on the guy thats 17 from the Philippines...
I'm currently doing an assignment on AIDS/HIV. When i read your story, I would hate to be living in fear that i have AIDS or HIV. If i were you, i would enjoy my life (even though your results showed it was negative) and be more careful in the future.
You seem like you're very scared about having the virus, which anyone would be, but a life lived in fear is a life lived half lived! You shouldn't let this get to you- you should enjoy life while you have one. You're still walking arent you? Well be greatful that you can!

You see the signs of AIDS and that, but I see trees all the time-doesnt mean that im going to turn into one? Signs are just that- signs. So i suggest you take more care in the future, like for example wear a condom when doing anal sex, and also oral.

It's ok to experiment, but just do it with precaution.
And to everyone,also remember- death is a part of life- everyone dies eventually, and if it's your time, its you're time.

~ See Philippines story


Sent via email ,Apr 23 2002, Syd, Australia

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